Iwan Rheon

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Iwan Rheon

Star of “scum”and”Game of Thrones┬╗

The most famous roles Reon – Simon Bellamy in the series ‘Scum’ (‘Misfits’) and Ramsey Snow in the series ‘Game of Thrones’ (‘Game of Thrones’). Once he was the lead singer of ‘The Convictions’, which he left in 2010. As for 2013, Reon released three solo mini-album.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

Ivan Reon son Eynir (Einir) and Reon Thomas (Rheon Thomas), Born on May 13 1985 in Carmarthen, south west Wales (Carmarthen, Wales). He has an older brother named Aled (Aled). The family moved to Cardiff (Cardiff), when Ivan was five. He went to school Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf and started playing in school plays at the age of 17 years. Man seen at the National Festival of bards (National Eisteddfod) in Wales before he entered the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

On small screens Reon appeared in the Welsh soap opera ‘Pobol Y Cwm’ (‘People of the valley’), but then he refused to shoot, to study at LAMDA. On the theater stage one of its first notable appearances – participation in the formulation of ‘Eight Miles High’ in the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool (Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool). In 2008, Ivan received a role in the rock musical ‘Spring Awakening’ (‘Spring Awakening’). The project has been long-lived and Reon was even nominated for the Theatre Prize ‘What’s On Stage Awards’, which eventually moved to Oliver Thornton (Oliver Thornton). However, Ivan did not greatly upset because He won the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award (Olivier Awards).

Almost immediately after the ‘Spring Awakening’ Reon invited to the ‘Trash’ (‘bad’), show that the magazine ‘247 Magazine’ called a mixture of ‘Skins’ (‘Skins’) and ‘Heroes’ (‘Heroes’) . In it, he played a nervous and shy Simon Bellamy, who in the spirit of the first season was endowed with super-powers to become invisible. In the third season, Simon has had the gift of foresight, has moved to the past and was immune to others’ abilities.

December 20, 2011 th Reon announced on Twitter that leaves the series ‘Scum’, together with Antonia Thomas (Antonia Thomas). For the role of Simon actor was nominated for an award the TV Festival in Monte Carlo (Monte Carlo), known as the ‘Golden Nymph’. In the same year, Ivan appeared in the last episode of the series “Secret Diary of a Call Girl ‘(‘ Secret Diary of a Call Girl ‘). In addition, he twice was lit in a Comedy Series Amstella Simon (Simon Amstell) ‘Grandma’s House’ (‘Grandma’s House’), where he played Ben Theodore.

At the beginning of 2012 Reon starred in the crime thriller ‘Wasteland’ (‘The Rise’ / ‘Wasteland’) Tredeveem Luke (Luke Treadaway) and Matthew Lewis (Matthew Lewis). In the spring of 2012, he began shooting in the drama of Alberto Arvelo (Alberto Arvelo) ‘Libertador’ Edgar Ramirez (Edg

ar Ramirez) and Erich Vildpretom (Erich Wildpret). The world premiere took place in September Arvelo 2013th. According to rumors, the newest projects involving Reon are called ‘Residue’ and ‘Driven’.

More recently, Ivan started to play Ramsey Snow in the series ‘Game of Thrones’ and Ash Weston in the sitcom ‘Sinners’ (‘Vicious’). In 2013, the actor played a leading role in radio drama by Tom Stoppard (Tom Stoppard) ‘Darkside’, in which was based on the album ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ band ‘Pink Floyd’.

Reon began singing and writing songs since the age of 16. He was the lead singer of ‘The Convictions’, which he left for the actor’s career. In 2010, Reon recorded a solo mini-album ‘Tongue Tied’ with four tracks. In April of 2011 he was ready to second mini-album, ‘Changing Times’, and by April the 2013th – the third, ‘Bang! Bang!’. On the song ‘Bang! Bang!’ filmed video.

Ivan promised that in 2014 the first released his first full-length album.

Iwan RheonIwan Rheon
Iwan RheonIwan Rheon
Iwan RheonIwan Rheon

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