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Chapter LI. Pamela Travers

Mary Poppins; Mary Poppins returns; Mary Poppins in the Park; Mary Poppins opens the door; Mary Poppins from A to Z; Mary Poppins in the kitchen; Mary Poppins to Cherry Street; Mary Poppins and the neighboring house; The fox in the manger; Monkey-one

Pamela Travers – one of the most mystical writers of the XX century. Her life took place before the eyes of the general public, but even biographers have to admit that about Pamela little is known. For personal questions of journalists she usually replied: “If you are interested in the facts of my biography, the story of my life is contained in”Mary Poppins”and my other books.”But the most unpleasant lies in the fact that since the publication of the first books of the writer criticized constantly flashes in the idea that Mary Poppins – Person of Satan that reading books Travers, the child becomes entangled in the toils of the spiritual world of demons. People laugh at the unbelievers religious obscurantists, are believers prefer to avoid contact their young fragile children in the faith with the work of the writer. The very same Travers never considered”Mary Poppins,” a children’s book and see it as ciphertext G. Gurdjieff’s teachings.

Helen Lyndon Goff (creator of this is the maiden name of Mary Poppins) was born on August 9, or 1899, or 1906 to establish the exact date of her birth biographers fails. It appeared to light in the Australian town of Maryborough, state Kvislend. The girl’s father, Travers Robert Goff, was the manager of the bank, his mother, Margaret Agnes (nee Morehead) – a housewife. His father died in 1907, officially from epilepsy seizure, but the writer was convinced that due to the binge.

After the death of his father’s family – his mother, Helen, and her two sisters – moved to New South Wales, where they cared about the rich aunt on his mother’s side. Since 1912 the girls lived and studied in a boarding school, visiting his mother only on vacation. In 1917, graduating, Helen decided to make a career as an actress. She took the stage name Pamela Travers and joined the troupe, played only Shakespearean repertoire. 6 years old, she drove about with the theater throughout Australia and New Zealand. It was then that she began to publish his poems in periodicals.

In February 1924 fulfilled an old dream of Pamela Travers – she boarded a ship and sailed to England. In Australia, the writer returned only once, at the zenith of fame – she flew there for 2 weeks in 1963.

In England, it soon became clear that a career of actress girlfriend does not shine. And Pamela decided to become a professional literature. In 1925 in Ireland, she met with the poet-mystic George Russell, who, as editor of the journal, published a few poems where Pamela. Russell also introduced her to William Butler Yeats. This distinguished Irish poet and Nobel Prize winner for literature in 1923 from the beginning of the XX century. for a number of years was the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge, “the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn”- one of the most active lodges in world history. It brotherhood consisted of A. Conan Doyle, Mr. Haggard, B. Stoker. It is believed that the novel”Dracula”B. Stocker wrote on the order of”Golden Dawn”. In the same bed of mystic A. Crowley developed the doctrine of fortunetelling tarot cards, their small and large Arcana. The most famous deck of Tarot cards created by the artist Lodge Yeats – Pamela Coleman Smith, Lady Fred Harris and David Palladino. Yeats himself, becoming Grand Master, took the name Brother Demon – God contrary.

This is the man, and brought Pamela Travers into the world of the occult, with whom she did not leave until the end of his days. Being in a permanent state of mystic, writer create books for children, and the lodge brothers helped their popularity. Because researchers are mysterious and linking line between Dracula – Sherlock Holmes – Mary Poppins, literary character created in the bosom “of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn».

In 1934, Travers has published the book “Mary Poppins,”which soon made her famous. The popularity of the story was so great that by popular demand has created a children’s writer 7 sequels:”Mary Poppins Returns”(1935);”Mary Poppins in the Park”(1935);”Mary Poppins opens the door”(1943);”Mary Poppins from A to Z”(1962);”Mary Poppins in the Kitchen”(1975);”Mary Poppins with Cherry Street”(1982);”Mary Poppins, and the house next door” (1988 g of.).

In 1938, the brothers lodge provided Travers close to him the publisher of esoteric magazine “New Age” Alfred Oredzhu, thanks to which in 1938 the same author met with GI Gurdjieff. So the first book on Mary Poppins to his philosophy have nothing to do. Only since the late 1930s. Pamela became a devoted student and propaganda of ideas of this famous Russian philosopher, occultist and the mystic. After the death of an idol, which happened in 1949 Travers spoke with Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher-mystic and preacher, who Theosophists (followers of HPB) at one time was considered the World Teacher.

Mary Poppins critics generally regarded as the Master of Zen Buddhism. She never explains what, how and why, but shows in practice, the student enters into the space of magic; it does not work miracles, but finds them in reality, making them visible to others.

In general, Pamela Travers was active and energetic woman, a lot of traveling, and even in old age, from 1976 until his death in 1996, she worked as an editor of the journal of the mythological “Parabola”. It is known that the writer has worked with the British military intelligence.

In marriage, it never came, but in 1939 adopted an Irish boy named Kemillus. The child had a twin brother, but to take two children, Pamela refused. Brothers reunited adulthood. So the writer of this family have not turned out.

Pamela Travers died in the spring, but so quietly that biographers are still arguing when it happened – Apr. 23, 1995 or April 23, 1996 According to the most developed writer rite Kemillus cremated remains of the foster mother and the urn buried in the churchyard the courtyard of the Church of St. Mary in the suburbs of London – Tvikename.

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Pamela DavidPamela David
Pamela DavidPamela David
Pamela DavidPamela David

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