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The most beautiful Indian (Bollywood) Actress (Top 21)

I respect Bollywood cinema and dedicate it this rating. The cinema of India is divided into north and north. In the southern part there is a Bollywood – it is a synonym for the Indian film industry in Mumbai (formerly known as. Called), Bombay so similar to Hollywood (Hollywood) in the United States, California. Bollywood movies are shot me in the language. We already have a Hindi ranking of the most beautiful of the South-Indian actresses, now I represent the top you 21 the most beautiful, in my opinion, Bollywood actresses. My choice was based on professional audio and actresses talent success in the field of cinema, I chose the external data and fotogienichnosti.

21. Riya Sen / Sen Riya (b. January 24, 1981 Mr. Calcutta Bollywood) – India is an actress, model, and tried his hand in the South-Indian cinema. Mother Rhee September Bengali-known actress – Moon Moon Sen and Suchitra – grandmother Sen, movies-hits “Favorite Return”, “melody of life,” “Our dream is the money?”

20. Kapoor Sonam / Sonam Kapoor (b. June 9 Chembure d in 1985, pcs. of Maharashtra) – Bollywood actress, a model, a daughter of the famous Bollywood aktёrolv – Anil films, Kapoor: “Beloved”, “Delhi -6 “,”I hate love time”,”story of the year”.

19. Namrata Shirodkar / Namrata race (Shirodkar. January 22, 1972 grams in Mumbai, India) – Bollywood actress, has titles Miss India – Vice g . 1993 – Miss Asia (second place in the movie), the contest: “true story,””fraternal ties”,”can not the heart without love”, “call”, “Bride and Zeenat.”

18. prejudices Aman / Zeenat Aman (rod.19 November 1951 grams in Germany, according to other sources in Bombay) – in it, India has worked as a journalist and then a model. Zeenat was the second runner-up in the competition “Miss India”and won the contest”Miss Pacific Film.”Asia:”Brothers and Sisters,””The truth, love and sacrificing,””Beauty is”, “Abdullah”.

17. Parveen Babi / Babi Parveen (b. April 4, 1949 in Mumbai, Bollywood) – India actress at the peak of his career, suddenly disappeared from the world of cinema. The press wrote at Parvin serious health problems, in particular with the psyche and that she moved to the US lechenie.Ne opened up the mystery of the disappearance of the end of the movie Parveen Babi announce press sumasshedshey.Umerla actress actress forgotten by all in 2005, she was the first Indian actress appeared on the cover of “Time”She (along with Zeenat Aman) made a kind of revolution in Bollywood, rejecting utterly hackneyed stereotype of”Indian”proper woman. Movies:”The Wall”, “The Constant Amar”, “servant, Akbar, Anthony,” “failed marriage”.

16. Sonam / Sonam (b. On September 2, 1972 in India) – Actress Bollywood marrying an Indian director, the world of the left film and migrated to Britain movies: “Sand and Gold,””Payback for insulting”,”Three angry Victory”,”men”,”duty of love”.

15. Sonali Bendre / Bendre Sonali (b. January 1, 1975 in Bombay) – model, actress, career Sonali started as beating, model contest “Star Dust Talent Search” (“Search stellar talent”), she was invited to Bombay and received training in Indian films. the film industry:”My heart is for you,””The price of life,””Malice,” “Indian English heir to the family”.

14. Amrita Rao / Amrita Rao (June. 17, born in 1981 in Chitrapure, India) – Bollywood samples, the actress herself, and in the southern kinematorafe from childhood advertising shot when she was chosen for the filming of the major face-up in one of the commercials, this work has brought her real fame. In a few months she became a model of the best brands in the country, then we began to receive offers to star in movies. Call: “Movies loving soul,””What is it, next,””I love you!”, “Engagement”, “lifemate”.

13. Neha Sharma / Neha Sharma (g rod.21 November Bhagalpur in 1987, pcs. Bihar) – model, actress. Today starred moment in four films: two Telugu – “boy”and”Cheetah”and two in Hindi -“Rascal: Well I’ll be,”another movie -“Kyaa Super Hain Kool Hum” is in production.

12. Meenakshi Meenakshi / Seshadri Sheshadri (b. November 16, 1963 g Jharkhand, pcs. syndrome) – actress, a professional dancer, in 17 years has won the title Miss India 1981 . becoming one of the most young candidates in the history of film. Competition: “innocent victim”, “good heart”, “Ganga”, “Family, Yamuna, Saraswati”, “It is the duty of love,”Sushmita”.

11. Wanderings September / Sushmita Sen (November 19 Hyderabad d in 1975, pcs. of Andhra Pradesh) – Indian model and Bollywood actress, winner of Miss Universe in the year 1994 – is the first the winner of this contest in the history of India. In 2010, the producer and the center of Sushmita Sen «Tantra int» unique got the right to hold a beauty contest “Miss India Universe 2010”. Movies: ‘Wife 1 “,”can you”,”I do not just forget you”,”Dangerous Game”,”How I fell in love,””Life in the rhythm of rock”.

