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Ian Wright (Ian Edward Wright)

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“I was just a boy from South London, who was very fond of football. I tried to get one of the teams of the Football League with 12 years, but for some reason I always refused. I held view watching, but nobody I did not want to offer me a contract. In the 19 years I have rejected Brighton, and only Crystal Palace dared to invite me. I do not understand why it was – I was pretty fast and agile, scored a lot of balls, hitting with both feet. It may be the case in that I was small and frail? Who knows & hellip; “

Ian Wright hit the professional football relatively late. He made more than one attempt to break into the big game, but again returned to their original positions – Amateur League and work plasterer. Until finally it did not see Pete Prentis, scout Crystal Palace. In just three months before his 22th birthday Wright signed a professional contract with the team, led by Steve Coppell. This happened in 1985.

In the first season, Wright scored 9 goals, and when the team came more and Mark Bright, Crystal Palace was formed in one of the best attacking duo in the history of the club. Couple “Wright-Brite”is very reminiscent of the famous bunch of”MU”, “9-19” (Cole – NY). All the same understanding at the level of reflexes and a certain similarity of manners game – Ian and Marc were quick, brisk forwards, keep track of that (especially if they are left on the field together) was very difficult.

The team Steve Coppell selected a good, and in 1989 it is due to including two goals from striker struck in the black elite through the playoffs, and a year later played in the FA Cup final. This match was the peak of career development at Crystal Palace Wright. In the final against Manchester United Coppell I decided not to risk it and left on the bench Wright (who only recently recovered from a fracture). Eagles took the lead, but soon Robson and Hughes Devils brought forward. It was then released and Coppell Wright, who equalized and in extra time gave the Palace forward scored a beautiful goal. Then the Palace is still a little doterpel until the last minute. Hughes, using failure protection, equalized, and in the replay Sir Alex took their toll. But Wright these games have become a real benefit performance.

As part of the Eagles Wright scored 117 goals, making him the top scorer of the postwar years and the third in the list of snipers. Recently, he was recognized as the best player of the century in the Crystal Palace. In September 1991, George Graham Arsenal paid him 2.5 million pounds, which at that time was a club record.

Wright made his debut for the Gunners magically. Already in the first game (League Cup) against Leicester, he scored a goal in his debut match of the championship he built a hat-trick against Southampton. He is in his first season for Arsenal (1991/92) was the top scorer (29 goals, five of them are still a part of the Crystal Palace). In the last match of the season, Wright again honored the hat-trick “favorite” Southampton and went down in history as the author of the last goal of the old First Division. He also was the author of a rare achievement, when he became the top scorer of the tournament, scoring in two of the club (the same achievement obeyed Teddy Sheringham in the next season).

For many years, Ian Wright was the main striking force of the Gunners, in some seasons, scoring almost half goals the team. It was the “Boring, Boring Arsenal” George Graham, who scored a few, but almost never missed. Man, he was a far from easy character, but Graham managed to get along with him, and to make concessions on some issues, for Wright meant for his team very much & hellip;

The following are the words of Tony Adams, who by the way have in common with Wright not only club membership, but also a term in prison Chelmsford. Adams, as we recall, was there for drunk driving, and Wright in his younger years, before becoming a Crystal Palace player, spent 14 days due to driving without a license and insurance.

“The striker, who was the best at Highbury in my time, of course, was Ian Wright, pobivshy record Cliff Bestina by the number of goals for the club. He was the best zabivaly of those I have seen. Perhaps he did not have enough understanding of the game Bergkamp, ​​power and pressure Shearer, but the dedication and love for the game, lightning reaction and high-speed data made it phenomenal hitter. I will never forget as he scored me playing for Crystal Palace. He later joked that he would be merciful to me, if I knew that in time we will be playing on the same team.

There was only one problem. Ian has not always been at the forefront of the attack, to find it was a transfer nel egkim business – he liked to get the ball to move. For example, having a part of Niall Quinn, we have always known that you can just knock the ball towards the penalty opponent, and he will find his own. With Ian had to pay a transfer and delicately balanced, but the return was more significant. Someone thought he was lazy, but that we have won 1: 0 and has to his credit, for most of this unique chance to knock it Wright.

Wright did not become really important player for the team and for this were objective reasons. Gary Linker and Alan Shearer was more like a classic center forward, always tsenivshihsya in England. In international football, with its dense guardianship to be more versatile player, but I still believe that the role of Ian in the team that and to remain undervalued.

And of course, his character & hellip; On television, you could see his risible simple guy, but he was not so simple. He loved himself, has charisma and did not like to give anyone – neither the opponent nor the coach. It is a proud man. Sitting on a bench – it was not for him. He did not know a word “no.” He never refused anyone in autograph, but at the same time terribly did not like when things were not going the way he wanted to.

