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[edit ] Biography

[edit ] Early life

Miko was born in San Diego, to Vietnamese and Chinese parents. According to various sources, San Diego is where she spent the majority of her childhood growing up.

[edit ] Career

Miko began her career as an adult model around 1999-2000 when she started to appear in various adult picture layouts, which were distributed through various adult websites. Her career as an adult actress began in 2000 as she started to appear in mostly Asian themed adult flicks. In the beginning of her career, she was known for being a buxom figured Asian girl with a round face.

Since her first adult film in 1999, Miko has appeared in numerous movies, many of which feature her in the title role, such as Cruising With Miko Lee and My Plaything: Miko Lee. The latter was a “virtual”or”interactive” DVD devoted to Miko.

Her popularity grew even further as she began appearing in Gonzo flicks. This is around the period when she went through a dramatic transformation in terms of her appearance, appearing with a more slender body and leaner facial structure as well as enhanced breasts and her hair dyed blond. This is also around the period when she developed a special friendship with her fellow performer Lexington Steele and the two went on to perform together in many flicks. Her scenes with Lexington steele are still regarded as some of her best. She also appeared in several gangbang flicks, the most notable one being Gangbang Angel 9. where she once again collaborated with Lexington Steele. Miko has also made several virtual interactive flicks, interactive movies produced to give the viewer the impression that they are experiencing the scene. In All Pissed Off 7. she can even be seen performing a golden shower.

Miko was the voice of Natsuno in the hentai anime series Desert Island Story X. There are reports that she will appear in the film A Talent for Trouble in a non-sex minor role. After making Angels of Mercy in 2004, Miko disappeared from the porn business for several years but in September 2011 she appeared in a video for Brazzers “Big Tits at School – How to Get a Better Grade”.

[edit ] Personal life

Not much is known of Miko’s life outside the business, although she has been pretty outspoken about her personal life in various behind the scene interviews. For instance, based on her interview from the behind the scene of Virtual Sex Spy. Miko speaks fluent Chinese and has a predilection for bisexual relationships. She has also claimed in an interview from the behind the scene of “Chasing The Big Ones 12” that she is planning to pursue a degree in law. Contrary to this statement, a source from IMDB suggests that she is pursuing a degree in computer science. Authenticity of this information is in question.

Adult star Mika Tan has mentioned Miko in her interview with Adult FYI. According to the interview, Miko initially concealed her porn career from her parents, claiming instead to be working as a grocery clerk. The secret was revealed to her parents when Miko’s disgruntled former manager mailed her layouts to her parent’s house. [1] The act of keeping her porn career secret from her parents is somewhat consistent with what she said in the behind the scene of Virtual Sex Spy. as to the question of whether her family knows about her porn career or not she jokingly answers “No! It’s a secret..”.

Many who have worked with Miko have claimed that she has a very down-to-earth personality and is very easy to work with. Veteran director Bud Lee has stated in his interview with adultdvdtalk that “. I love Miko Lee. She’s one of my favorite, favorite stars ever. She comes extremely prepared. She brings tons of clothing with her and so forth. Just a real good person to work with.” [2] Her down-to-earth personality is also apparent in various BTS footages, where she is often seen goofing around with her costars.

[edit ] Awards and nominations

Miko LeeMiko Lee
Miko LeeMiko Lee
Miko LeeMiko Lee

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