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Biography Bret Hart

Bret “Sergeant” Hart. Nicknamed HITMAN.

“I was the best, I’m the best there is, and always will be the best” and it’s true. Bret Hart is one of the great, technically wrestler, after 23 years, officially retired from the world of wrestling, October 20, 2000. Biography Bret Hart’a – it’s just the story of the greatest wrestler, for a multi-year history of wrestling.

Born and living in Calgary, Alberta, Bret Hart lived in a family that excels in wrestling and has been recognized nationally and internationally for their abilities. His father Stu Hart once regularly took part in the weekly wrestling show and had quite a few victories and titles. So getting his passion for wrestling from his father, Brett, from an early age was at ringside. He trained vigorously and began to gain a name for himself in his youth. At 21, Bret dominated Canadian amateur clubs, winning the set and the name of the champion belt. But that Bret did not want to stop, he put on his shoes and prepared fighting to make a name for himself among the soldiers of World Wrestling Federation.

For a short time in the WWF, Hart won the nickname “HITMAN”(killer, thriller) also earned him the nickname”Excellence of Execution”(of the magnificent Great). After a solid endurance, dedication and intention Hart perfected his tricks to defeat the enemies with unprecedented technical, seek admission”Sharpshooter”(Sniper). Each year, about 200 matches for 14 years ended in victory over enemies using sharpshoter’a. Bret Hart made his way to the top of WWF and in the hearts of all fans and potential fans of wrestling. Everywhere he evoked affection and admiration of the fans. According to voting results, he was recognized and in 1993 and in 1994 the most popular wrestler in Europe and has twice been recognized as”Superstar” of the year. At home, Bret was regarded as a national hero, was probably the most popular athlete in Canada. The fact is that in the homeland from Bret Hart, a hockey team named in his honor – The Calgary Hitmen. Wherever you looked at Bret Hart was a super-star.

Do not patient and matches the new challenges, not attached but loyal degree Hart remained in the WWF until he was not disappointed in not a decent guide WWF, which went all alone, what would raise the rating. In 1997, after a collision with the president of WWF, Hart signed with the plague Championship wrestling – WCW. Although publicized war was the biggest in the history of professional wrestling, Bret left the WWF desperately behind. Bret Hart appeared in WCW ring, for 3 years, he participated in regular battles until January 2000, when Bret Hart was injured, which deprived him of any chance of code back in the ring.

Brett was not only a star of the ring, he took part in the popular FOX program entitled “Crazy TV”(MAD TV), as the only decent wrestler showed in his famous cartoon”The Simpsons”(The Simpsons). Bret Hart did not go unnoticed before the camera out of the ring, when he in 1996 starred in the debut television series”Lonesome Dove”(Lonesome Dove: The series) for CTV. Bret also starred in an episode of”Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”(Honey, I Shrunk the kids), the same way he played Rendell new series”The Immortal”(The immortal) with Larenso Lamos. Bret Hart appeared on popular shows such as:”The tonight show with Jay Leno”, “Off the record with Michael Lansberg”, “The last word with Jim Rome”, “Donny & Marie”, “The Howard Stenr Show”, “Life Styles of rich and famouse”, “Regis & Kathy Lee”and”Dini Petty”.

Bret shocked “Stampiid”in June 1999, especially the CBC TNT TV, appearing in public with a well-known national singer Paul Brand’omom. For the”Esso”Hart starred in commercials, advertising and hockey great Wayne Walnut athlete, as Bret Hart recorded his debut album with the popular Canadian rap group Raskalz. Hart even starred in one of the clips Raskalz called”Sharpshooter” (clip was named after the famous Woo capture). Bret Hart probably the most popular of all the wrestlers outside the ring. At the moment every week Bret Hart wrote one article for the Calgary Sun, who is accompanied by creative designs. There is no doubt Bret Hart’s respect and love the fans in North America, Europe, India and New Zealand.

The obligation to Bret Hart his fans are not comparable. HITMAN donates a lot of money and time to various charities and organizations. He has always been a supporter of various Olympic events, and the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Alberta. For Bret Hart was honored to receive the title of “Best of the Best” at the American Association for its magnificence in the sport.

In addition to reading scripts, participating in various shows / movies, wrestling and drawing, Hart wrote a book about her life, titled “Hitman Hart, Wrestling with shadows”1998. Published”Hite Road”, it included stories about the failures and ups Hart in WWF, his younger years. The book debuted in October 1998 Sshifildskom festival in England. The same festival was adopted by the Amsterdam and Slamdans festival in Park City. In 1999, “Wrestling with shadows” won the prestigious Canadian ovation Gemini for best biography. After that Bret Hart was invited to write music and commentary to the book on disc. This book has become one of the best and quickly sold in Canada.

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