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Raphael llora de alegría. y los lobos muerden con fuerza la red. 2010

RAFAEL crying with joy. And the wolf bite NETWORK. 2010

29 September 2010. This date is marked on the calendar as the day of the general strike that will outlast Spain. but in terms of TV man – as the evening of the first major event of the 2010/11 Premiership season, which will be held between the two main private channels of the country.

Rafael on the Antena 3 against Tierra de lobos (earth wolves) in the Telecinco . It is difficult to predict which of these two products to cope with a difficult task – in regard to the audience, because the two just enough to attract the attention of the greatest number of viewers.

‘biopic’. created with the participation of the singer and his family, and tells about one of the most difficult phases of his life, a priori guaranteed success because of the support which in recent years has received for television movies about the life of bohemians – such as the “ Marisol “or” Lola Flores ” on the same channel Antena 3 . The new TV movie – along with documentaries and concert – will be only the first of three parts of the thematic evening devoted haenskomu artist.

The movie is in Telecinco, in turn, not only it is the most ambitious creation of the era, but it also accompanies this advertising campaign, which is never seen in the television station Fuencarral: press conference, constantly spinning in recent months, videos, previews festivals and social networks, and even billposting or ‘ street marketing ‘ in the main cities of Spain.

Raphael or Tierra de lobos. Tierra de lobo s, or Raphael . The die is cast, and can only look closely, both channels will defend its premiere (perhaps they will insert very few commercials) in the battle of the Titans, where other proposals this Wednesday evening – Comando Actualidad channel “ La 1 “and movies on” Cuatro & raquo ;,” laSexta & raquo ;, and the channel” La 2 ” – Seem real stone guests.

Rafael: “When I saw the film, I cried with joy”

Channel Antena 3 . which in recent days stepped up its advertising miniseries in two parts, secured his morning appearance in the transfer of Raphael Espejo p & uacute; blico . to talk about the movie.

The singer Susana Grisons admitted that watching the film, he started to cry. “They were tears of joy”, – he said. The film tells about severe liver disease, which the singer had suffered for several years. “At that time, the only compatible with me man, suitable for transplant, was my daughter Natalia, * but then she was pregnant and could not do it”.

Raphael argues that “never went to town in the evenings. I stayed at the hotel but took a couple of liqueur glasses to fall asleep. I drank to sleep, but I knew that if I drink them, you’ll sleep better. I did not know that I’m sick”.

The artist said: “after the operation I am infinitely enjoying every thing I do. Judging by the hopes which inspire me, it seems that my career starts anew. Fears and nerves tormented me earlier before performances, disappeared. I get great pleasure from all that was happening to me, I like everything, and touches me more than ever”.

John Ribot – Rafael adulthood – “the one who has all happened”.

As for the film, the Raphael is clearly proud of the role played by Juan Ribot, “he still came out great. I think the secret is that Juan decided to ‘play’ a role, not a ‘mimic’. This makes all the difference “.

The history of overcoming personal

Channel Antena 3 suits this Wednesday at 22:00 the premiere of ” Raphael: una historia de superacion personal (personal story of overcoming) & raquo ;, miniseries telling about the singer’s life, his successful career and difficult moments that he experienced in 2002, when he had found a serious disease of the liver. The end of the film will be shown next Wednesday, October 6, also at a better time.

In the film involved Juan Ribot and Celia Castro – starring Raphael and his wife, Natalia Figueroa and Felix Gomez and Diana Palason playing their own young. In addition, it starred Adrian Viador, Daniel Muriel and Duna Santos, who played their three children (Manuel, Jacobo and Alejandro Martos), and other actors.

The film, directed by Manuel Rios put San Martin, the disease begins with Raphael, both parts of the bar scene. Rafael serves at the premiere of & rdquo; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & rdquo ;, in 2002 and feels that something is wrong.

From Raphael Martos to RAFAEL

Then, using flash backlinks, the series returns to the various moments of his life, and they are all connected with music. Rafael childhood clearly understood what his vocation and his family, although it was rather poor, supported his passion.

In a cursory review of the movie channel Antena 3 recalls the moments that have become crucial to his career: his first gig at a nightclub, his first place in the Festival of Benidorm and its subsequent participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. On it he had lost, but on returning to Madrid a huge number of fans greeted him as a star. In this chronology mentioned his first trip, tour of Latin America and its first appearance in the theater Zarzuela, changed his way of life and style of playing music.

The Great Love Story

At the same time the film recreated the relationship Raphael and Natalia – a couple who have been together for almost 40 years. They met at a concert. She is a journalist and she likes Serrat, and it – star surrounded by admirers. In spite of everything, and even the opposition of family Natalia, their relationship developed and they are thinking about the wedding.

Rafael has to talk to the Marquis de Santo Floro to avoid omissions, and after this conversation artist and aristocrat married in 1972 in Venice. This is the beginning of their marriage, and years of life together.

The disease is real light

According to Manuel Rios, “we first conceived to talk about the disease and to explain with the help of the television series, as Raphael experienced these moments, and how important it was for the surgery and transplantation.”To this end, the movie” Raphael ” It shows the development of the process from the time of diagnosis. The series ends with the operation, returning him to life and allowed thanks to a donor again to go on stage.

Location shots and two exclusive versions of songs

The series, shot studio Bocaboca, includes some of the most remarkable moments of the career of Rafael, and in addition, two exclusive versions of songs recorded with the artist – & rdquo; Yo soy aquel & rdquo; and & rdquo; Te voy a contar mi vida & rdquo;.

Film “Raphael: una historia de superaciun personal” filmed on site, in nature and in different places, one way or another connected with the artist – such as a school of San Antonio . Natalia Figueroa house or theater Lara and Lope de Vega. For the filming was also used car that drove in Rafael 60s, acquired the film crew, who is forty years later, in excellent condition. **

The documentary with the participation of Raphael’s

In addition to this film, the channel Antena 3 want a late night premiere of the documentary film “Raphael: el documental” . who recalled the life and professional career of the artist with the help of evidence the singer himself, his family, his friends and the people who shared with him his plans and life experiences – such as Miguel Bose, Alaska, Alejandro Sanz and Dani Martin, and exclusive graphics and audiovisual materials of Raphael at various stages of his life.

In the documentary, staged by David F. Miralles and M. Angeles Mendez scenario Fernando Martin, mounted certificate with the music of Raphael and color or black-and-white photos. This work, which is a different perspective, and shows the artist says, what was the story of his 50 years on the stage of the disease and transplantation.

Then Antena 3 will again show the transfer of “La Gran Noche con Raphael” . A program in which linaressky singer performs his most popular songs with his friends – Julio Iglesias, Rocio Durcal, Lolita, Celia Cruz, Alaska and Fangore and Az & uacute; car Moreno. Finally, La Ruleta de la suerte also arrange their own celebration of Raphael, devoting several screens of their morning’s haenskomu artist.


Translation AI Kucan

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Notes Interpreter:

* – still Alejandra

** – it was leased to the current owner, who bought it for collection

*** – But the results, summarizing the day: results of the vote

“Land of wolves”(15.6%) ahead of”Raphael” (13,7%)

The documentary ‘Raphael. El documental ‘drew 12.2%. ie approximately 1,197,000 fans.

to complete the program retransmission ‘La gran noche de Raphael’ scored 9.5% (476.000 viewers).

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