Jeff Davis

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Selected books about Jefferson Davis

Alfriend, Frank H.  The Life of Jefferson Davis .  1868

Allen, Felicity.  Jefferson Davis, Unconquerable Heart .   1999

Ballard, Michael B.  A Long Shadow: Jefferson Davis and the Final Days of the Confederacy .   1986

Bancroft, A. C.  The Life and Death of Jefferson Davis. 1889

Catton, Bruce and William.  Two Roads to Sumter. 1971

Cooper, William J. Jr.  Jefferson Davis, American .  2000

Cooper, William J. Jr. Jefferson Davis and the Civil War Era. 2013

Craven, John J.  Prison Life of Jefferson Davis .  1866

Cutting, Elisabeth B.  Jefferson Davis .  1930

Davis, Burke.  The Long Surrender .  1985

Davis, Jefferson.  Jefferson Davis, Constitutionalist. Ed. by Dunbar Rowland. 10 vols.  1923

_______.  Jefferson Davis: Private Letters. Ed. by Hudson Strode.  1966

_______.  The Papers of Jefferson Davis. Ed. by Haskell M. Monroe et al. 10 vols. to date.  1971-

Davis, Varina Howell.  Jefferson Davis. A Memoir. (2 vols.)  1890

Davis, William C.  Jefferson Davis: The Man and His Hour .  1991

_______.  An Honorable Defeat:  The Last Days of the Confederate Government .  2001

Dirck, Brian R.  Lincoln & Davis:  Imagining America, 1809-1865 .  2001

Dodd, William E.  Jefferson Davis .  1907

Eaton, Clement.  Jefferson Davis .  1977

Eckenrode, Hamilton J.  Jefferson Davis .  1923

Eckert, Edward K.  Fiction Distorting Fact: The Prison Life .  1986

Escott, Paul D.  After Secession: Jefferson Davis and the Failure of Confederate Nationalism .  1978

Everett, Frank E.  Brierfield: Plantation Home of Jefferson Davis .  1971

Gugliotta, Guy. Freedom’s Cap: The United States Capitol and the Coming of the Civil War. 2012

Hattaway, Herman, and Richard E. Beringer. Jefferson Davis, Confederate President. 2002 Hedrick, Burton J.  Statesmen of the Lost Cause: Jefferson Davis and His Cabinet .  1939

Jones, J. William.  The Davis Memorial Volume .  1890

Kimmel, Stanley.  Mr. Davis’s Richmond .  1958

Knight, Landon.  The Real Jefferson Davis .  1904

Life & Reminiscences of Jefferson Davis .  1890

Lindsey, David.  A. Lincoln/Jefferson Davis .  1960

Mann, Ambrose D.  “My ever dearest friend”. Letters to Jefferson Davis, 1869-1889 .  1960

McElroy, Robert M. Jefferson Davis. (2 vols.) 1937

Patrick, Rembert W.  Jefferson Davis and His Cabinet .  1944

Pollard, Edwin A.  Life of Jefferson Davis .  1869

Quynn, Russell H.  Constitutions of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis .  1959

Rable, George C.  The Confederate Republic:  A Revolution Against Politics .  1994

Wiley, Bell I.  The Road to Appomattox .  1956

Winston, Robert W.  High Stakes and Hair Trigger: The Life of Jefferson Davis .  1930

Woodworth, Steven E.  Jefferson Davis and His Generals .  1990

_______.  Davis and Lee at War .  1995

Books and articles by Jefferson Davis

The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government .  2 vols. New York: D. Appleton, 1881

A Short History of the Confederate States of America .  New York: Belford, 1890

“Andersonville and Other War-Prisons,” Belford’s Magazine , 4 (January, February 1890), 161-78, 337-53

“Autobiography of Jefferson Davis,” ibid. (January 1890), 255-66

“The Doctrine of State Rights,” North American Review , 150 (February 1890), 205-19

“The Indian Policy of the United States,” ibid.  143 (November 1886), 436-46

“Life and Character of the Hon. John Caldwell Calhoun,” ibid.  145 (September 1887), 246-60

“Lord Wolseley’s Mistakes,” ibid.  149 (October 1889), 472-82

“Robert E. Lee,” Southern Historical Society Papers, 17 (1889), 362-72

Books about Varina Howell Davis

Berkin, Carol. Civil War Wives: the lives and times of Angelina Grimke Weld, Varina Howell Davis, and Julia Dent Grant. 2010

Cashin, Joan E. First Lady of the Confederacy: Varina Davis’ Civil War.   2006

Randall, Ruth Painter.  I, Varina: A Biography of the Girl Who Married Jefferson Davis and Became the First Lady of the South .  1962

Rowland, Eron O.  Varina Howell, Wife of Jefferson Davis. (2 vols.)  1927-31

Ross, Ishbel.  First Lady of the South: The Life of Mrs. Jefferson Davis .  1958

Van der Heuvel, Gerry.  Crowns of Thorns and Glory: Mary Todd Lincoln and Varina Howell Davis .  1988

Fiction about the Davises

Dixon, Thomas.  The Victim .  1914

Jeff DavisJeff Davis
Jeff DavisJeff Davis
Jeff DavisJeff Davis

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