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Barmaley our time – 4. Mind Idi Amin Dada

Barmaley our time:

4. Mind Dada Idi Amin – King of Scotland, the conqueror of the British Empire

This reference African Barmaley the second half of the 20th century has a lot of names and nicknames that are assigned to their own or “third”party first, second and third worlds. Among them -“Big papa”, “Village tyrant”and”African executioner.”Handle as to General Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda in the years 1971-79, only follow this way:”Your Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin, the Lord of all the animals on land and fish in the sea, the Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in general and Uganda in particular, the holder of the Order “Victoria Cross”, “Military Cross”and the order”For Service in Battle”. ” Someone made a mistake – perhaps to the scaffold.

According to various estimates for the reign of Amin in Uganda for his command were killed between 100 and 500 thousand people. Of which about 200 sent to the light of His Excellency personally.

What was he, Amin if he is regarded as a bloody dictator and fun at the same time? Since 1946, he served in the British colonial army, realizing some innate desire to rob and kill, learning to bury “punish” alive or bludgeoned. Very large, physically powerful warrior was a good football player. And it is perhaps the only positive feature of it.

performing the himself during the Civil War generals, Idi Amin, nicknamed “Dada”, which means “sister”so agitated the population to vote for himself:”I – the same as you. I eat the same thing, and my soldiers, you can ask them. ” The soldier also taught his heroic general way: if the food is over – do not lose power, you can eat meat comrade-in-arms. Himself Barmaley prefer beautiful women, and in 1975 declared himself a field marshal.

At a banquet in honor of his inauguration as president of Uganda Amin, welcoming the ambassadors of different countries and inviting to the table, said that “on the occasion of this event,” human flesh in the menu will not. The ambassadors thought that the president joked. Idi Amin loved to joke and did constantly on a high and the highest level.

In the movie “The Last King of Scotland”, tells the story of the dictator’s personal physician, a young Scotsman, shows how worrying before a news conference on the issue of human rights in Uganda, “the king,”he asked the doctor to inject drugs. Speaking to reporters, Amin fun and joking in full, including over the British queen, while in rural areas did not have time to dig a hole to the corpses of”enemies of the people».

The fact whether the strong regime of Ugandan Barmaley says one case. When Amin shelter in Kampala airport plane with German and Israeli tourists, he agreed during negotiations to release all hostages, except the Jews. Between the high ranks of the Israeli army and intelligence was such a dialogue:

– How many people you need to release the hostages? Five hundred?

– No, five hundred – eating it I was going to take over the entire Uganda.

As a result, the operation Entebbe hosted 100 Israeli special forces entered into a potential opposition to the army of Uganda. Having learned that the Israelis helped soldiers from Kenya, Idi Amin ordered to kill hundreds of Kenyans living on its geopolitical patrimony.

Visiting session of the United Nations, Amin never stopped to joke and smile once, shaking kilograms of awards and medals, proposed to move the headquarters of the UN in Uganda, because it is located in his country, “the geographic heart of the planet.” The anti-Semitic speeches commemorated the good word of Hitler, Adolf called his teacher, and the monument of the Fuehrer Amin kept a harsh resentment of the Soviet Union.

When Amina rapidly impoverished, not able to work Uganda was declared the country’s black. Therefore, from 40 to 80 thousand craftsmen and traders from India and Pakistan have been expelled from the country estate of immigrants are taken in favor of “the people of Uganda».

When the “Conqueror of the British Empire”brought the country to chaos and desolation, he scored corpses”enemies” intakes and dams in the Nile, and then attacked Tanzania, whose president, long abused, Amin decided to remove from the political scene without giving Tanzania grab Uganda.

The country has provoked a popular revolt. Tail between his legs, Barmaley Amin fled to Libya by helicopter to his patron Gaddafi. With four wives and 20 children, who loved and taught to play football, to fight and to fly.

He died “African executioner” in exile in Saudi Arabia, where he lived on the money of Gdańsk King. Fatal renal failure suffered Idi Amin in 2003, the evil, but the eccentric dictator is buried in the Arabian city of Jeddah.

Idi AminIdi Amin
Idi AminIdi Amin
Idi AminIdi Amin

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