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In 2006, a little-known in America, British actress Emily Blunt managed to beat such venerable actors Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep in the comedy hit “The Devil Wears Prada & raquo ;. She worked hard as overly caring Assistant Meryl Streep drew attention to it, and brought to the world stage, gradually developing her career from small roles on British television before the memorable supporting roles in films”Jane Austen Book Club”(2007) and”Dan In Real Life”(2007). The multi-faceted talent Emily and her love for the unusual, problematic characters were well demonstrated by such dissimilar roles as worker crime scenes in the film”Sunshine Cleaning”(2009) and the Queen Victoria”Young Victoria” (2009), after which the directors from around the world lined up to get a new face is fearless in his paintings.

Emily Blunt was born on February 23, 1983 in London, England, and was one of four children in a family lawyer and a teacher. Emily’s mother in her youth she was an actress and starred in television, until she married. Growing a future star of screens involved in singing, playing the cello and studied horsemanship, but to go in the footsteps of his mother, and his acting pursuits, prevent stuttering. Ultimately Blunt coped with disadvantage, but treatment from a speech therapist, and includes an imitation of other people’s voices have not been for nothing, and a lot of help in the subsequent career.

She went on to study acting during high school, and after only six months has successfully passed the casting for the role in the play by Sir Peter Hall “The Royal Family & raquo ;, which played with Judi Dench. After this role, the newspaper”The Evening Standard”I called her”the best aspiring actress & raquo ;. Emily has developed a success, playing Juliet in the”Romeo and Juliet” Chichester Festival in 2002.

A flexible, blue-eyed krastota coupled with furious energy allowed her to arrive at the television, where in 2003 she got the role of the daughter of the Queen Warriors Alex Kingston in the series “Boudica & raquo ;. The series got to show the American broadcaster PBS. Then followed a number of roles in television dramas, including the role of Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, the show”Henry VIII & raquo ;, where she played with Ray Winstone, and the role of the spoiled socialite, who is waiting for an unpleasant fate in the thriller based on the novel by Agatha Christie”Death on the Nile”.

Shortly thereafter, Emily Blunt impressed the critics for her role in the film “My Summer of Love”(2004), where she played a young woman manageable associated with a former prisoner. The film won the BAFTA, which inevitably attracted even more attention to the actress, and allowed to hope for bigger roles in big studios. She played the role of vestal virgins in the historical miniseries channel ABC”Rom”(2005), and has received positive reviews after starring in the Australian film”Irresistible” with Susan Sarandon and Sam Neill, where she played a young woman who, according to the heroine Sarandon, tries to seduce her husband.

Emily BluntEmily Blunt
Emily BluntEmily Blunt
Emily BluntEmily Blunt

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