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Amanda Abbington

Born: February 28, 1974, London, UK

Amanda Abbington Height: 163 cm.

British actress, best known for the TV series “Sherlock”, “Mr Selfridge».

Amanda Abbington (Amanda Abbington), nee Amanda Jay Smith. She was born in a simple family – her father was a taxi driver in London. Amanada Amanda Abbington dreamed of becoming a dancer but an injury put an end to a dance career. Almost by chance, Amanda appeared on television. Amanda Abbington Amanada first appeared on screen in the TV series “Midsomer Murders» / The Bill

The most notable of her work on television was a comedy sketch show «A man and a woman» and a comedy show «After you left». In the series «Mr Selfridge» Amanda Abbington played Miss Mardle – a lonely woman, many years being in an affair with a married man. But the most well-known role of Amanda Abbington – the role of Mary Morstan. wife of Dr. Watson in the series “Sherlock”where Watson played in the life of her partner Martin Freeman. For this role, she won the Crime Thriller Awards for Best Supporting Actress. Amanda Abbington even received threats from fans of”Sherlock”, as it became razluchnitsa Sherlock and Watson.

Personal life Amanda Abbington / Amanda Abbington

Over the years, Amanda lives with popular actor Martin Freeman. For the first time she saw Freeman in the sketch on TV. “And as soon as something sank in me – I thought,”Oh, how beautiful it is! This is my ideal man – how I drew it myself in my dreams, and suddenly saw a live, real!”A couple of months accidentally met him on the set of TV series« Only a man ». A few weeks later, Amanda moved to Martin.

In the early days of their meeting, Martin showed her pictures of the series «Office», where he played a major role. Amanda, which is called the main fan of Martin, said this: “It’s good that I met with you before you become famous.” And I was not mistaken. Role «Office» Martin Freeman has brought success and became a stepping stone to work with well-known partners and directors.

In 2011, receiving a BAFTA award for his role as Watson, Amanda Morgan Freeman called his rock that supports him in everything.

The family lives in Hertfordshire, have two children: Joe (born in 2006) and Grace (born in 2008). The only difficulty in the family – often Martin leaves to shoot far away from home. So, on the set of the trilogy, “The Hobbit”, he spent 18 months in New Zealand. Amanda and Martin did not have intercourse, and Ian McKellen, Martin advised to buy a computer and communicate with family via Skype, which he did.

In December 2012, Amanda underwent surgery to remove a benign tumor of the breast. Martin was for renting “The Hobbit” and every day for a long time talking to her, comforting and soothing. When it turned out that the tumor was benign, Martin rushed to Wellington and bought a bracelet for Amanda’s memory of that happy day.

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