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James Patterson

440 readers 61,124,335 16

Born: on March 22 g of 1947.

James Patterson was born on March 22, 1947 and raised in Newburgh, New York. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in English in college Manhattan, then he became a master in this field, ending Vanderbilt University. In 1971 he was hired by the advertising agency “J. Walter Thompson”, where he soon made a dizzying career – from the ordinary to the chairman of the management company.

The first novel Patterson “Number Berrimana Thomas”(The Thomas Berryman Number) was rejected by 26 publishers th, before the company”Little, Brown” decided to publish it in 1976. The book became a bestseller and won the award for the best Poe’s debut novel.

Prior to 1996, James Patterson combined its position rapidly rising star – a writer of modern thrillers with work as chairman of the advertising agency. With the release of the novel “And there appeared a spider,” Patterson was among the most popular detective Writers of America, and the book itself became an international bestseller.

In this novel, the first time there is now a surprisingly popular and beloved by readers of the character Alex Cross, Washington police, homicide detective, has a doctorate in psychology. In 2001, the film company “Paramount Pictures”released film”came Spider”with Morgan Freeman in the title role. This picture is a continuation of the film”Kiss the girls”based on the second book of Patterson. This novel was successfully filmed in 1997 and occupies a leading position at the box office. The role of Alex Cross played Morgan Freeman. Among other bestsellers Patterson -“Jack and Jill”, “Hide and Seek”, “Black Market,””Midnight Club” and”Cat and Mouse”.

In 2008, James Patterson was the most popular author in the British Library. According to «The Guardian», for the 12 months of his readers took the book home to 1.5 million times.

According to the magazine «Forbes» in 2008, he earned 50 million, which puts it in second place after J. Rowling in the ranking of the most highly paid writers and significant proportion of charges for the movies.

Sometimes he acts Patterson prodyussorom films on their books, for example. TV series “Women’s Club of death» (Women’s Murder Club, 13 episodes, 2007-2008).

Patterson publishes several novel a year, and the total circulation of his books is more than 170 million copies. It is worth noting that the lion’s share of the last decade, Patterson writes books in collaboration.

Self-Patterson continues to publish a book series about Alex Cross (with the exception of the latter, already with Richard Dilallo) and thrillers series «Maximum Ride» in the fashionable ecological theme + theory of global conspiracy of the series started producing comic books.

On / he works with him the whole gang authors.

Andrew Gross created two books of the series “Women’s Club of death» (Women’s Murder Club) and 3 Vneseriynye thriller, including Patterson unusual for historical thriller in the life of medieval Europe “Jester» (The Jester).

After leaving the next 6 Gross book “Women’s Club of death” written with Maxine Paetro addition thriller «Swimsuit» (2009).

However, Patterson wrote a book – Michael Ledwidge, the series «Michael Bennett» and «Daniel X»; Peter De Jonge, thrillers associated with the world of golf; Howard Rowan; Ned Rust, Adam Sadler, Leopoldo Gout, Gabrielle Charbonnet, Martin Dugard, Liza Marklund. All books are decorated with the same name Patterson written in large letters on the cover, and the co-authors – small.

It is no accident Patterson critics call the world’s largest factory for stamping bestseller.

James Patterson is included in the “Guinness Book of Records” as a writer, has a record of books that became best sellers.

In 2009, the total number of his books sold per year higher than that of Stephen King, John Grisham and Dan Brown together.

Who is James Patterson lives with his family in Palm Beach, Fla.


Series Alex Cross – Alex Cross

1992 – 1. Along Came a Spider – came a spider

James PattersonJames Patterson
James PattersonJames Patterson
James PattersonJames Patterson

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