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Ten mysteries of the El Niño. Little-known biographical facts Torres

On a T-shirt Torres could easily flaunt 1st Room Chelsea

These milestones in the biography of the Spanish striker known to many. SPORT bigmir) net decided to shed some light on “dark spots” in the career of one of the most prominent players of our time – the El Niño.

Torres – goalkeeper. Fernando his career in one of Madrid’s youth teams he started in the “box”, having followed the example of his elder brother. But in the age of seven, the coach has managed to spark uglyadet exciting talent guy starting to strum it regularly in the attack.

Torres – actor. Maybe the world has lost the possibility to enjoy the contemplation of the greatest litsedeya all over the world, but it has acquired one of the most talented strikers. Fernando starred in the video of his good friend Dani Martin Ya Nada Volver & aacute; A Ser Como Antes . and in 2005 appeared in an episode of the thriller Torrente 3: El protector as himself.

55 goals for Atletico. It is so much chop 10-year-old Fernando in his first season for the youth team of Rayo 13, and became one of three players who have received an invitation to view in Atletico. There’s young talent has impressed coaches and joined the training of the players.

Madrid phenomenon. is already in his second official match for Atletico Madrid against Albacete, Fernando Torres came off the bench, was the cause of two deletions count and scored the winning goal – indeed, the phenomenon of a star.

19-year-old captain. Torres at a young age began to withdraw Atletico on the AP

tidbit. more than five years ago – Chelsea in summer 2006 made the first offer to buy Torres. The then president Enrique through Atletico said that there is no chance of passage. By hook or by crook decided in the management of Chelsea and took a break.

8 years ago – his first full season in the Madrid team, Fernando can be attributed to the asset – 6 goals in Segunda for the 17-year-old boy is quite an excellent result. Who knew that the kid in the 19 years will be the team captain and the first year will be accepted score in Example Stakhanov pace – 8 years he ships rivals more than 13 goals in a season (this year – while on his account punches 9), and in his first year in England generally parted, scoring 33 goals.

Torres scored a lot, but could not win a single tournament with Liverpool meaningful AP

Permanent champion. Fernando Torres became the most expensive transfer of Liverpool (as it turned out, at the time), and now the most expensive acquisition of Chelsea. What will happen – Real buy it after 5 years is even more expensive?

0 + 2 =? The desire to change the team this winter, you can understand, look at the shelf with trophies Fernando. From team achievements to his credit only won Segunda da Silver Cup England 2009. Not in the Champions League, no team in the European Championship with Torres did not win. Thank the gods that he was a Spaniard, and not, say, a certain Welshman. So winning the European Championship in 2008 and World Cup 2010 warm the soul forward. There are 2 titles in the youth team, but is that a lot for a player of this caliber?

The Voyage of Ukraine. His first goal in the finals of international tournaments Torres scored Ukrainians. At Euro 2004 El Nino has not scored any goals, mostly substitute appearances. But at the 2006 World Cup in Germany Olexandr Shovkovskiy “lucky enough to” becoming the first goalkeeper in goal that Fernando signed the world championship – after a while he stenochki with Puyol brought the score to indecent 0: 4.

The Evil Genius Ukrainians AP

If we remember that a red card and a penalty Vashchuk earned it flunked Torres, the general turned evil genius. However, he went on saying only double of the gate of Tunisia and SASO became the first goalkeeper to miss in the penalty shootout once. So that the meeting was successful for us.

only two goals – and right in the Kings. The next major tournaments (Euro 2008) became a triumph for Spain. For Fernando, he has become quite controversial. Torres assisted by David Villa in the episode with the first goal in the gates of Russia (Spain won 4: 1), then scored the first ball of Sweden (pireneytsev win 2: 1), but then – how to cut. Heroics in the next match he did not, and Guiza, Villa, Fabregas.

But it was in the final match, after David Villa got the offensive damage in the first minutes, it was Fernando Torres came off the bench and scored the one and only winning goal. Since that victory – it’s partly his achievement.

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Fernando TorresFernando Torres
Fernando TorresFernando Torres
Fernando TorresFernando Torres

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