Michael Johnson

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Michael Johnson

The fastest man in the world

The title of “fastest man in the world ‘- a concept strongly extensible; if the approach to the award of the title seriously, inevitably there are a number of difficult issues – and it becomes clear that to compare runners at different distances simply incorrect. If the list of the fastest men in the world yet be, the Michael Johnson will it necessarily – American athlete belongs to an impressive array of world and Olympic records and medals.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Michael Dwayne Johnson – a former American sprinter medalist and champion. Winner of four gold medals in the Olympic Games gold medals and 8 World Championships, holder of the current record (Olympic and world) in the 400m.

Johnson was born and raised in Dallas, Texas (Dallas, Texas), in the family of the driver and school teacher. Jogging Michael of 10 years; He continued to develop their sporting talents and Johnson when he was a student at Baylor University – is he even managed to win a few championships level NCAA (in open spaces, both indoors and in the relay).

He graduated from the University of Johnson in 1990, with a bachelor’s degree in business; by the time he was the first athlete who managed to become a world champion at distances of 200 and 400 meters.

In 1991, Michael became the world champion in the women’s 200 meters in Tokyo, up from the silver medalist by a record 0.33 seconds.

2 weeks before the Olympic Games of 1992, Johnson and his agent seriously poisoned in a Spanish restaurant; Johnson has lost much weight, relax and show the expected result could not. He was considered virtually guaranteed a gold in the 200 meters distance; Michael, however, in the semifinals of the race was only the 6th and the final and did not pass. In the 4×100 meters relay Johnson proved himself a good idea; his team was able to take the gold and set a new world record.

In the qualifying rounds of the Olympics in Atlanta (Atlanta) Johnson overcame the 200 meters in 19.66 seconds, beating kept for almost 17 years, Pietro Mennea record (Pietro Mennea). Of course, the very Olympics Michael hit; here he was going to do something unbelievable – to win the race right at the 200 and 400 meters. Previously, this could not be any man-athlete; women could boast such a record – in 1984 with the two distances just to the right Valerie Brisco-Hooks (Valerie Brisco-Hooks).

In the final of the Olympics Johnson came in unusual, bespoke golden shoes ‘Nike’. The race was the 400 meters, he won the July 29 put in this Olympic record; 200 meters 1 August, Michael showed an even more impressive – he was able to beat his record of qualifying games.

Double-broken record on the same track with an interval in a month has been absolutely incredible achievement; Michael Johnson was compared with himself Bob Beamon (Bob Beamon). At the end of the Olympics Johnson was nicknamed ‘The fastest man in the world’ – in some respects controversial, however, a certain sense still having.

At the Olympics of 2000, Johnson also planned to act, and in the race for 200 meters, and in the race for 400 meters. Unfortunately i

tunately, 200 meters Michael this time very unlucky – during the final race, he suffered an injury that cost him the title. In the race for 400 meters, Michael still took gold; This medal was his fourth, and at the time of its receipt Johnson was the oldest athlete who took gold at a distance less than 5,000 meters in the history of the Olympic Games. By the end of games, Michael could easily win gold for another 4×100 meters relay, but the Americans at the last moment stripped medals. Sam Johnson received his medal surrendered voluntarily in 2008, confessing to doping.

Leaving the treadmill, Michael Johnson became a sports commentator for the most part, working with the British BBC. In parallel, Johnson led his own column in the ‘Daily Telegraph’. In 2007, Michael founded his own company specialized in the training of young and professional athletes; This company has been successfully operating to this day.

Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson
Michael JohnsonMichael Johnson

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