Miles Teller

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Miles Teller

Miles Teller

Miles Teller – American actor, best known for his roles in such films as “divergents”and”Project X: Dorval».

The main actor, Miles Teller

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Alexander Miles Teller was born on February 20, 1987 in the town of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, the son of Merry Teller, a real estate agent, and Mike Teller, nuclear engineer in the family, in addition to Miles, there were two older daughters. His paternal grandfather was a Jew, a native of Russia, in addition, he still has British, Irish, Polish and French roots. As a child, Miles moved frequently, as it is assumed by the work of his father, at different times and the family lived in Florida and New Jersey. In elementary school, Miles was quite an active child, in an interview, he admitted that his teacher thought he never graduated from high school since become a juvenile delinquent. In high school, Teller played the saxophone, was the drummer in the church youth rock band «The Mutes», and was president of the school of acting circle. Later, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University.

Before you appear on the big screen, Teller participated in the filming of many short films, and in 2010 he made his debut in the drama about loss and how their feelings “Rabbit Hole” with Nicole Kidman in the lead role.

The following year, he appeared in the youth musical melodrama about the destruction of patriarchal attitudes in a particular American town “Free.”In 2012 he took part in the filming of a large-scale adolescent comedy about the party, which turned everything upside down”Project X: Dorval».

But the following year brought him the role in a melodrama about finding the meaning of life and first love “exciting time”in the teen comedy about where lead stormy mark the age”21 and more».

In 2014, Teller appeared in the comedy about a short-sighted understanding of the three best friends “That Awkward Moment”and fantastic stories about the world of the future”divergents».

Miles also was casting to work on two films in the series “The Fantastic Four” in the coming years, where he appears in the role of Mr. Fantastic.

In spite of his profession Miles admits that does not like the movies, and in his home collection is present except that the trilogy of Indiana Jones.

At the moment, the actor lives in Los Angeles and plays drums in the band «Miles Away From Roscoe».

Teller wears on his hand a green bracelet with the inscription “Fasten your seat belts for Bo” in honor of his friend, who died in a car accident a year later after Miles was in a near-fatal accident for him. He wears it almost all the time and almost all films, except for those where it is not appropriate.

Miles TellerMiles Teller
Miles TellerMiles Teller
Miles TellerMiles Teller

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