Pat Morita

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Pat Morita

US actor of Japanese descent, which brought the most popular role of Arnold in the sitcom ‘Happy Days’ (Happy Days) and Mr. Miyagi in the film ‘Karate Kid’ (Karate Kid) and its sequels. In 1984 Pat Morita was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for his role as a teacher of martial arts.

Author: Elena Murzin

Noriyuki Morita nicknamed Pat born June 28, 1932, Ailton, California. Since childhood, the baby was not lucky – in the two years he had suffered spinal tuberculosis and spent most of the next nine years in hospitals. The child had to wear a plaster corset on the body, and the doctors claimed that he would never walk again. After a complex spinal surgery Nori yet learned to walk again – at the age of 11 years. Already there was World War II, Japan has launched military operations in the Pacific, having made the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the family of Pat, among others, was sent to the Japanese internment camps until the end of the war. The boy was taken to a camp in Arizona directly from the hospital. It was there that he met with Nori Catholic priest, after which he took the stage name of the future, Pat. After the war, Morita’s family kept restaurant in Sacramento, Nori and entertained guests with jokes and dinners served at the group as a master of ceremonies. Only in the early 30’s Morita he began an acting career, and has performed in local nightclubs and bars in the genre of ‘stand-up gum’.

The first work of Pat Morita in the film was the stereotype for the cinema of those years the role of the Asian gangster in 1967 musical comedy “Thoroughly Modern Millie ‘(Thoroughly Modern Millie). This was followed by a series of small roles in film and especially television shows, among which were very popular ‘The Queen and I’ (The Queen and I), ‘Show of Bill Cosby’ (The Bill Cosby Show), ‘Colombo’ (Columbo), ‘ Odd Couple ‘(The Odd Couple),’ MASH ‘(M * A * S * H), and others, until finally, in 1976, the actor did not get the role of Rear Admiral Ryunoske Kusaka in the film’ Midway ‘(Midway), which He spurred his career.

The popularity came to Morita as he entered into a permanent cast of the comedy series ‘Happy Days’ as Matsuo “Arnold”Takahashi, the owner of the diner. Having played in the first season, Morita left the show to play the role of the inventor Taro Takahashi in the”Mr. T and Tina ‘(Mr. T and Tina), the first Asian sitcom on American television. However, the ratings of the new show is not specified, and a month later it was closed.

With age, Pat Morita offered more and more roles of wise mentors. World fame came to the actor after the film ‘Karate Kid’, focused on adolescents and family viewing. Miyagi Sensei Kesuke, who taught the art of karate is not only the young loser Danny (Ralph Macchio), but also the character of the future Hollywood star Hilary Swank. He appeared in three sequels, and looked very convincing. In fact, Morita knew nothing about karate and spoke much better English than in Japanese.

For the role of Tommy Tanaka in the television drama ‘Amos’ with Kirk Douglas in the title role Morita was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and Emmy. In 1987 came detective series’ Ohara ‘(Ohara), which Morita starred Lieutenant O’Hara and romantic film “Bound by fate’ (Captive Hearts), which takes place during the Second World War. Morita not only played a major role, but also wrote the screenplay for the film. Pat later starred in the TV series ‘The Secret Dossier Shelby Woo’ (The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo) and the sitcom ‘Family Hagley’ (The Hughleys).

Voice Pat Morita talking to the Chinese emperor in the animated film ‘Mulan’ (Mulan) and its sequel, Master Udon in the animated series ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ (SpongeBob SquarePants), King Makahana in the series ‘fairy tales for all children’ (Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child) and Mr Straw ‘The Adventures of Books

and virtues’ (Adventures from the Book of Virtues).

Morita was married three times. The first time he married shortly after graduating from high school and lived with his wife of 14 years. In 1964, a daughter, Erin Morita. On divorce his wife Pat prompted his decision to leave work and try himself as a comic actor. In 1970, Morita remarried. Yuki bore him two daughters, Aly and Tia. After a series of troubles (landslide destroyed the uninsured house, and the younger daughter found a kidney disease), the pair parted, and in 1982 they divorced. For his third and last wife Morita met when Evelyn Louise Guerrero was only 15 years old. Evelyn’s mother, actress and used the services of the same manager as the Morita. Pat and Evelyn met again many years later and married in Las Vegas in March 1994. They had no children, and they remained together until the death of Pat.

The actor died on 24 November 2005, at age 73, in Las Vegas.

Pat MoritaPat Morita
Pat MoritaPat Morita
Pat MoritaPat Morita

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