With him was very hard to cope and deal with Wright could only George Graham – He closed his eyes to many of his trick, for he knew that Wright will enter the field and to score and Arsenal to win 1: 0. Bruce Ryoko did not have enough patience and foresight to find a common language with Wright, but Wenger proved wiser. Yes, Ian had problems with discipline, but it is absolutely true statement, paint on his wrist: “Who is without sin throw the first stone at me”! “

Wright has not participated in any major tournament at the level of national teams. In 1990, he was not taken because of a lack of good form (although Wright was convinced that full well, and confirmed twice in the FA Cup final against Manchester United), at Euro 92, he did not go because of Graham Taylor in the US I went to the whole team. In the 96th Venables also decided not to take Wright, but before the World Cup had 98 Ian himself was injured a week before the start of the tournament.

The same Adams called Mike Owen Wright antipode, which is much better played for (which caused some cool attitude to it Liverpool fans), and Wright was only a club player.

Wright was the top scorer of Arsenal’s six seasons in a row, until the last, ironically, the only champion to Wright – 1997/98 season, when he, too, was marked by a number of important goals, but was in the shadow of Dennis Bergkamp.

September 13, 1997 broke the record for Cliff Wright Bestina, scoring the 179th goal for the club, but almost disgraced himself in a match against Bolton. Wright summed Mathematics – he began to celebrate the capture of the record when scoring the first goal of the match with a commemorative T-shirt inscription harvested in advance, but the ball just helped him catch up with the famous striker! We had to score again, mounts and got two goals from Ian Wright!

Once Arsenal Wright played for West Ham United, Nottingham Forest (rent), Celtic and Burnley. Everywhere I scored pretty well, but did not stay long. On his retirement he worked in television, not only in sports gear – he traveled through the deserts of Africa and filmed stories about the natives. However, gone with the scandal after the match when Russia – England decided that it is used as a comedian and a clown in a popular program Match of the Day, vowing never to discuss the England matches.

His sons, Sean and foster native Bradley, playing football and Brett auditioned on standby of Reading. His cousin Jermaine Wright was a fairly well-known player in Ipswich and Southampton.

Ian Wright is very bright and colorful personality, as can be seen from the excerpts from his interviews and broadcasts on TV and radio.

“The fact that I became a pro in many respects merit brother – Morris. He has always spurred me calling a loser and inept as long until I finally showed him something that I can in football “.

“Racism was different when I was younger. For example, if my mom yelling at me, I could say, ‘Shut up, black cow.”And we never saw it as an insult”.

“I had a very warm relationship with the fans of Chelsea. We are each other’s well aware of. They showed me”Fakie”I returned them back to them, and after the match, they accompanied me with applause. But there were places like Southampton, Coventry and Birmingham. It was different – if I answer, they immediately complained to the FA “.

“Most of all I loved scoring Southampton, because he hated his fans. Plus Coventry and Villa. But fans of Tottenham I liked. They awarded me and my family a bunch of curses at the stadium, but when I met them on the street, it never I never heard a bad word from them. Tottenham fans even believe that there are only two players of Arsenal, who could play for their team, – it’s me and Tony Adams “.

“I was very disappointed when he left George Graham. Bruce Ryoko wanted to raise its credibility in the locker room by me. He was always bothering me, and in the end I thought it was time to leave the club. I love this game and want to enjoy it, not to be angry, and dislike the coach. In football, there is no place of hatred, and I hated Ryoko. It was not created for such a big club like Arsenal “.

“I met my wife at the bus stop. She was waiting for a bus, and I promised to give her a lift when I again give the right. It’s funny that I could meet someone else at another time in another place. We are divorced, but I I respect her and I wish her well. She is a great mother to my children “.

“My family – hereditary Labour. I voted for Margaret Thatcher because she reminded me of my mother – the same strong woman”.

“If I could, it would introduce a strict ban on immigration to England now. I would back military service, but most of all I would like to remove guns from the streets. Children do not themselves produce it, it’s us adults to sell them”gun”.

“When I decided to drive without a license and insurance, and the police caught up with me, I had to spend some time behind bars in Chelmsford. Then I realized it was not for me”.

“Football almost passed me. When the Crystal Palace offered me a contract, I worked in Greenwich at the refinery. It strongly smelled of ammonia, but I liked this work. Then I realized that another such a chance will not.”

“Arsene Wenger spends his time to football, even though it was not his vocation – it should lead the country. His mind, his temperament, all & hellip; I admired him”.

“I was 19 when I took Sean’s like my son. He was three years old. I never thought twice about it. He was a nice kid, listen to me, and I’m sure he grew up a good boy”.

“I’m going to watch football at any level. Any – let it be even a dozen deduganov game in the garden. It is a fascinating game, and I love her”.

This is probably the words that you can finish the story of this great scorer. I think that in them lies the secret of its success.

Ian WrightIan Wright
Ian WrightIan Wright
Ian WrightIan Wright

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