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Do we need such a “secret”or the end of sectarian”Napoleon” James Arthur Reyya (James Arthur Ray)

James Arthur Ray was one of the most successful and well-known New Age guru in the United States. He has performed on the most popular television programs, he gave an interview in a limited edition of the newspaper and magazines, and has published several books, the most famous of which is “Harmonic Wealth: the secret of attracting to itself the life you want to live”. In published in 2006 occult film “Secret” Ray was one of the main speakers. The main idea of ​​this opus is that success comes to those who wish it. Ray in the film compared with the universe of man’s relationship with Aladdin’s lamp: It will take and you’ll get!

It seems that luck and wealth really bursting at his door. During the last decade, Ray traveled the world with lectures about achieving wealth and success. The events were free, but their audience is actively forced to sign up for paid seminars and field training. Since 2001, nearly fifteen thousand people paid for the event success gurus (some of which were worth US $ 9000 per person), so that private affair Ray was considered one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. By the end of last year, the state of Ray it is estimated amounts to several hundred million dollars. And then came the thunder …

In October 2009, three members of the traveling seminar Ray died, and 18 barely had time to pump out at a hospital. Death occurred due to shock treatments that gurus made them take place in a secluded area in the countryside. This is not the first death in the events of Ray. In July last year, one of their member states, while in the heat of passion, jumped out the window to his death. Then it went off successful entrepreneurs with hands. But the second tragedy that occurred a few months after the first, was the beginning of the end.

It began a criminal investigation. In February, Ray was taken into custody. He faces imprisonment of up to 36 years. The Court held that it can issue to court bail of $ 5 million.

And then a man who knows the secret of success and successfully trade this secret for ten years, launched into a revelation. It turned out he was not as rich as they thought and how he informed the press. He said the current, it is somewhat exaggerated, when boasted that he has earned over the past year ten million dollars, and that alone an advance for his book “The harmonious wealth …”It was expressed in the seven-digit number. Now Ray laments that did not take into account the complexity of many when he told the magazine”Fortune” the planned earnings in the $ 21 million the next year.

According to the lawyer preacher success and wealth, the state of his client is only a small four million dollars, but the total amount of its debt more than eight and a half million.

Now you just know when Ray lied when in the “Secret”He poured a nightingale about their successes or now, when tearfully signs in its complete bankruptcy? And, you can marvel at the gullibility of simpletons who are ready to give tens of thousands of dollars notebook rascal, ultimately, for their own money, who has brought them to the hospital bed to death. I’d like to hope that the film carried away”Secret”People will understand the futility of it and will carry it to where he belongs – in the trash. Although we must admit that in this film there is a sound idea. The authors reported that they preached the secret was known to Napoleon, who, thanks to him, became what he became. Recall that Napoleon, shedding a sea of ​​blood and killing hundreds of thousands of lives, came to the collapse of all its undertakings and died in exile only fifty-one years. Now come the end of the career of the honored one of its smaller imitators. Such”secret” better that will remain unsolved.

Alexander Dvorkin, Professor

St. Tikhon Humanitarian University

According to the materials of publications

Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press)

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James ArthurJames Arthur
James ArthurJames Arthur
James ArthurJames Arthur

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