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Alex Flynn (Alex Flinn)

Alexander Flynn . using the pseudonym Alex Flinn – American writer, specializing in novels for teenage audiences. She was born in the town of Glen Cove (Glen Cove), situated on the north shore of Long Island (in Nassau County, New York). Childhood Alexandra held in Glen Cove and in the village of Syosset (Syosset) in the north-east of Long Island. When Flynn was twelve years old, her family moved to Florida – in Miami suburb of Palmetto Bay (Palmetto Bay). She graduated from high school Miami Paletta and participated in the program of the Center for the performing and visual arts (PAVAC, Performing And Visual Arts Center)). After high school, Alex was going to be an opera singer (her coloratura soprano) and studied opera (vocal performance (opera)) at the University of Miami, but then graduated from law school and practiced law for ten years. Currently, she is a professional writer.

Alexander married Eugene Flynn, they have two daughters – Katie and Meredith. They live in Palmetto Bay, half a mile from her former school.

Flynn learned to read very early, but categorically refused to read what was necessary for the school curriculum. But it fifty times reread “A Little Princess” (1904) Frances Hodgson Burnett. Its other favorite authors were Astrid Lindgren (Astrid Lindgren). Beverly Cleary (Beverly Cleary), Judy Blume (Judy Blume), Marilyn Sachs (Marilyn Sachs) and Laura Ingalls Wilder (Laura Ingalls Wilder).

Alex humorously recalls that when she was about five years old, her mother decided that her daughter is bound to become a writer. Since then, she goes almost every poem written by Alexandra in magazines like “Highlights”or” Cricket & raquo ;. Magazines, of course, nothing like that is not going to print, so the age of seven, the girl began to gather a fair collection of letters to failure to publish.

After moving to Miami, it was very difficult to make friends in a new school, so she compensated for the lack of communication, a lot of reading and trying to write novels (although no one and did not finish). Then her friends still there, besides, she was fascinated by singing, so that at some time writing was delayed.

During the course of legal practice in the office of State Attorney Alexander had to work with cases of beatings of women. It turned out that about 27 percent of women are beaten on a date of their own boyfriends. This is very excited Alexander and gave rise to the attempt to write a book on the subject. She began writing the first version of what later became the novel “Breathing Underwater & raquo ;, while studying in college, but then abandoned the text (it is, in her words, was ridiculous), and returned to him only after the birth of first daughter Katie. Then Alex was engaged in self-education, reading in the library of many books on writing, as well as those of authors of books for teens, who admired, especially by Richard Peck (Richard Peck). Later, she met him in person at a literary seminar in Key West, thanks to a visit that has learned a lot. Work on the book took several years. Her debut novel”Breathing Underwater”It was published in 2001. This is the story of sixteen Andeasa Nicholas, which was sent on courses”anger management” after he hit his girlfriend Caitlin and the case went to trial. By the decision of the judge, Nick must tell in writing about his relationship with Caitlin, and he talks about how in love with her, and once so was furious that hit her. The novel was made up in the American Library Association’s annual list of the best books for teens.

Roman “Monster” (“Beastly & raquo ;, 2007) – a modern version of a fairy tale” Beauty and the Beast & raquo ;, whose action moved to New York. Flynn explored many variations of this tale, and many of them jokingly referenced in the text. This is especially noticeable in deciphering the chat log, in which the hero of the book, Kyle talks to other teenagers, turned into a monster. In March 2011, will be released film adaptation of the novel, which was directed by Daniel Barnts (Daniel Barnz). Starring in the film performed Hyudzhens Vanessa (Vanessa Hudgens), Alex Pettyfer (Alex Pettyfer), and Mary-Kate Olsen (Mary-Kate Olsen).

The next novel Flynn – humorous romantic fantasy “A Kiss in Time”(2009). This is a modern version of a fairy tale”Sleeping Beauty & raquo ;. It Princess Talia of Yufrazii (Euphrasia) pricked on the spindle and slept for three centuries, and today she was awakened by the kiss of American teenager Jack, who arrived in Europe with a guided tour. Because everything in her kingdom angry at her for what she pricked spindle, Waist persuaded Jack to take her with him to Miami, where she met with the modern world and gets into a lot of funny situations. Critics of the book was well received in some reviews it was compared with the novels”The Princess Diaries”(“Princess Diaries”) and Meg Cabot”Ella Enchanted” (1997) Gail Carson Levine.

Judy BlumeJudy Blume
Judy BlumeJudy Blume
Judy BlumeJudy Blume

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