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Biography Eva Simons

She was born March 17, 1984 Eva g Amsterdame.Ona famous came to public attention in 2004 after winning Popstars in the framework of the short-lived group Raffish. In 2009, the singer embarked on a solo career after recording his first single, Silly boy, and leak the song became popular on the Internet.

Eva grew up in a family where love and appreciate music. Her grandfather was an accordion player Johnny Meijer (1912-92). Her father was her stepfather Wim pianistom.A trumpeter playing a famous German orchestra WDR Big Band. Eve’s mother Ingrid Simons is a vocalist, working as backing vocals for stars such as The Supremes.

And so it is no wonder that Eva has its own photo as two years, he played the piano. “I think I myself learned to play first. But I remember how happy I was when my mother suggested that two years later that I should take piano lessons, “she recalls. Less than a decade later, at the age of twelve, she wrote her first song at the piano. »

In 2008, she began to also write songs for other artists. Breaking Up – is soon to be released in the Netherlands. The songs often reflect a slice of Eve her own life. She admits: “Sometimes it’s about love, Breaking Up, about my quarrel with my mother, or with a dog that died.”Her passion for music was so fierce that Eva hated school:”We only had one music lesson per week .In the age of sixteen, she decided to enroll at the Amsterdam Conservatory, where she was finally able to find out everything.

Since she was not yet aged eighteen, Eva had to start with the preparatory courses. In his time at the college of music, she initially studied World Music, and then moved to Jazz, then Pop music, and at the age of twenty-three she had her diploma. At the same time, she gained experience as a background vocalist in.

Eve is part of Raffish. She made one album with the group Raffish. How Raffish Are You. and were also released «Thursday’s Child» and «Let Go» .Gruppa broke up in 2006.

In 2009, Eva was the vocalist in the Dutch edition of Dancing with the Stars and X Factor.

In May 2009, a pop track «Silly boy», was leaked on YouTube. Since then, the song has attracted a large community and has become one of the coolest songs, producing more than 10 million clicks.

«Silly Boy” will be released in a total of 20 territories, EMI, since September 4 in Germany and 7 September in the United States and the rest of continental Europe. In the UK release postponed for October 12.

Eva SimonsEva Simons
Eva SimonsEva Simons
Eva SimonsEva Simons

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