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Biography of artist: Howard Jones (Eng. Howard Jones; b. February 23, 1955 in Southampton, Hampshire, England) – British musician, singer and composer.

According to the “Guinness Book of British hit singles and albums ” Howard Jones – held a creative singer-songwriter with his special understanding of synth-pop, a regular guest on the charts in the mid 80s. Jones was no less popular in the United States and took part in Live Aid. “The journalist Stephen Thomas Erluayn adds,” Jones was one of the defining figures synth-pop 80s. His music is a fusion of high-tech intensive sound of new wave of optimism and carefree hippie culture and pop music of the late 60-ies ».

Howard Jones and his three brothers, Roy, Martin and Paul – are all musicians. In the late ’70s and early’ 80s, they were members of the band Red Beat. As a Welsh-born brothers have spent their early years in Cardiff, South Wales. There they have completed primary and secondary school; later trained at the school (Royal Grammar School) High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in.

Howard Jones began learning to play the piano when he was six years old. Four years later, his family moved to Canada; There he joined a group of progressive rock Warrior. Soon, however, Jones returned to the UK and entered the College of Music in Manchester, which he attended for a year.

Early career Jones began with a collaboration with the poet Billy Bryant, whom he met through his brother. Bryant is a co-author of many songs of the first album Jones Human’s Lib, such as “Conditioning”, “What Is Love”, “Hunt the Self”, “Equality”, “Natural”and”Humans Lib”.

Jones as a solo artist, first appeared on the stages of High Wycombe; Soon he asked for joint performances of pantomime actor Jed Hoyle, who showed choreographic improvisation music. In 1983, Jones invited the representatives of the recording at a concert at the club, “Marks” in London. After a successful performance at the BBC BBC Radio 1 played on one stage with China Crisis and OMD are the summer of 1983 and got a contract with WEA in the UK and Elektra in the United States.

His first single “New Song”was released in September 1983, and entered the top 40 UK chart and the top 30 US charts. In October 1983, Howard Jones made his debut in the”Top-s-the-pops” on the channel BBC BBC that he had looked into the records on TV, rent (it served as a support for the ironing board). After watching the transfer, he went to a concert at the University of Kent.

Howard Jones in the next twelve months, has issued four more hit singles and Human’s Lib, album number 1 in the UK. Thanks to video clips of the show at Jones Uh-ti-vis the album also became a moderate hit in the US. Later, in 1984, the singles “New Song”and”What Is Love”will hit US stamp-40 single”Pearl in the Shell”will be the third song the singer has fallen in the top 10 UK. Human’s Lib is certified as a”gold record”and”platinum disc” in many countries of the world.

In 1985, Howard Jones released his second album – Dream into Action, which was recorded with the participation of the singers group Afrodiziak as backing vocalists. One of the singles, “No One Is to Blame”, he later wrote one more time – with Phil Collins on drums and as a producer. Dream into Action became an international hit and the most popular album of Howard Jones. He got to the 2nd place in the UK charts and 10th place in the United States (becoming the “platinum”discs). In July 1985 Jones spoke at the stadium”Wembley”in the international concert of charity”Live Aid”, performing the song “Hide and Seek”. He then went on tour in Japan, Australia and the United States.

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Howard JonesHoward Jones
Howard JonesHoward Jones
Howard JonesHoward Jones

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