Miles Davis

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Miles Davis

American musician, trumpeter, composer. He has made a huge contribution to the development of jazz and contemporary music in general. One of the creators of jazz-rock direction (fusion). He has a unique gift of improvisation. In life, she had the status of living legend of jazz and contemporary music.

He was born May 26, 1926 in the city of Alton (Illinois, USA) in a fairly wealthy family of African-Americans. He spent his childhood in East St. Louis. His father wanted his son, as he became a dentist or a lawyer. In 12 years, Miles Scout troop into the hands of pipe and for a career lawyer and a doctor, he was lost. When St. Louis came from Billy Eckstine Orchestra tour, Miles was already known as a budding jazz musician – he played at dances. Davis was lucky – trumpeter in the orchestra became ill and he was asked to play with them for two weeks for the money. After leaving the band, Miles decided to find a trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie and saxophonist Charlie Parker, whom everyone called the birds to learn music.

In September 1944, he entered the famous New York’s Juilliard School of Music. In a few years I have become “squire”Parker, who was considered a god among jazz musicians. In the fall of 1945, he was already playing in the ensemble Parker. In 19 years,”Esquire”conferred on him the title of”new star”.

If in New York, new jazz, who played Miles and Bird and Dizzy, respectable criticism is not accepted, then in Paris, they were going to a full house – the elite of the French public. Career went on the rise – had its own orchestra, the first plate.

Davis stopped imitate Bird and Dizzy. His slow jazz trumpeters came to listen to the whole of America. Some critic called this music “cool jazz”, and two weeks later he played everywhere in New York, and records began to disperse hundreds of thousands. On account of his dozens of albums, in 1959, he wrote the best-selling album in the history of dzhaza- Kind of Blue. In jazz, rare millionaires – Miles was an exception.

During his creative activity Miles were periods when he departed completely from work. And blame the drugs. So in the early 1950s, a musician addicted to heroin, and only four years later was able to overcome this dependence is largely due to the influence of the legendary boxer Sugar Ray Robinson (Sugar Ray Robinson) and return to full creativity.

In 1972 he got a serious car accident, the consequences of which greatly reduced the level of musical activity. At a concert in Sao Paulo, he suffered a heart attack. In 1975 he dissolved the band and announced that he wanted to take a break – relax.

The return of Miles Davis in the late 1980s led to the incredible hype. His new album swept from the shelves. In concert, he was greeted as a risen from the dead. Miles married for the third time – the actress Cicely Tyson. He became friends with the Prince. He began playing the trumpet Cyndi Lauper and Michael Jackson.

Miles Davis records (all have been published more than 50 CDs) ranks highly as in jazz and pop charts. He was repeatedly nominated for the American Music Academy “Grammy” (honored with this award seven times & # 33;).

He died September 28, 1991 in Santa Monica (California, USA) as a result of complications from pneumonia.

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Miles DavisMiles Davis
Miles DavisMiles Davis
Miles DavisMiles Davis

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