Nik Wallenda

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Nik Wallenda

American acrobat, juggler, tightrope walker and stuntman; six-time champion on the version of the Book of Guinness (Guinness World Record). Especially known for stunts on a stretched wire at high altitude. A representative of the seventh generation of acrobatic sort of ‘Flying Wallenda’ (‘The Flying Wallenda’).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Nick Wallenda Born in Sarasota, Florida (Sarasota, Florida), in the family Wallenda Delilah (Delilah Wallenda) Troffera and Terry (Terry Troffer). Already 2 years Nicholas was presented with his first swing; before his father finished the swing collect, Nick grabbed the bar and made absolutely perfect somersault in the air. Around the same time, Nicholas began performing with his parents; first appeared before the public at the event Wallenda ‘SeaWorld San Diego’. As early as 4 years old, Nicholas began to walk on the wire; his father taught him that. Considerable attention parents paid purely psychological aspects – so often in the exercising boy threw various objects in order to teach him to focus. In six years, the first time Nick visited the Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls) – and then decided that someday must pass on a tightrope stretched over it.

The first professional performance on a wire Wallenda made in 13 years. At that time, Nicolas is not yet firmly decided on the choice of career; while he thought to do medicine – but later decided nevertheless to continue the family business. Parents still persuaded the young man to go after school to college – so that in the future to have a greater choice; However, in general, the decision is not Nick skzaalos. In 1998, 19-year-old Nicholas participated in a family room – a pyramid of seven, composed on the high wire.

finally decided on the choice Wallenda began to actively advocate in the amusement parks of different countries. Very often, the company he formed the other members of the family; most regular partner Nicholas was his wife ErĂ©ndira (Erendira). Participated in the performances and children Nicholas; According to family legend, the youngest daughter of Nick, Evita (Evita), first began to teeter on the palm of her father in the six months. According to Nicholas, he is in his career had to perform almost every current in our time anything like a serious trick. Interestingly, Nicholas – despite the extremely extreme work – never in my life did not suffer serious injury; in the words of Wallenda, the most serious of his ‘injury’ was broken during a game of football finger.

Performs Nik Wallenda exclusively without insurance and safety nets. According to Nick – who, in turn, refers to the words of his grandfather – stacks and insurance provide a false sense of security; guarantee absolute security, they are not able to – so his uncle was killed after falling into a safety net.

Presentations at the high wire Wallenda thinks not so much stunts as sport requiring special sports training. Walking on the wire requires composure, calculation and constant concentration. Trains Nicolas extremely active – for six hours a day and six days a week.

February 15, 2012 th Nik Wallenda received official permission from the Committee parks Niagara (Niagara Parks Commission) to carry out their childhood dream – Nicholas was allowed to go on a tightrope over Niagara. Embossing resolution had a long time – almost two years tightrope walker actively communicate with the authorities in both the United States and Canada (Canada). The first surrendered to the Americans; the first time he was given permission to June 21, 2011-th. This resolution, however, was soon withdrawn – Special Committee decided to return to duty ‘antikaskadersky’ law. A number of the officials spoke openly against this idea – so Janice Thomson (Janice Thomson), chairman of the committee, said that the waterfalls were not created etc.

To ensure that stunt on them risked their lives.

Wallenda however, did not give up; market analysis showed that the planned performance not only scare away tourists – on the other hand, tourists are likely to visit the neighborhood of Niagara will begin with even greater intensity. Nicholas said that his speech will not have the slightest impact on the surrounding nature. Legal fights lasted a long time – and ended with a convincing victory Wallenda.

fulfilled his dream Nicolas Wallenda June 15, 2012-th. Guide the ABC Nick convinced yet put on insurance. Go Wallenda had 550 meters – at the widest part of the waterfall. Throughout the walk – it took 25 minutes – Nick never shaken; he had, however, it is difficult – the fog hanging over the waterfall is quite thick. Before the end of the road Wallenda knelt, sent the audience a kiss, and then finished the race run.

Nik WallendaNik Wallenda
Nik WallendaNik Wallenda
Nik WallendaNik Wallenda

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