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opulyarnost «Good Charlotte» is gradually increasing, and in 2000 «Epic records» signed a contract with them. Once joined the band bassist Paul Thomas and guitarist Billy Martin, recorded a single «Little Things», which raised the «Good Charl

American singer Joel Madden, whose full name is Joel Reuben Combs, born March 11, 1979 in the town of Waldorf, Maryland. Joel has a twin brother Benji and Josh’s older brother and younger sister Sarah. Joel attended high school in La Plate, but then as in 1995, his father left the family, was forced to Prorva work voezhe help a mother hugging family. It is here that Joel together with his brothers and sister, Combs changed his name to the mother’s maiden name – Madden.

In 1995, collectively with Joel’s twin brother Benji began to misbehave in the group «Beastie Boys». But soon decide to create a personal staff. So in 1996, she formed the category of «Good Charlotte», whose name is taken from the children’s book by Carol Beach York. society begins to rehearse in the house of his friend Aaron Eskolopio who played drums, and recorded the song «Can not go on», which won a local talent competition. guys are in this manager. They took shelter in the general concert with «Blink-182» and «Bad Religion», and then go on tour with the band «Lit», which has played as the opening act.

Glory «Good Charlotte» gradually increasing and in 2000 «Epic records» signed a contract with them. in order as a group joined by bassist Paul Thomas and musician Billy Martin, recorded a single «Little Things», which raised the «Good Charlotte» on the top of the charts. Joel and Benji Madden songwriter of the group. Young did they know what young people want. book «Good Charlotte (Self Titled)» became a celebration of youth, which expresses itself through music, rabble punk rock, rock and roll and pop-punk.

In 2002, the discharge of their next releases and this favorable book «The Young and the Hopeless», which went multi-platinum. Songs from the album «Girls and Boys», «Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous» and «The Anthem» occupy the top ranks of various music charts. In 2004 he came out, order a wonderful style from the previous book «The Chronicles of Life and Death». The album took shelter musician Chris Wilson, it is certainly due to health problems, he was forced to leave the band. Madden called it the worst moment of 2005. His skinny book «Good Morning Revival» Company released in 2007.

Joel now lives in Hollywood the world with his girlfriend Nicole Richie and daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden. In 2009 they are planning a second child. Joel Madden is an ambassador for UNICEF will willingly, and in 2007 together with Nicole created a “Children’s Fund Richie and Madden».

Joel MaddenJoel Madden
Joel MaddenJoel Madden
Joel MaddenJoel Madden

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