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Lisa Kudrow

Born: 30 July 1963, Entsino, California, USA

Lisa Kudrow Height: 1.73m

Lisa Kudrow Weight: 60 kg

Lisa Kudrow – a popular American actress, known for her role Phoebe Buffay in the cult TV series “Friends“.

Childhood and adolescence Lisa Kudrow / Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Marie Diane Kudrow was born into a Jewish family father doctor Lee and mother travel agent Nedra Kudrow. The ancestors of the family Kudrow have migrated to the US from Belarus, Minsk region.

Lisa Kudrow was in high school in Portola, California, graduated from the biological faculty of Vassar College in New York. Girl fully developed: the school team was playing tennis, swimming, taught French. Lisa Kudrow I wanted to continue research work, so back to the city to his father, a leading neurologist of the world, who was ready to help her daughter in scientific discoveries. But comic Jon Lovitz. a friend of his brother, so inspired Lisa Kudrow. the high green-eyed blonde has decided to try his hand at show business.

She came to the casting in the improvisational theater group Groundlings, based in Los Angeles. Head Theatre, Cynthia Tsigeti. He took under his own tutelage Lisa Kudrow. and in 1989 she graduated with honors courses theater and becomes a full participant in the theater.

Career Lisa Kudrow / Lisa Kudrow

Thus, came the famous extraordinary Phoebe Buffay. for the way that Lisa Kudrow nominated for «Emmys» six times and won it in 1998 as Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Lisa Kudrow has been leading the ceremony “MTV Movie Awards“, participated in the campaign of milk and “Diet Coke” with all members of the series «Friends ».

«The actress, 40 years old, on television … This is where the real torture».

The actress played Valerie Cherish, the main character of the television series «Return». The series began on HBO June 5, 2005. She was also a co-author, screenwriter and executive producer. But the series did not continue for a second season.

Personal life Lisa Kudrow / Lisa Kudrow

At the end of the 1980 Lisa Kudrow briefly met TV presenter Conan O’Brien. May 27, 1995 Lisa Kudrow married Michelle Stern. the owner of the advertising business. A May 7, 1998 they had a baby Julian Murray. The family lives in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Lisa Kudrow keep her virginity to 31 years:

The heroine Buffy Phoebe in the series «Friends» conceived by artificial insemination in order to cover up a pregnancy Lisa Kudrow.

While her son was only 6 months, Lisa Kudrow set to work – announced by the voice of Aphrodite in the cartoon «Hercules» (1998), to little son Julian was interested in further acquainted with the work of her mother. Also, the actress took part in the movie “Hotel for Dogs” (2009), that the son could see her mother’s work as Lisa Kudrow thought he was too young to show Juliana other films with her participation.

The actress admits that he regrets only begotten son, Lisa Kudrow like to have a second child, so that they could both take care of the parents when Kudrow and Stern grow old.

Lisa Kudrow – convinced vegetarian. His spare time the actress spends on teaching creative courses at a school for disadvantaged children. Her best friends are Helen Hunt and Courteney Cox.

Filmography Lisa Kudrow / Lisa Kudrow

The Dirty girl / Dirty Girl (2011) … Peggy

Easy A / Easy A (2010) … Mrs. Griffith

People Paper / Paper Man (2009) … Claire Dunn

Bandslam / Bandslam (2009) … Karen Burton

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits / Love and Other Impossible Pursuits (2009) … Carolyne

oxide / Powder Blue (2009) … Sally

Hotel for Dogs / Hotel for Dogs (2009) … Lois Scudder

Web Therapy / Web Therapy (2008-2012) (TV series) … Fiona Wallice

P.S. I love you / P.S. I Love You (2007) … Denise

Kablui / Kabluey (2007) … Leslie

American Dad / American Dad! (2005-2011) (TV) … The Ghost of Christmas Past

Return / The Comeback (2005) (TV) … Valerie Cherish

The Rules of Attraction 2: Heppiend / Happy Endings (2005) … Mamie

The father / Father of the Pride (2004-2005) (TV series) … Foo-Lin

Marci X / Marci X (2003) … Marci Feld

Uonderlend / Wonderland (2003) … Sharon Holmes

Analyze That / Analyze That (2002) … Laura Sobel

Lai / Bark! (2002) … Dr. Darla Portnoy

Dr. Dolittle 2 / Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001) … Ava

The guy even where / All Over the Guy (2001) … Marie

Cchastlivye Room / Lucky Numbers (2000) … Crystal

End call / Hanging Up (2000) … Maddy Mozell

Analyze This / Analyze This (1999) … Laura MacNamara Sobel

Hercules / Hercules (1998-1999) (TV series) … Aphrodite

The Opposite of Sex / The Opposite of Sex (1998) … Lucia DeLury

Girls from the office / Clockwatchers (1997) … Paula

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion / Romy and Michele`s High School Reunion (1997) … Michele Weinberger

hack / Hacks (1997) … Reading Woman

King of the Hill / King of the Hill (1997-2010) (TV series) … Marjorie Pittman

Guesses Blue / Blue`s Clues (1996-2006) (TV series) … Dr. Stork

Mother / Mother (1996) … Linda

Dr. Katz / Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (1995-2000) (TV series) … Lisa

Hope and Gloria / Hope & Gloria (1995-1996) (TV series) … Phoebe Buffay

Crazy nurse / The Crazysitter (1995) … Adrian Wexler-Jones

In the heat of passion 2 / In the Heat of Passion II: Unfaithful (1994) … Teller

Dakmen / Duckman: Private Dick / Family Man (1994-1997) (TV series) … Female Beta Maxians

Friends / Friends (1994-2004) (TV series) … Phoebe Buffay

Mad About You / Mad About You (1992-1999) (TV series) … Ursula Buffay

In the heat of passion / In the Heat of Passion (1992) … Bank Teller

Two Room / Room for Two (1992) (TV) … Woman in Black

Lisa Left Eye LopesLisa Left Eye Lopes
Lisa Left Eye LopesLisa Left Eye Lopes
Lisa Left Eye LopesLisa Left Eye Lopes

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