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On vacation in Turkey Xenia falls in love with a local guy Orhan and decides to go to his hometown of Yaroslavl. Lena works in chain hotel in Ekaterinburg. It is sent to Istanbul to find out the status of the hotel ” “. Seraton Mary lives in Stary Oskol. She has an affair with Andrew, her husband’s sister Marina. When the mystery Masha and Andrei opens her kicked out of the house. Accidentally she sees the ad and decides to take a chance – fly to Istanbul …

Masha take work as a saleswoman in a store sheepskin. Mehmed begins to court her. For Lena Vadim tries to hit on. Anastasia, a girl Susie’s brother Kolya – pregnant. Ksenia quarrels with Orhan, because that interferes with personal life of his sister Sultan.

Mehmet Masha tells about his past. Rice tries to persuade Vasya care for Marina. Ksenia wants to go home, but his mother says that she is now no place to live: they settled Nastia pregnant. Xenia looking for a job and gets a cleaner in a hotel Lena. Andrew is coming to Istanbul and finds Masha. Mehmed Masha says Andrew – her brother. Orhan fears that relatives learned about his affair with a Russian, and presents them as Ksjushu workers.

Xenia learns that Sultan Orhan sister pregnant. With Masha, and she gets to Mehmed Sultan phone physician who may have an abortion. Vadim gets to the hospital. Lena becomes aware that he is married. Vadim’s wife arrives. Cole comes a summons to the army. Natalia comes to Oleg, pretending that she was beaten.

The Sultan gets rid of the child. Sibel learn that helped Ksenia Sultan Orhan and throws her out of the house. Ksenia finds a job in a store of gold products. Lena decides to return to Yekaterinburg. There, she realizes that Oleg another woman and is going back to Vadim. Masha gets into an awkward situation with his father Mehmed.

Xenia gets a big deposit for an expensive necklace. Orhan, losing at cards, Susie asks money for a wedding gift for the Sultan. Luda learns that the family Nasti took credit for Nicholas. Vadim refuses to leave Istanbul for a new deal, and tells his wife about Lena. The new chief Lena reports that the hotel closes. Masha and the new girl Ayse Mehmet fighting in the hammam. Andrey returns home …

Aslan beaten in an alley. Orhan gives bandits bracelet. The client requires at Susie return deposit for the necklace, but the owner does not intend to give money. Luda gets a notice from the bank about the huge percentage. Nastia’s father decides to repay the loan in half. Masha, at the request of Susie, come to the hotel to Lena and depict important person at the center of attention of journalists. Mehmet comes to the hotel and saw Masha surrounded by men who are satisfied with the scandal.

Aslan at the police station said the missing gun. Orhan has a jewelry store owner for harassing Xenia. Victor and Larisa collect suitcases, fearing problems with the bank. Masha rude shopkeeper sheepskin and leaves. Julia wants Lena came home. Vadim went to Moscow for a divorce. Sultan escapes from Kemal, and Ksenia helps her to hide in a hotel in Lena.

When he learned that revenge Orhan Aslan, Sibel forgives him and makes managing a cafe. By Luda collectors come from the bank. Mehmed offers Masha move in with him. Vadim recognized Lena that broke, and he had nowhere to live. Lena leaves him at the hotel. Resident Hotel Jerome says that in the room “Suite” someone lives. He overhears a conditional knock and gets to the Sultan. Jerome promises to save her. Natalia moved to Oleg. Julia believes that his father’s affair with her.

Police searching Sultan detect blood in the den Kemal. He is accused of murdering his wife and was arrested. Vadim agrees with the American human rights activist for the salvation of the Sultan. Sultan agrees to run away with Jerome in Paris, but instead it comes to Jerome for the American human rights activist and leases it to the police. Jerome expelled from the country, and returns Sultan Orhan Kemal. Ksenia Luda calls and asks for money. A crowd of outraged Turks trashes hotel Lena …

Recep gives Ksjushe borrow two thousand dollars. Clients leave the ransacked hotel ” “. Sheraton Lena desperate Rasim supports it and prevents the next pogrom. Luda invites Natasha and Stasik, hoping that with the advent of the parents Nasty leave home. But Larissa says that she will not leave her daughter. Ksenia Orhan says that it’s all over between them and for the credibility lies that betrayed him with Recep …

Masha and Mehmed shoot “Suite” Hotel Lena. Masha, thinking that now they will be Mehmed comfortably exist on the money Ibrahim refuses to work in the store sheepskin and behaves in a hotel as a VIP customer. But Mehmet said that he was no longer going to rely on his father, just wants to get himself. It offers Masha consider whether it is ready for a serious relationship. Recep takes away Ksenia passport as collateral debt and kicks to work. Ksenia asks for the night to Lena …

The hostess hairdresser Taisiya Ksjushu detects and delivers it to the station. But the policeman Hassan releases it. Recep Orhan night beat and learns that Ksenia has not changed him. Sibel in the presence of a notary will. Nick suspects that Nastya meets Stasik. During the renovation of the hotel Rasim discovers a secret basement and calls the police. Police found two dead bodies in the basement.

