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Media: Surname Mikhail Khodorkovsky became the trademark

The British company associated with Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has registered a number of countries, including Russia, the brand Khodorkovsky. The purpose of the brand remains unknown: it can be used for political lobbying, so for real estate transactions, the production of clothing or footwear.>

Film producer Oleg Teterin proposed budget cinema chain from freight containers

Film producer Oleg Teterin has prepared a draft budget of modular theater, which can be collected from cargo containers. Such cheap theaters, according Teterin, set in the cities where there are no conventional cinemas.>

The foreign companies will not be allowed to tender for supply of satellite broadcasting for the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Russian Satellite Communications.” The specific reasons for the limitations in the department failed.>

State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Grigory Pirumov said that the agency plans to reduce the cost of restoration of cultural heritage in the future, at 1 billion rubles. Saving it caused the situation in the economy.>

The Department of Forestry Far Eastern Federal District published the information that the 25 raging in the Far East wildfires eliminated 11.>

The Federal Agency for Nationality Affairs concluded an agreement with the authorities of the Sverdlovsk region on cooperation in the monitoring of international relations. The monitoring system will allow to predict and prevent conflicts on a national basis.>

Ministry of Industry and Ministry of Economic Development did not support the idea of ​​a member of the Public Chamber Pavel Sychev a ban on the sale of products caught by the Russian response.>

The deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Republic of Karelia will send to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina handling of a proposal to raise the price of tickets in Russian museums for foreigners. Because of the fall of the ruble exchange rate is a measure of the wallets of foreigners do not strike, MPs believe.>

The Investigative Committee of the Primorsky Territory began pre-investigation into the death of two people, tore off a cliff in Vladivostok last night.>

In the Chinese city of Dalian opened the World Economic Forum, “The Annual Meeting Of The New Champions 2015”. In it will be attended by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Yuri Trutnev, the prime minister Li Keqiang, as well as representatives of the governments of some other countries.>

Russian Interior Ministry has proposed draft amendments to the law “On private detective and security and activity”and”On Police”, which will allow the private security organizations to qualify for the contracts for the protection of objects. At the same time, and tougher requirements for such structures.>

Employees Russian missions abroad may in the future be paid in foreign currency. Relevant amendments to the Labour Code prepared in the Ministry of Finance.>

A spokesman Mikhail seaside cupola MOE Isametov said that as a result formed in the city of Artyom sinkhole threat of collapse of a nearby apartment building no.>

is sent to London the Boeing 777 of British Airways caught fire during takeoff runway airport in Las Vegas. Airport staff reported two victims.>

Russian Ministry of Defense informed about the sudden check the combat readiness of forces of the Central Military District, in which more than 50 fighters, attack planes and bombers Eastern Military District will fly today in Siberia.>

The representative of the NPT at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin reported that the contact group on the settlement in the east of Ukraine will hold a meeting in the format of video conference on September 11.>

The new Prosecutor of Moscow Vladimir Churikov can become. His candidacy for the position today to consider the capital thought.>

Today, the vanguard of US military convoy “Danube campaign” starts in the Czech Republic tested the route of the main column to the place of joint exercises Brave Warrior 2015, which will be held in Hungary.>

Today, the Russian government will consider changes in the position of Federal Air Transport Agency, in particular, the powers of the accreditation of foreign airlines.>

The administration of US President reminded the Senate that Barack Obama would veto the resolution #64 against the agreement with Iran on its nuclear program in case of its approval.>

As part of the visit to Cuba by Pope Francis may hold a meeting with the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro; it may take place on September 19.>

London sent to the UN Security Council notice of the military operation in Syria two weeks after its completion. RAF destroyed three militant “Islamic state” on August 21 without the approval of Parliament.>

Convicted of domestic violence in the United States citizen of Russia Vyacheslav Voinov could be deported to their homeland. Insist on it in the immigration and the US Customs Service.>

The Investigative Committee to complete the investigation into the murder of Boris Nemtsov, to the end of 2015. According to sources of the newspaper “Kommersant”, the basic version will be a place for the support of the French edition of the magazine Charlie Hebdo.>

Footballer Artem Dzyuba, who apply for a poker game in the qualifying round of the European Championship in 2016 against Liechtenstein, thanked the other members of the Russian national football team, as well as the new head coach Leonid Slutsky. It is their efforts, according to the athlete, and managed to achieve such a result.>

