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clever and clever. Stars with the highest IQ

June 13, 2013 at 07:27

How many of us are all kinds of IQ-tests to determine their level of intelligence. Someone may have tried to prove their superiority in front of friends, but someone was just wondering.

normal level IQ to read a value between 90 and 110, but the IQ of less than 70 qualified specialists as mental retardation.

A Have you ever, a IQ celebrities . This question Ask the International Organization for the study of human intelligence Mensa. Here are the results they publish.

The famous actor James Wood has shown impressive results. His IQ of 180. By the way, Wood is a member of Mensa.

The founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world Bill Gates . even started programming at the age of 13, has an IQ of 160.

The great director who directed cult movies such as “Kill Bill,””Pulp Fiction” and the recent”Django Unchained», Quentin Tarantino has the IQ 160. By the way, at the time, still a young Quentin I dropped out of school.

Not behind them and the star fighters 90 Dolph Lundgren . His IQ is 160 as well.

IQ Sharon Stone . impressed the audience many famous scene in “Basic Instinct” is 154, which is just as impressive.

The American actress and just beautiful Jessica Alba . recently received antipremiyu “Razzie”in the”Worst Actress” has the IQ 151.

The owner of “Oscar» Natalie Portman only slightly inferior to Jessica Alba. Her IQ of 150.

14 years Nolan Gould is known to viewers from the film “Friends with Benefits”. Despite such a young age, he has an IQ of 150.

«The Truth Is Out There” – Rumor has it he’s known and loved by many of the series. David Duchovny has an IQ of 145.

In the same IQ has blonde Reese Witherspoon . which recently arrested by the police for disturbing public order.

Shakira with your hits are not the uppermost leaves of the charts. As it turned out, she is smart and at the top of Mount Olympus. Her IQ of 140.

A total of one point behind from her queen of pop music, international stars – Madonna . Her IQ of 139.

Actor and director Sylvester Stallone is not entered in the list of Mensa, because it needs to score 139 points and above. But do not tell about it, we can not. IQ Stallone is 54. Most likely, he just casually passed the test.

Nolan GouldNolan Gould
Nolan GouldNolan Gould
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