Juliana Paes

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Juliana Paes

Born: 26 March 1979, Rio Bonito, Brazil

Brazilian TV presenter, actress and model.

Juliana Paes / Juliana Paes was born 26 March 1979 in Rio Bonito, Brazil. It has Arab, African and Indian roots. Childhood actress was held in the prestigious area of ​​Rio de Janeiro. Juliana Paes – the eldest child in the family (parents Juliano four children). Father of actress, Carlos Enrique Paez, went bankrupt, and the family moved to a small apartment in a poor neighborhood.

His career Juliana Paes / Juliana Paes

A career of actress Juliana Paes at the beginning of the series «celebrity». She played the role of Mrs. Jacqueline. After this role Juliana Paes became famous.

– This role was certainly important, but the charisma of Julia forced to give it even greater development, – says Gilberto Braga.

So Jacqueline was one of the main heroines of novels. At the beginning of the novel Juliana Paes created a furor, she had to appear on the screen with bare breasts.

– If, in order to play at a certain scene, I have to undress, I’ll do it – says Juliana Paes. – But to pose nude – it is a different matter, is not so simple.

The peak of acting career and popularity for Julia was the role of Maya in the TV series “The roads of India».

Together with Stephanie Brito, Satu Sabrina and Carolina Ferraz Juliana Paes leads transmission Por um fio («Barber»).

Juliana Paes was withdrawn in foreign films. In 2010, she starred in Marcio Garcia Amor por acaso («Breakfast in bed”) and Dean Kenom.

Juliana Paes / Juliana Paes model

Juliana Paes as the model has become a symbol of sensuality, it represents a combination of sea, sun, beaches, samba and coconut milk. No wonder, Juliana received the title of “The Muse of summer».

As a model Juliana Paes is the patroness of the samba school Unidos do Viradouro, advertises tanning and beer.

Life Juliana Paes / Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes does not like to be alone. Her first novel, lasted five years. A week after leaving she was met with Marcelo Castione, which soon moved.

– For me it was never a problem to find a boyfriend. I used to be alone for long.

Juliana Paes met with the model Rodrigo Ilbertom. A September 9, 2008 she married businessman Carlos Eduardo Batista .

The time of the wedding ceremony was specifically calculated using numerology. During a ceremony at the Presbyterian Church in the district of Vila Isabel were read fragments of the works of Mario Quintana and Luis Fernando Verissimo, selected actress. Juliana Paes was very excited, her eyes filled with tears. A witness from the groom was an actor Marcelo Faria, he was accompanied by Isis Valverde. Deborah Secco was one of the bridesmaids.

Having a baby Juliana Paes plan carefully and discuss all the nuances associated with pregnancy in the upcoming contract with Globo. In 2010, she gave birth to a son. Baby Julia Paes has starred in two television commercials with his mother.

Awards Juliana Paes / Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes is the title of the sexiest women on the magazine Estoe Gente.

In 2008, she became the “Bride of the year».

Interesting facts about Zhuliane Paes / Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes has samba school Unidos do Viradouro.

Once filming the series «Roads India» Juliana Paes to quit and stopped eating beef, began practicing yoga and Indian dance.

In 2011, seeing Zhulianu on a magazine cover, Sylvester Stallone invited her to the role in the film together. However, the pregnancy of the actress did not allow her to accept the invitation.

Despite the hype surrounding her name, Juliana Paes has not lost its simplicity. The actress is not a stylist and personal secretary.

– I do everything myself. I go to the bank, the supermarket, I love to buy their own clothes – says Juliana Paes.

Juliana Paes / Juliana Paes – Filmography

  • The roads of India (TV series) (2009)
  • The house mom Zhoany (2008)
  • Special Episode (TV) (2008)
  • Favorita (TV) (2008)
  • Two Faces (TV) (2007)
  • Diary of a Seducer (TV series 2007-2008)
  • No problems (2006)
  • On tipsy (TV) (2006)
  • America (TV series) (2005)
  • Once again, the love (2005)
  • The House of Seven Women (TV series) (2003)
  • Celebrity (TV series 2003-2004)
  • Clone (TV series 2001-2002)
  • Normal (TV) (2001)
  • The Order of the yellow woodpecker (TV series 2001-2005)
  • Family Ties (TV series) (2000)
  • Brave (TV series 2000-2002)

Juliana PaesJuliana Paes
Juliana PaesJuliana Paes
Juliana PaesJuliana Paes

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