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Biography Def Leppard

The group Def Leppard was formed in England (Sheffield) in 1977. Its founders:

Peter Ulysses (1960, guitar)

Rick Savage (1960, bass)

Tony Kenning (drums)

Then the group had a completely different name – “Atomic Mass”. After the group was joined Joe Elliott (1959, vocals), the group acquired its present name. First, the team removed the closet at the factory, for rehearsals, which took place 5 times a week. In 1978 he joined the band, Steve Clark (1960 gr. Left in 1991). In July 1978, Steve Clark made his debut in a group at a concert in front of the school Shestfildskoy 150 spectators. After a few gigs, the band decided to get rid of their drummer, replacing him with Frank Noon, who has previously worked with another Sheffield group “Next Band”, which incidentally left the team after the release of their debut album, and then he was replaced by Rick Allen was born in 1963.

The first success of the group received immediately after the tour with Sammy Hagar and AC / DC England. Immediately after the tour, the group signed a contract with Vertigo Records and in 1980 released their debut album “On Through The Night”, which immediately reached the 15 position in the UK charts. The disc next year “High ‘N’ Dry” He was released with producer Robert Lange, and reached the 26 position in the UK charts and 38th in shtatovskih.

In 1983, during the recording of the album “Pyromania”in the group for the first time since 1979, there have been changes – for absenteeism and the emergence of drunk Pete Willis was fired. In his place, he invited the ex-guitarist”Girl” Phil Collen (1957). This album became the most successful. On the eve of 1984 drummer Rick Allen was in a car accident in which he lost his left arm. But the group did not give up in trouble and his drummer not resume work until Allen came up with a specially designed drum kit, most of which you can play with your feet.

Because of this tragedy delayed recording of the album “Hysteria”, which was released only in 1987. The album was very successful, it was sold 15 million copies in America and Europe. He rose to the highest of the charts. In support of this album, the band organized an extensive tour, which lasted 14 months and ended in 1988, “Memorial Arena” in Siete. For Steve Clark this was the last concert tour. A few months later, Steve Clark was found dead in his apartment in London. He died from an overdose of drugs and alcohol.

Faced with another tragedy, “Def Leppard”courageously stood up and engaged in recording his fifth album”Adrenalize”, which was released in March 1992 and immediately after his appearance led the British and American charts (as opposed to “Hysteria”, which is 49 weeks crept to the top of the US) . Greeted with the usual mixture of scorn from critics and the public admiration, “Def Leppard”He spoke at the concert in memory of Freddie Mercury at Wembley Stadium. Here for the first time, a new guitarist Vivian Campbell (1962, Northern Ireland, the ex -“Trinity”, “Whitesnake”, and “Shadow king”).

In 1995, Rick Allen faced the opportunity to spend two years in US custody after he was arrested for assaulting his wife. Meanwhile it was released a collection of the best things about the group and a new studio album “Slang”. In 1996, Joe Elliott appeared in the film, “When Saturday Comes”. Made in the classic manner “Def Leppard” “Euphoria” 1999 sounded a bit weary, though occupied leading positions in the British and American charts.

September 5, 2000, Def Leppard were introduced in «Rock Walk of Fame» on Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard their friend Brian May of the group Queen. In 2001, VH1 presented the film «Hysteria – The Def Leppard Story», a biopic about the group.

The tenth album, was released in July 2002 and was named a «X». He got a pretty poppy, and it’s no wonder it has been implicated «Britney Spears» and «Backstreet Boys». «X» is considered the least successful release of the group.

May 23, 2006, Def Leppard released the album “covers”, named «Yeah!».

In May 2008 released the album «Songs From The Sparkle Lounge», which does not hold out in the American charts up to the first place. The audience warmly greeted the album and it can be called one of the most outstanding works of Def Leppard. Cover is very similar to the Beatles album «Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band », but other than that they do not have anything to do.

In 2010 he published a collection on 2CD Retromania.

“High ‘n’ Dry” – 1981

“Pyromania” – 1983

“Hysteria” – 1987

“Adrenalize” – 1992

Def LeppardDef Leppard
Def LeppardDef Leppard
Def LeppardDef Leppard

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