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The star Gary Lineker flared at the 1986 World Cup. The best sniper championship, who scored 6 goals, became the darling of all England. The British were impressed not only by his enormous hard work and amazing correctly on the field, but also humility, candor and simplicity in everyday life. However, Gary could not be different, because born in a poor family of a merchant vegetables and knew from childhood what hard work.

he had helped his father with five years – to get up at dawn and taken to the city market of his hometown of Leicester cart with potatoes or carrots. How to know if he had not taken a great interest in football, it is quite possible he would have to continue the family business.

But to his happiness, his father loved football passionately and strongly encouraged the enthusiasm of his son. Lineker even moved to another house, close to the school, which is famous for its football team. There’s something Harry and took his first steps on the path to a future world fame. Then he played in the youth team of the club “Leicester City”. Finally, in November 1979, he went on the field in the starting lineup.

The club “Leicester City”never have enough stars in the heavens. Higher his achievements before joining Lineker had four walks in the FA Cup final, the last time in 1969, and all four times,”Lester”left the field defeated. If the club and there were outstanding players, such as goalkeeper Peter Shilton, then it does not stay long. Gary Lineker was playing here as much as 5 years, longer than any other celebrity, educated”Lester,” but the fact of the matter is that at first he was quite ordinary footballer.

Play Gary was never looks spectacular and beautiful. It could not be called a master of dribbling or a specialist in breaking through penalty kicks, expertly guiding the ball into the bypass cut “walls”. But from season to season his scoring instincts sharpened – the ability to be exactly where the next moment the ball from the defensive rebound, or follow the sudden transfer of a partner.

Almost all of his goals he scored no breakthroughs after a spectacular run into the box from several defenders or unexpected shocks, and for a split second ahead a little sluggish the first defender or having to reach the ball into pandemonium at the gate. This Lineker can perhaps be compared with the great German goalscorer Gerd Muller, who scored once received a surprisingly “clumsy” “clumsy”, but brings victory.

Whatever it was, Gary balls from season to season, scored more. In 1984, England coach Bobby Robson was first invited him to the national team. The following season, Gary score for “Leicester City”28 goals, and finally in 1985 was in a much more eminent club – Liverpool”Everton”.

The season 1985/86 was perhaps the best of his career scorer. Lineker became the undisputed leader of the attack, “Everton”, scoring 30 goals and showing the best result of the championship. However, the club was only a second, losing the championship to his eternal rival “Liverpool”. Moreover, the spring of 1986, “Everton”lost”Liverpool” and the FA Cup final. But Lineker that year was named the best player in England. And in the same year it was held for the Star World Championship in Mexico.

Not everyone knows that Lineker played it with a severe injury – before he got a closed fracture of his left wrist. Since no one to play with gypsum to him does not allow doctors hid wrist elastic bandage. Maybe that’s why Lineker first game as England, not very much was. The first match of the group stage with the national team of Portugal was lost – 0: 1. Match with Morocco, thanks to a brilliant game Moroccan goalkeeper Badou Zaki, ended in a goalless draw.

Gary Winston Lineker

Born: November 30, 1960, Lester

Position: Forward

He played for clubs:

  • “Leicester City” (1976-84)
  • “Everton” (1985-86)
  • “Barcelona” (1986-89)
  • “Tottenham” (1989-92)
  • “Nagoya Grampus Eight” (1992-94)

Before the last game with the national team of Poland the British needed was a victory. And in the ninth minute Lineker hammer the ball under the crossbar, the ball after lumbago directly from the goalmouth. In the fourteenth minute, he again used the cross, scoring the second goal. Even in the first half, he also brought the score to 3: 0, scored a hat-trick.

For one, this brilliant game made famous by Gary Lineker. But he continued his exploits. In the match with a one-eighth finals against Paraguay, he scored the first goal in his usual manner – after spurt Paraguayan defenders knocked him off his feet, but he immediately got up, the first having a rebound off and flew it into the net. In that match, he scored the third, the last goal: England won with the same score – 3: 0.

quarterfinal match was the famous duel with Argentina when the first goal Maradona scored with “the right hand of God” and the second – after a brilliant pass on the way beating six defenders and the goalkeeper, and then hammer the ball into the net almost from the line gate. But the only goal of the game in England Gary Lineker scored again, this time winning the aerial duel after a pass and head past the keeper.

Once Lineker became the hero of the World Cup, he received many offers from the most famous clubs in Europe. Also in 1986, he went to the “Barcelona”. At first, everything went perfectly – Gary scoring many goals and became the darling of the Catalan public. But next season he began to pursue personal injury. At full strength, he has not played. In addition, in 1988 the “Barcelona” was headed by Johan Cruyff, the relationship with whom Gary did not exist.

In 1989, he won more with the “Barcelona”Cup Winners’ Cup – in the final with a score of 2: 0 was defeated by the Italian”Sampdoria”- and in the same year he returned to England, this time in the”Tottenham Hotspur”. Year was remarkable by the fact that the national team of England, he won a ticket to the World Cup 1990, held in Italy.

At this time, England reached the semi-finals, where she met with the national team of Germany. The Germans were a long time 1: 0, but in the eightieth minute of the match Lineker first to react on a rebound off the ground, and the ball struck the irresistible hit. After extra time score was still a draw – 1: 1. In the penalty shootout victory went to the team of Germany.

But be that as it may, all matches Gary Lineker had 4 goals, bringing its total number of goals scored in the world championships, to 10.

The latest achievement was the scorer prize with “Tottenham” the FA Cup in 1991. In that year, Lineker won even greater love and respect all over the country that played, featuring a high class, despite the family tragedy – his son was ill with leukemia. At the end of the season he was named the best player in England.

In 1992 Lineker participated in the European Championships, held in Sweden, but he has developed for the national team very successfully. Group matches against Denmark and France ended in a goalless draws, while the British lost against Sweden – 1: 2. However, their only championship goal was scored after a pass Lineker jewelry.

His glorious career Gary Lineker ends in Japan. He led the club “Nagoya Grampus Eight”for two years, but here he was persecuted injury. In 1994, he returned to his homeland, where he was awarded for all the merits of the Order of the British Empire. Nowadays, a great scorer was magnificent football commentator, host of the popular TV show”Match of the Day.”Gary Lineker belongs to the legendary phrase:”Football – a game of 22 children, giving their all for 90-that, and maybe 120 minutes. A game in which the Germans always win”.

The best scorer of the World Cup: 1986

The owner of the Cup of Spain: 1988

The owner of the Cup Winners’ Cup: 1989

Gary LinekerGary Lineker
Gary LinekerGary Lineker
Gary LinekerGary Lineker

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