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Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani), No Doubt

Real name: Gwen Renee Stefani (Gwen Renee Stefani)

Born October 3, 1969

Place of Birth: Orange County, California, USA

of Gwen Stefani (Gwen Stefani) was born in Anaheim – far away from California in Los Angeles. Father of future stars – Stephanie Denis (Denis Stefani) – an American of Italian descent, and his mother – Patti Flynn (Patti Flynn) has Irish and Scottish roots. Stephanie was not the only child in the family: she has a sister, Jill, and two brothers, Eric and Todd. Jill starred in the movie «No Doubt» for the song «Just A Girl».

Stephanie graduated from California State University and the Higher School of Fulertone Loar (issue 1987), where she was a member of the swimming team. The first paper was Stephanie washing floors in the fast-food «Dairy Queen», she also worked in the shop.

At first, Gwen Stefani moonlighted washing floors in a cafe Dairy Queen and a saleswoman in the shop. Her singing career began in 1986, when her brother Eric and his friend John Spence (John Spence) organized the group “No Doubt”. Gwen became the leader of the group after Eric, keyboardist, left her in the hope of making a career animator, drawing cartoons, “The Simpsons”(The Simpson), and organizer of the group, Joe Spence in December 1987 committed suicide. Group members who worked side by side for three years, was given very hard to break. They were together until 1995 – the year of the release of their third album,”Tragic Kingdom”, includes several hit songs, and beginning with the single “Just a Girl”.

of Gwen Stefani appeared in «No Doubt», then ska band in 1986 – right in the founding year of the collective. Stephanie got in the group thanks to his older brother, Eric, one of the founders of the group. Initially Stephanie was only a co-vocalist in «No Doubt», but after the suicide of John Spence – vocalist, Stephanie took the position of leader.

Success came to the group at once: the first two albums – «No Doubt» (1992) and «The Beacon Street Collection» (1995) – have not found wide interest among the audience. However, the third album «Tragic Kingdom», thanks largely to hits «Just a Girl» and «Do not Speak», written with the direct participation Stephanie allowed «No Doubt» to make a huge leap forward.

Once the album “Tragic Kingdom”Gwen has gained even more popularity and recognition. The same thing happened with the video for the song”Do not Speak”, included in the album. Most of the songs composed Gwen, has been impressed by the break with a friend from another musical group, Channel Tony (Tony Kanal), which met for eight years and broke up because he demanded more freedom for yourself. After breaking up with someone you love Gwen Stefani fell into a depression, which only intensified after a grueling tour, presenter album “Tragic Kingdom”.

As part of the «No Doubt» Stephanie participated in the recording of the next album the group – «Return of Saturn» and «Rock Steady». Largely thanks to the charisma Stephanie «No Doubt» prevratititsya managed the world-famous pop group.

To work separately from the rock group began in 2000, releasing in conjunction with Moby single «South Side», and in 2002 – together with Yves single «Let Me Blow Ya Mind», even brought her “Grammy”.

Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

In addition to the leader of the group “No Doubt”Gwen is also known as a performer and solo compositions. Celebrity she brought several songs performed in 2001, a duet with the singer in the style of techno Moby (Moby), released the album”Southside”and rapper Eve (Eve), composition”Let Me Blow Ya Mind”, for which it is the first time in history show business, received two awards at the ceremony MTV VMAs in the categories of “Best Male Video”and”Best Female Video”. Debut solo album of Gwen Stefani, «Love. Angel. Music. Baby. », Was released on November 22, 2004 in Europe and Asia, and November 23, 2004 in North America. While recording the album the singer has collaborated with Linda Perry, as well as Uilms Farrell, Andre 3000, and many others. Fruit of the collaboration of musicians had great success: in the first week in the United States has sold 310,000 copies of the album that more sales than any album «No Doubt» in the corresponding period. The album rose to 5 the charts «Billboard 200″, began in the Canadian chart 5, the fourth – in the UK and the first – in Australia.

Musically Gwen Stefani’s solo work is markedly different from the work «No Doubt»: for «Love. Angel. Music. Baby. »Characteristic sound of pop music of the 1980s. Many critics have noted the similarity of musical material from earlier works of Madonna, in fact, the image of Stephanie blonde is clearly reminiscent of the “classical”Madonna. As you know, Gwen Stefani called among the main contenders for the”title”of the second Madonna, and it is also known that Madonna herself said Stephanie talented and interesting singer worthy of such a”rank».

In the video for the song «Hollaback Girl» from the album «Love. Angel. Music. Baby. »Was released 6 singles:« What You Waiting For? »,« Rich Girl »,« Hollaback Girl »,« Cool »,« Luxurious »and« Crash ». The most commercially successful was the third, «Hollaback Girl», which set a record: the song was the first song, the number of downloads that the store «iTunes» exceeded one million times, and the most frequently downloaded song in the store «iTunes» in 2005. In addition, with this song Stephanie received 2 nominations for “Grammy».

The desire to appear every time a new prompting Gwen Stefani organize your business to create fashionable clothes called LAMB – clothing for all occasions, bags and purses, which is itself Stephanie. Gwen proved that successfully does business, and today the majority of celebrities such as Nicky Hilton (Nicky Hilton), Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton). Pamela Anderson (Pamela Anderson), Carmen Electra (Carmen Electra), Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie), McCartney Jenny (Jenny McCarthy), Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys) and Halle Berry (Halle Berry) enjoy the clothing and handbags Gwen. For a good taste in clothes and perfect make-up in 2005, Gwen Stefani was among the 50 most beautiful people, called the magazine “People”, as well as, in 2002, took 22 th place in the list of the sexiest women in the world, called the magazine “Stuff magazine”.

Family Life

In 2002 Gwen Stefani married Gavin for Rosdeyla, vocalist and guitarist of British rock group «Bush».

In December 2005, Stefani and her husband Gavin Rossdale announced the public about what is expected by the end of May – beginning of June 2006 the appearance of the first-born. We know that the parents have decided not to learn the sex of the baby. The boy was born at the medical center Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles and weighed 3.5 kilograms. Kid named Kingston James McGregor Rossdale (Kingston James McGregor Rossdale).

Film career

of Gwen Stefani is also an actress. Her only job in the movie is a bit part in the movie Martin Scorsese’s “The Aviator” (2004). There, she played Hollywood movie star Jean Harlow. The partners on the set were such well-known actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Beckinsale, Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin.

Some facts of life Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani created a successful brand of youth clothing «LAMB».

Her nickname – Sunshine and G-loc.

Has camera design for Hewlett-Packard.

Favorite Group: Sublime, 311, Blur, Radiohead, Madness and Jamiroquai.

A close friend Shirley Manson, singers of the band Garbage.

Contrary to popular belief her real name is Gwen, not Gwendolyn.

According to the norms of Italian pronunciation of stress in families, Stephanie is placed on the second syllable.

Discography Gwen Stefani:

No DoubtNo Doubt
No DoubtNo Doubt
No DoubtNo Doubt

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