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Harvey Keitel / Harvey Keitel / – biography

Harvey Keitel – American actor. Harvey was born on May 13, 1939 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were immigrants from Poland who lived in Brighton Beach. After high school, at age 16 he began to serve in the Marines in Lebanon. After serving some time working court reporter. Then enters the Lee Strasberg acting school in New York University. He begins to play in small little-known theaters for over 10 years. In the late ’60s meets novice director Scorsese, who invites him to the role in the film “Who’s That Knocking at My Door? & Raquo ;. This cooperation will prove fruitful in the future, he played in such films as:”Mean Streets”1972,”Alice Does not Live Here Anymore”1974,”Taxi Driver”1976. At the end of the 70 was withdrawn in Europe. The actor could get a role in the film”Apocalypse Now” 1979, but the role went to Martin Sheen. In the 80 years of his career it becomes not so noticeable. Though he played in many films, but mostly sporadic and minor roles.

On the actor spoke again only after the film “The Last Temptation of Christ”1988, where he played Judas Iscariot. This role is defined a new round of his career. In 1991, the actor plays in the film”Thelma and Louise & raquo ;, and the following year played in the film”& raquo ;, Bugsy for a role in which it receives an Oscar nomination. In the 90 years to ascend nainaet star Harvey Keitel. First, he plays a role in Quentin Tarantino”Reservoir Dogs”1992, and at the same time helping to produce it. He continues to further cooperate with Tarantino playing movies”Pulp Fiction”1994″From Dusk Till Dawn”1995. In 1992, the actor plays the title role in the film”Bad cop & raquo ;, and the following year played in the drama”Piano & raquo ;, which receives the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival. In the same year he published the drama”Dangerous Game”and the thriller”No Return”.

However, the rise has come, and a small decline in the late 90s the actor did not have enough strong and standing parts. In 2000, Harvey Keitel plays a historical drama “U-571″and Comedy”Little Nicky & raquo ;. In 2003 he published a gangster comedy”Crime Spree & raquo ;. In 2004 he starred in the adventure film”National Treasure & raquo ;. The following year he published a comedy”Be Cool! & Raquo ;. In 2007 he starred in the sequel to”National Treasure: Book of Secrets & raquo ;. The last prominent role was in the TV series”Life on Mars” 2009.

Place of birth: USA, Brooklyn, NY

Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel
Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel
Harvey KeitelHarvey Keitel

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