As part of the combat readiness of the forces of sudden inspection of the Central Military District, the landfill Ashuluk units were deployed 15 separate motorized rifle brigade. The troops marched length of 40 km.>

Tonight, British Queen Elizabeth II set a new record for the number of years that the monarch spent on the throne of the United Kingdom.>

A member of the Federation Council of the Bryansk region, Mikhail Marchenko proposes to create a “black list”, which will be made officials using foreign Internet services and software.>

A member of the Federation Council of the Bryansk region, Mikhail Marchenko create movement “to defend Russia”, which will put the citizens aware of the media involved in the anti-Russian propaganda, as well as the forms and methods of doing such propaganda.>

The lawyer Anatoly Kucherena said that US diplomats approached him with a proposal to restore the previously canceled the passport of former NSA employee Edward Snowden. But to do so they wanted to extradite Snowden.>

During the ceremony of awarding the winners of the world championship in rhythmic gymnastics, held in Stuttgart, the organizers twice by mistake instead of the Russian national anthem included another tune. As a result, a tribune themselves performed a capella hymn.>

Plug-in WhatsApp for web browsers contain a serious vulnerability that allows attackers to run arbitrary code on users’ computers. It is enough to only know the phone number of the victim.>

The head of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov praised the work of all services in the aftermath of the hurricane in Tatarstan and said that all measures to restore will be completed within days.>

Today, the Russian government will consider a bill that would allow the use of funds from the maternity capital for the purchase of goods and services aimed at social adaptation of children with disabilities.>

Today, the Russian government will consider a bill to the drafting of the federal budget for 2016, instead of three years. Also, the Cabinet will discuss the implementation of the budget for the first half of 2015, RIA Novosti reported.>

Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting with the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev.>

Russian President Vladimir Putin today may hold an international telephone call. The press secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov.>

The head of “Radical Party”Oleh Lyashko responded to the arrest of an activist in Odessa, claiming that Ukrainian President Peter”Poroshenko – a reincarnation of Yanukovych.” This Lyashko wrote in his Twitter.>

Russian national football team finished the match against Liechtenstein with a score of 7: 0. The game was held in the framework of the qualifying round of the European Football Championship in 2016. This four successful kicks at goal made Artem Dzyuba.>

Artem Dzyuba scored his fourth goal against Liechtenstein in the framework of the qualifying round match of the European Football Championship in 2016. Thus, the Russian team already leads with a score of 7: 0.>

Alan Dzagoev’s free-kick scored the sixth goal against Liechtenstein on a match of the qualifying round of European Football Championship in 2016. The ball was hammered into the goal on the 85th minute of the game.>

On the 77th minute of the match of the qualifying round of European Football Championship in 2016 between Russia and Liechtenstein Fedor Smolov scored the fifth goal of the Russian team.>

The representative of the NPT at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin reported that a subgroup of security in the Donbass completed its work, reports RIA Novosti.>

The fourth goal of the Russian national team scored at 73 minutes of the match qualifying round of the European Football Championship in 2016 against Liechtenstein. Artem Dzyuba made a hat-trick.>

Hungarian police used tear gas against refugees who have refused to obey the demands of the rule of law and go to the immigration center, trying instead to proceed to Budapest. This RIA Novosti reported.>

LC envoy at the talks in Minsk, Vladislav Dana reported that the contact group on the settlement in the east of Ukraine will hold a videoconference on 11 September. Negotiators will discuss the situation with the observance of the ceasefire.>

In the northwest of Sierra Leone found three new cases of infection with Ebola. Total in the country, there are four things new infections with fever, RIA Novosti reported.>

Fraser Glenn Cross, convicted of murdering three people in the United States based on ethnic hatred, was sentenced by a jury in Kansas to death.>

Artem Dzyuba scored his second goal in the 45 minute of the match of the qualifying round of European Football Championship in 2016 between Russia and Liechtenstein. Thus, the Russian team already leads with a score of 3: 0.>

Today, held in Vaduz match of the qualifying round of European Football Championship in 2016 between Russia and Liechtenstein, the Russians lead with a score of 2: 0. The second goal was scored by Alexander Kokorin from the penalty spot.>

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