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Erick Lindgren

American professional poker bracelet winner World Series of Poker, the winner of two tournaments World Poker Tour (WPT). Known by the fact that married colleague professionalka poker Erica Shoenberg (Erica Schoenberg).

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

Eric A. Lindgren (Erick A. Lindgren) was born in 1976 in Bern, California (Burney, California). It is known that a child Eric prefers to deal more vigorous activity – he played football and basketball. He became interested in poker later, in college, where sanachala Lindgren had planned to deal with just basketball. So, starting to play soon, Eric decided to devote more time to poker, but because studies like sports, put on the backburner. Working in a casino player to fill the tables, he learned the subtleties of the game of poker, and soon he himself began to play online. By the way, the parents of future professional poker at first were not thrilled with their son chosen career, but later, when Eric began to go up, they became one of his greatest fans.

Playing on multiple computers in different poker rooms at the same time, Eric was soon able to earn required to participate in the ‘live’ tournament money. So, in the early 2000s, Lindgren began performing in small tournaments, and in 2002 he first won a very significant event – the tournament Bellagio Las Vegas (Las Vegas).

In 2003, Eric has already celebrated a triumph – the victory in the World Poker Tour.

In 2004, Lindgren was named Player of the Year WPT, while he earned the game and his first million.

2005 brought Eric victory in the prestigious tournament, Professional Poker Tour Five Star World Poker Classic, and later he was able to take 2nd place finish in the WSOP.

players continued in 2006 – he became the first in the tournament Poker Pro Showdown at the resource, received $ 600,000 in prize money. By the way, he then walked many more titled players, but the main victory was still waiting for Eric to come. So, in 2008, Lindgren managed to win his first bracelet WSOP. In the same year he was named Player of the Year WSOP.

According to information for 2011, the total prize money Lindgren to ‘live’ tournament is $ 8,450,000.

It is known that in May of 2011, Eric married his namesake and colleague at the card table Erica Shoenberg (Erica Schoenberg), a charming poker professionalka and former model. We also know that many of the tricks of poker taught Eric is Eric.

Like many other famous poker players, Lindgren in 2005 published the book ‘World Poker Tour: Making the Final Table’, in which he shares his secrets and play and says all the same topic of poker.

Erica LaurenErica Lauren
Erica LaurenErica Lauren
Erica LaurenErica Lauren

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