Recep makes Ksjushu work with mercury. Lena starts “spin” Yasmin story. This is not like the Ainur. Taisiya suspects that Hasan love with Xenia. The boy said Orhan Kemal, he saw Dilek stole Ksyushino linen and scattered it about a brothel. Orhan makes Dilek tell Kemal Ksyushino accommodation and pay a month in advance. Ksenia forgive Orhan. Natasha Luda makes doubted that the baby Nastya Kolya.

At Susie working with reagents hair starts to fall. Masha learns from Lena on a charity auction for the high society to be involved in it and wins Ayse “battle” for a silver cigarette case, having spent all his savings. Lena recalls Masha will soon pay for the room. Ibrahim asks Lena to sell him a portrait of Yasmin. Mary learns from the newspapers that Mehmet had an accident.

Orhan knows that Ksenia is working with the reagents and takes it from Recep. Kemal prevent the murder in his den. Lena puts Masha from the room ” “, luxury but offers her a job as a maid in a hotel, housing and food as payment. Viktor Stas recognized that molested Nastya at the request of Koli. Orhan asked Recep Ksjushu take back, but only to pay for her work with gold in the double rate, and the second part of her salary, he would get personally. Masha tries to enter the house of Ibrahim, to find out what Mehmed …

Taisia ​​advises Ksjushe thank Hassan for his participation. Xenia came to the police station, at this time there appears his wife and two children. With Lena strange things happen: the hotel heard strange phone calls, drop a large portrait of Yasmin. But when she sees in her bed bloody inscription ” “, Yasmin is drawn to the police. Xenia learns of the death of Mehmet Orhan.

Mehmed brought home, the maid Çilek Ibrahim appoint a nurse and intends to hire another maid. Mary asks Ksjushu get into the house of Ibrahim, to find out anything about Mehmed. The newcomer in the “Sheraton” Hassan knows that mystique around Lena satisfied Ainur. Orhan Kemal finds Olya. Mehmed wakes up and asks the phone to contact with Masha.

Çilek learns that Maria is now working at the ” “, Sheraton but says nothing Ibrahim nor Mehmed. Ksjushu recruit into the house of Ibrahim. Çilek suspects Ksenia settled at the request of Masha and trying to make it fired Fatima. Masha asked Lena to give her the money paid. Sultan returns to Kemal, but the states that will live with Olga, and leave it as a maid. Çilek lying Mehmed that Mary was gone …

Sultan Orhan seeing another woman and says it Xenia. Rasim learns that Mary spends the night on the street and complains Lena that suffers the reputation of the hotel. Lena Masha permits sleep on the couch in the hotel. Luda asks Victor to help find Kohl – he did not return from a disco. Xenia returns to Recep work.

Masha and Mehmed first meet after the accident. Mehmed quarrels with his father, suspecting that he was trying to separate him from Masha. Orhan away from Susie, saying that he needed another woman. Mary believes that it is the spirit of Yasmine helped her regain a loved one, and Lena pushes the idea that she must unravel the mystery of the death of Yasmin.

Lena decides to find out the circumstances of the death have Aynur Yasmin, but Aynur becomes ill and she refuses to talk. Then Lena pays Aslan that he picked for her from the archives of the murder case of Yasmin. Orhan Ksjushe recognized that part of the money she earned Recep paid him. Ksenia leaving the gold shop. She wants to start their own business and become independent. Mary wants to reconcile with his father Mehmed.

Aynur Lena admits that was a nanny at the Jacob – son Yasmin, but thirty years ago someone had taken away, and the more she heard about it. Rasim helps Lena Translation from Turkish case materials Yasmin, but the information is not there Ya’qub. Masha gives Mehmed on behalf of Ibrahim puppy, hoping thus to reconcile them. But Mehmet prohibits Masha meddle in his relationship with his father. Xenia asked Lena to give her a job at the hotel maid, but she learned that Susie has no passport, refuses. Taisiya Susie decides to steal a passport from Recep.

During the search in a gold shop police reveal illegal business Recep passport and find Susie. Hassan Recep arrests. Rasim accompanies Lena into the house of Ibrahim as a translator. He takes a razor with the intention of killing Ibrahim. But after Lena asks about the baby Yasmin Ibrahim drove them from their homes. Ksenia misses Orhan. Banschitsa advises her to change fate and do something never done …

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Mehmet AslanMehmet Aslan
Mehmet AslanMehmet Aslan
Mehmet AslanMehmet Aslan

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