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Katy Perry (Katy Perry)

Your real name Katy Perry – Kate Hudson, Lisa (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson). To everyone’s delight she was born, and it happened happiness October 25th, 1984. Now Katherine singer and the song itself comes up.

The first album, our heroine has recorded in 17 years. It was not bad, but the star of the girl did not. Popularity knocked later – in 2007 after gay song «Ur So Gay», and the glory of even later in 2008 after another, no less homosexual «I Kissed a Girl». This song has conquered all the countries and rankings, won all the girls and pensioners. She left no doubt and questions. Katy Perry has become a world star.

In the press Katy Perry said that due to British singer Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen are increasingly female singers fall into the first lines of the charts. According to her, Winehouse and Allen led America to this great music. Katy Perry is known for her unconventional style of dress, often humorous direction, bright colors and a variety of fashion trends reminiscent of the past and present. Her style is often used fruktoobraznye accessories, which gives her a unique and original appearance. Perry has a vocal range kontraltnogo.

Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara (California, USA) in a family of pastors. From an early age she used to listen to gospel songs and church singing. In 2003, she graduated from high school Dos Pueblos in Goleta (CA), and then at the age of eighteen years moved to Los Angeles. After Steve Thomas and Jennifer Knapp signed a contract with Perry (their label Red Hill Records), she released her first CD titled «Katy Hudson» (2001). It was an album of Christian direction. Even in adolescence Perry and his friend ran into one of the albums of the band Queen. Later, she would say, “This group is very much influenced by my work.” In addition, a significant influence on her music had Alanis Morissette, Heart, Joni Mitchell and Incubus from their album Morning View. And also on the work of Perry influenced Cher, Pat Benatar, Cyndi Lauper, Shirley Manson and Joan Jett. At the beginning of his artistic career, she has changed her surname to Perry, because «Katy Hudson» was too similar to Kate Hudson. Perry it was the maiden name of her mother.

In 2004, Katy Perry working on a recording team The Matrix, who at one time worked with such renowned artists as Avril Lavigne. Hilary Duff. Liz Phair, Skye Sweetnam, Britney Spears. Korn and others. At the same time, Perry begins to work with Glen Ballard on his solo project, which was to be published in 2005. Some co-written compositions – «Box», «Diamonds» and «Long Shot» were posted on the official site of Katy Perry. In October 2004, the magazine Blender Magazine, thanks to her booming career, calls Perry «grand discovery.”In an interview with Perry says that she was not a typical Christian, noting that has made”a lot of bad things” during her adolescence. One of the songs she recorded with Glen Ballard becomes the soundtrack to the movie «The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants». In 2006, she appears on the single «Goodbye for Now» group POD

Her songs eventually attract the attention of the president of Virgin Records Jason Flom, who was the head of Capitol Music Group. And in 2007 she was already singing for Capitol Music Group. Perry is now regularly appears on MTV, VH1, as well as in advertising. Last time on the award MTV VMA Awards, she performed with the hit Madonna – «Like a Virgin».

Once cooperation with Capitol Records, Perry began work on his new official album, which comes out in 2008. The album Perry led together with Cathy Dennis, Dr. Luke, Greg Wells, Butch Walker, Max Martin, Ted Bruner and Dave Stewart. A full-length album, titled «One of the Boys» was released June 17, 2008. At the same time, Perry is touring «Vans Warped Tour» in support of his album. The album was preceded by a digital EP in late 2007, called «Ur So Gay», issued and co-written with Greg Wells. Released a video for the song was awarded in 2008 and attracted the attention of Madonna. She mentioned about the song on the KISS FM morning show and KRQ’s JohnJay & Rich, while saying that at the moment is her favorite song. The song was immediately criticized for alleged homophobia.

April 29, 2008 on the iTunes Store debuted the first official single «I Kissed a Girl» from the upcoming album «One of the Boys». Song of the same name launched in the Billboard Hot 100 in the 76 position. June 25, 2008 she was able to fly up to the first place of the charts. Before that, on June 3, the composition won 1st place in the iTunes Stor. Slant magazine essay argues that the song “is not problematic because it promotes homosexuality, since it simply draws attention to homosexual relationships, and does not promote them in front of his audience,” In addition to variety of performances and Perry proved to be in the film. As an actress, she appeared in miniature videos «Learn to Fly» and «Cupid’s Chokehold. March 10, 2008, it appears on the ABC Family Channel in the series Wildfire, in an episode of «Life’s Too Short». At the same time she becomes the face of cosmetics line «Cosmetics’ Spring 2007 line». June 12, 2008, Perry appeared in the soap opera The Young and the Restless. September 9th, 2008 Katy Perry released her second single «Hot N Cold», which brings her fifth place in the hit parade the US and seventh in the UK. And it comes a month before its official release.

Two songs Katy Perry «Ur So Gay» and «I Kissed a Girl» privlekti attention of many critics and music journalists, and announced propagandiruyuschimito whether homosexuals, or hatred for him.

Tony Sclafani wrote that the essence of hypocrisy songs is that, if replaced by references to the various minorities in the songs «I Kissed a Girl» or «Ur So Gay», the corresponding «I Kissed a Black Guy» or “Ur So Korean », the singer would never have reached the first lines of the charts,” Others, such as commentator «Chicago Sun-Times» Dr. Laura Berman, find the lyrics positive, arguing that”the fact that the song« I Kissed a Girl », causes such great interest. And also it suggests that our society is beginning to recognize the realism of individual choice of each person ».

Perry responding to the debate about “gay”expressed his opinion on this song.”Song text is not a negative attitude towards minorities. Just not as many critics have interpreted its meaning. The song just said about my friends ».

Katy Perry, not ceasing to work – giving concerts and recording new songs. In early 2010, it released a successful duet with Timbaland «If We Ever Meet Again». The Agusta girl released his second album «Teenage Dream» – quiet, sunny and positive. It is the same as the first popular with a wide audience. Music Katy triumphal march around the world. Besides singer releases own perfume – fragrance called «Purr» – and youth cancers polish collection.

October 23 Katy Perry married shaggy man named Russell Brand, which met for about a year. The wedding took place in the sun of India.

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