10. Bipasha Bipasha / Basu Basu (b. May 5, 1979 g in India, New Delhi) – Indian actress and model, later moved the family in Calcutta, where Bipasha make a successful first step in the modeling business. At 16, she won a modeling contest Godrej Cinthol years. Supermodel At 17, she participated in an international model Ford contest Supermodel of the world in Florida and the third place won. It promoted, in particular, the car was a Ford and invited to New York, where he appeared in the pages of glossy magazines. Bipasha could become an international top model, but nostalgia for her homeland forced to return to India, where she continued to appear in advertisements and commercials run on the podium. The film hit Bollywood by chance, but first it was the film landmark, Bipasha was recognized by debutante better – Filmfare 2001. Movies: “Sinister Dangerous”, “Stranger Game”, “The Secret,””The Dark Side risk”,”with a desire to live”,”Omkara”,”Bikers-2″.

9. Padams Shaza / Shazahn Padamsee (b. December 8th Mumbai g in 1987) – an aspiring actress, model daughter was shot, the actors also in southern cinema, films, “Singh Rocket: The seller of the year”, “Dil Toh Hai Baccha Ji “,”Housefull 2: The Dirty Dozen”.

8. Shahabad bus / Sheena Shahabadi (b. November 21 g Mumbai in 1988) – an aspiring actress, removes and southern daughter. Bollywood film actress Sadhana Singh. Bus Young, ran away from home secretly engaged to one of the actors, but a few months later they Films. divorced: “Together with you”, “The rhythm of the dance”, “I, Me Main aur”.

7. Poonam Dhillon / Poonam Dhillon (April. 18, 1962, born in Kanpur, India) – actress, at age 16, the age was crowned in the contest “Young Miss India”. one of the members of the jury, film director, drew attention to the girl and asked her for a role in a movie, the movie”Legend of Love”, “Noori”, “Ghost Layla”, “happiness”, “brave”.

6. Wahid Rehman / Waheeda race (Rehman. May 14, 1936 Mr. Chengalpattu, pcs. Indian Tamil) – Nadu popular actress, an incarnation of the classic one, the beauty of the most famous actresses of the golden era of Indian cinema. Professional dancer, film, “Paper”, “Lust flowers”, “full moon”, “Black Market”, “Ram”, “Guides and Shyam,” “heart of stone”.

5. Madhuri Madhuri / Dixit Dixit (b. May 15, 1967 grams of Maharashtra, pcs. Bombay) – actress, a professional dancer, was the representative of the seventh Bollywood, whose figure is at Madame Tussaud’s museum; movies-hits “and Ram Kishan”, “Lakhan and Kanha”, “Son”, “Heart”, “Who am I for you,””Mad heart”,”call”, “Devdas”.

4. Dia Mirza / Dia Mirza (b. December 9 g Jamshedpur in 1981) – the actress has German roots on the father’s line. Her reward: the runner-up in the contest «Miss India 2000» . winner of «Miss Asia and Oceania in 2000» . Dia Mirza – the third after the Indian Zeenat Aman and Tara Ann victory, Fonseka at this competition. Movies: “You’re in the heart of Possessed,””my love”,”I can not forget you”, “Deepika you”.

3. Only Podukone / Deepika Padukone (b. May 1986 January r Copenhagen, Denmark) – Indian actress and model of the former, was born in a family mangalorskih Catholics, when “movies a little life”, “Om Shanti Om “”beauty, Beware,””Love Today and Tomorrow”.

2. Rekha / race (Rekha. October 10, 1954, in Madras) – actress stars “daughter”movie Tamil and Telugu, one of the few modern Indian movie stars, whose legendary status far surpasses their onscreen roles. By happy coincidence was the”star”due to hit Bollywood”Rainy autumn.”Movies: ‘Lord of Destiny”,”railroad”,”Umrao Century”,”Love Us,””Network Lies”,”love and truth”,”Two strangers”.

1. Aishwarya Aishwariya / Rai Rai (b. Nov. 1, 1973 g of Karnataka, pcs. Mangalore) – Indian actress and model, the winner of Miss «Competition World» 1994 . In 2003, Aishwarya was a member of the jury of the Cannes then. Film Festival, she has signed a promotional contract with L’participated, Oreal advertising Coca-Cola Company and the first, DeBeers Indian woman in a wax museum Madame Tussaud’s; Movies: ‘Love impostor, “”Forever Rhythms”,”Your Love,””Lovers”,”Devdas”,”Ice on Duty,””soul above all”,”Bride and Prejudice”,”Real 2: Bikers feeling””Robot”,”villain”, “Prayer”.

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