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Biography John Deacon

The full name – John Richard Deacon

He was born August 19, 1951. His first guitar he was given parents the seventh birthday. This was a red plastic “Tommy Steele” special.

John always liked to tinker with a soldering iron and electronics. One of the first inventions of John was the old reel tape recorder, which he adapted to record the radio – usually they were the Beatles or the transfer of Alan Freeman. Later, John thought to make electronics a profession.

Passion for music became stronger when John bought the Beatles first two albums. After that, he decided that I should learn to play the guitar. To earn the right tool, he hired delivering newspapers. Soon he was able to acquire the coveted guitar. John worked very diligently, and after a while was playing in a friend’s garage.

In 14 years, John has collected the first group called The Opposition. In the following years the group very often change the composition, however, they were many times. At the end of 1966 they already had a considerable group of fans around Leicester. In the same year he left the band bassist Clive Kasldin, leaving in its place, John. In connection with the change in the composition, it was decided to change the name to The New Opposition.

In 1969 he left the band, and John himself. He goes to London to study at Chelsea College. In October 1970, John goes to the speech Queen. As he remarked later: “At that time they did not impressed me.”In the second year of study, John realized that he distanced himself from the music, so wanted to join the group. He asked his mother to bring him to school equipment. I found a few people for the group, but still felt it was not right. In 1971, looking through local newspapers, John stumbled across an ad,”is wanted by the musician.” He decided to go to the audition. John presented Meiyou Brian and Roger Taylor. Those were selected bass player and has already sent several applicants. On listening to the lecture hall at Imperial College, John came with his own bass and homemade amp’om (now legendary Deacy Amp). He studied Son & Daughter and a number of other songs that the group played. And a few days later, John Richard Deacon became the fourth and final member of Queen. Of all four Deacon was the youngest and the last who has joined them. However, he quickly blended into the group.

Despite the fact that it can be called the most inconspicuous member of the group, Deacon was the “economic brains» Queen. In the 80s, he has repeatedly said in interviews that he wants all his life to be with Queen and plans to participate in other projects. However, after the tragic death of Freddie, he suddenly came up with a letter of resignation from the world of music. After he participated in only a few commemorative projects, and since 1998 all disappeared. Neither Brian May, Roger Taylor or did not answer where and why Deacon is not involved and did not comment on the new projects under the logo «Queen». He never broke his word oath: «No Queen without Freddie». He condemned the remake of We Are The Champions, written by Brian and Roger, along with Robbie Williams.

Deacon says the least of songs; Nevertheless, some of his compositions are bright hits: “You’re My Best Friend”, “I Want to Break Free”and”Another One Bites the Dust”. In the late ’90s Deacon retired from the music industry after he refused to take part in the tour Queen + Paul Rodgers.

John DeaconJohn Deacon
John DeaconJohn Deacon
John DeaconJohn Deacon

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