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Louis Antoine Smith

Hope British Gymnastics

The British athlete, Olympic-level gymnast; It specializes in gymnastic exercises on a horse.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Smith was born in Cambridgeshire (Eye, Cambridgeshire); His mother was English, his father – a native of Jamaica. Smith’s parents separated when he was just a child. At an early age, Louis discovered attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; as early as 7 years old boy ‘planted’ on a special calm – Ritalin.

Gymnastics Smith engaged in 7 years; Around the same time, he began studying gymnastics stunts on horseback. An excellent trainer for Louis in the early stages was the ceiling tied to a long rope bucket. Securing feet in a bucket, a young man working out the first ‘horse’ exercise; oddly enough, the training in such a non-trivial result of engineering went to Smith to use.

By developing innate skills, Smith began performing in junior competitions. Pretty soon it became clear that the ability of Smith really has a lot of – well, in 2004 and 2006, the man was able to win the European Championship (European Championship). Smith has performed at international competitions – so, in 2006, he rose to the 5th line in the final standings of the World Cup (World Cup).

In 2006, Louis took the gold of the Commonwealth Games (2006 Commonwealth Games), held that year in Melbourne, Australia (Melbourne, Australia).

In August 2008, Louis Smith made his first appearance at the Olympics. Having successfully passed the qualifying contest and was in the end on the 5th place in the qualifying rankings, Smith reached the final, where he managed to snatch the bronze opponents.

Smith became the first British athlete to win the individual competition gymnasts from 1908 – and the first Briton to get ‘gymnastic’ medal with 1928.

The third record to Smith presented his country’s relations have had – Louis became the second black man, gymnast, became an Olympic medalist in the history of the Games.

In 2009, Louis Smith took silver at the European Championship. In 2010, Smith helped fellow Britons to take silver at the next European Championships in the team event; He received the silver and Smith himself – already in the individual championship.

Shortly thereafter, Louis went to Rotterdam (Rotterdam), the World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics (World Artistic Gymnastics Championships); where he added to his collection of medals another silver.

2011 was for Smith a few did not work out – at the next European Championship he was overall a 6th. At the World Championships in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Tokyo (Tokyo) an athlete perform better as a result of taking the 3rd place; the team as a whole is much less fortunate.

In 2012, Louis Smith again went to the Olympic Games; com

Anda, in which Smith was a member, took the bronze medal, while Louis himself in the individual championship got silver. Interestingly, Smith points scored as much and gold medalist, Hungarian Kristian Berki (Kriszti & # 225; n Berki); Berkey has received his medal for a higher technical level. For fans of British Gymnastics it was a real disappointment – Louis nearly got the first-ever gold medal gymnastic competition.

On the eve of 2013. Louis Smith was awarded the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire (Order of the British Empire).

We know that as a child fascinated Smith not only sports, but also singing; however, the possibility of performing in the chorus Luis refused for gymnastics. At one time it was rumored that the athlete is considering to resume singing lessons; Smith himself, however, is flatly denied – it involves a lot more produce its own apparel line.

Louis SmithLouis Smith
Louis SmithLouis Smith
Louis SmithLouis Smith

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