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Biography Reese Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon)

Her name was not swinging the tabloids. About her not collect gossip. It is rarely in the noisy party. But that does not prevent it from being one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, which in awe say kinogurmany. Reese Witherspoon. Incomparable Legally Blonde, charming and ambitious …

Laura Jen Reese Witherspoon was born on March 22 1976 in Nashville in a family of physicians. Ancestor of her father – John Witherspoon – was the sixth president of Princeton Academy and was one of those who signed the Declaration of Independence of the United States. As a child, Reese in all strive to emulate their parents, and for the time being can not imagine himself by anyone other than a doctor.

The fact that it was a crisis in the aspirations of the neat little girl, history is silent. We only know that the first time she appeared on the screen at the age of seven years. However, it was only a commercial, but Down and Out the trouble started! And four years later, Reese Witherspoon reaped laurels in the competition of young talents held in the state. What was Reese during his school years, we can say three words: athlete, Komsomol and simply beautiful! As captain of the team fans, a permanent member of the school theater, doing calisthenics, Reese Witherspoon thus also managed to perfectly learn. And besides, all this time, she also moonlighted as a model, for which he received a well-earned fee is $ 50 a day.

At the age of fourteen Reese for a company with a girlfriend went to the audition and was so impressed director Robert Mulligan, he immediately and unconditionally took her to one of the roles in the film “Man on the Moon» (The Man in the Moon, 1991) . Soon followed the great roles in the films “Jack the Bear» (Jack the Bear, 1993) and “Caught in the sand» (A Far Off Place, 1993). However, they are the glory they brought Reese. In 1994 (at college) Reese attended Stanford University in the Department of English Literature (1994), but was soon forced to leave school because of frequent filming a movie. However, the picture in which she starred, do not enjoy much success with the public. But it is not too worried.

At the beginning of her acting career, she has set a high bar: its ideals were Holly Hunter, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep, Frances McDormand. It sought to ensure that each new role brought with it something new each time was different. So Reese Witherspoon easily brushed aside offers to star in such films as “Cry”, “I know what you did last summer”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Urban Legend».

The recognition came after Reese to the role of Jennifer in the comedy “Pleasantville» (Pleasantville, 1998), where she was partnered by Tom Maguire. A year later released the movie “Cruel Intentions» (Cruel Intentions, 1999), where she played with her boyfriend Ryan Philippe, became her real breakthrough. After the release of this picture no one could challenge the star status Reese. In June 1999, Reese and Ryan were married, and in September became the proud parents of a charming Ava Elizabeth. Reese and Ryan were rarely noisy rave companies and rarely invited guests to themselves, preferring to enjoy each other and their baby. For a long time their marriage was the most strong (almost perfect) in Hollywood.

Being by nature a very rigorous and mandatory, Reese wanted to be the best mother and wife, and even thought about to give up acting career and finish Stanford. However, the talent will not leave. Especially, if the hunters lie in wait for them at every turn. So it was with Reese. Some time after the birth of Ava, the actress has starred in the TV series “Friends» (The Friends, 2000), and then in small roles in the film “American Psycho» (American Psycho, 2000) and “Nikki, the devil – Junior» (Little Nicky, 2000).

In 2001 was released the film “Legally Blonde» (Legally Blonde), followed by Reese woke up really famous. The role of an intellectual-blonde, break down stereotypes and at the same time supporting them as perfectly reflects the essence of the character of Reese. It was a resounding success, dramatically increase the share of the actress in Hollywood. Subsequent “Blonde”role in the movie”Sweet Home Alabama» (Sweet Home Alabama, 2002), “The Importance of Being Earnest» (The Importance of Being Earnest, 2002) and “Vanity Fair» (Vanity Fair, 2004) also hit exactly target. Reese was one of the most popular and recognizable actresses in Hollywood, and its fees has exceeded $ 15 million. A little later for a leading role in the movie “Walk the Line» (Walk the Line, 2005) Reese Witherspoon was awarded the “Oscar”and”Golden Globe».

Unlike Reese, her husband’s career – Ryan Phillippe – can hardly be called successful. And though all they were still the happiest couple in Hollywood, actually it was not so rosy: Ryan had a drug problem and often went into binges. Therefore, despite the appearance of a second child – Deacon Phillip and all attempts to save the marriage, they separated.

Now Reese Witherspoon popularity easily competes with Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts, is the owner of his own studio «Type a Films», and continues to act, choosing only the most interesting scenario and vibrant role. Thank God, she can not afford it.

Dane WitherspoonDane Witherspoon
Dane WitherspoonDane Witherspoon
Dane WitherspoonDane Witherspoon

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