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Pamela Lyndon Travers (Pamela Lyndon Travers)

on April 23 1996 g of.

Real Name:

Helen Lyndon Goff (Helen Lyndon Goff)

Pamela Lyndon Travers (born. Pamela Lyndon Travers; August 9, 1899 (according to other sources, she was born in 1906), Maryborough – 23 April 1996), or the PL Travers (born. PL Travers), real name Helen Lyndon Goff (born. Helen Lyndon Goff) – English writer, primarily known as the author of a series of children’s books about Mary Poppins.

Born in Meriboro- Australia, Queensland. Parents have a bank manager Travers Robert Goff and Margaret Agnes, before her marriage – Morehead. Her father died when she was seven years old. The official cause of death of her father has been found “frenzy epileptic seizure & raquo ;, but the Travers”always believed that the real reason was prolonged heavy drinking”.

Write the start since childhood – she wrote stories and plays for school performances, and brothers and sisters entertained fairy tales. Her poems were published when she was not twenty years – she wrote for the Australian magazine “Bulletin”

In his youth, he traveled to Australia and New Zealand, and then went to England in 1923. At first I dabbled in the scene (Pamela – a stage name), playing only in the plays of Shakespeare, but then the passion for literature prevailed and it is fully devoted himself to literature, publishing his works under the name of “P. L. Travers” (first two initials were used to hide the woman’s name).

In 1925, Ireland Travers met mystic poet George William Russell, who had a great influence on her – and as a person and as a writer. He was then the editor of “Irish Steytsmen” (The Irish Statesman) and accepted for publication a few of her poems. After Russell Travers met William Butler Yeats and other Irish poets who instilled in her interest and knowledge of world mythology. Yates was not only an outstanding poet, but also a notable occultists. This direction and becomes Pamela Travers determining until the last days of her life.

In 1934, the publication of “Mary Poppins” It was the first literary success Travers. Followed by a sequel of the book, as well as novels, collections of poetry and non-fiction works.

The film is Disney “Mary Poppins”It was released in 1964 (the title role – Mary Poppins – played by actress Julie Andrews). The film was nominated for”Oscar”13 nominations and was awarded five awards. In the Soviet Union in 1983. The film was released” Mary Poppins, Goodbye! & Raquo;.

Travers was friendly with Alfred Oredzhem, publisher of the magazine of esoteric New Age. Oredzh in 1938 he introduced her to George Gurdjieff. The appeal of the individual Russian mystic Pamela Travers makes his faithful disciple. She participates in many groups of his followers met with Krishnamurti engaged in comparative religion in its esoteric form, searching and finding through mythological motifs in the exercise, remote from each other in time and space.

In my life is different in that I try not to publicize the facts of his personal life, including his Australian origins. “If you are interested in the facts of my biography – once said Travers, – the story of my life is contained in”Mary Poppins”and my other books”.

Although she has never been married, she adopted the boy shortly before his 40th birthday.

In 1977, Travers was the OBE.

P L TraversP L Travers
P L TraversP L Travers
P L TraversP L Travers

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