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Allison Silver

Performed by Crystal Reed. Allison was the former girlfriend of Scott McCall. Physically it is a large brown square face. She is protective of his friends and family.

Season 1 3D% 3D “/% Change

In the first episode, Allison is a new student at Beacon Hills High School. She meets Lydia. with whom she immediately becomes friend and her boyfriend Jackson that really seems to enjoy it. Later, she made the acquaintance of the exuberant Stiles.

As she asks about her family, her Aunt Kate advised him to learn about a French story & # 160 ;: the Beast of Gevaudan (Collier). Allison discovers she belongs to an ancient family of werewolves hunters. while her boyfriend Scott is.

Season 2 3D% 3D “/% Change

Allison Scott is secretly seeing her parents threatening to kill her boyfriend if they go out together. She attends the funeral of his aunt and Kate return to see his life his grandfather Gerard (with whom she had had no contact for three years). It helps Scott during the full moon, and participates in the rescue of Isaac. Then she still helps Lydia when the pack of Derek takes for Kanima. and later discovered that it’s actually Jackson. With the help of Scott and Stiles. they decide to kidnap and kidnap in a police van but after a transformation, he escapes. His mother discovers she is still close to Scott and threat. Allison that should look good in front of his parents decide to go out with Matt to a concert, but at the end of the evening she discovers in his camera shots showing that monitors the same home at night. Victoria Silver, mother, Allison and Scott discovers kissing in high school, and therefore decides to kill the young werewolf. Derek comes to save him and bites Victoria decides to commit suicide to avoid conversion to “supernatural monster” . Gerard used the death to manipulate her little girl who becomes a hunter ready to do anything to get revenge on Derek. She ignores his father Gerard and follows in his evil plan, showing its dark side that pushes uncheck has several arrows Boyd and Erica while defenseless. Allison discovers in the last episode that his grandfather was manipulated to be bitten and cure of cancer. It decides with Scott that it is better that they stay friends for the moment because everything has changed.

Season 3A 3D% 3D “/% Change

So Allison and Lydia are driving, they will run into Scott and Stiles. The Allison-Scott relationship being strained, they all like reflexes to avoid confrontation. Nevertheless, they decided to talk with the boys and stop. Then a dark deer inexplicably in their windshield. Later, back in high school, Allison and Lydia cross Braeden. -mark of Scott. It leaves them a strange mark on the forearm.

We learn in episode 3 that if we stick with that brand of Lydia, the logo of a bank closed in recent years is guessed. In this bank are locked Erica and Boyd. At night, she goes into the bank for clues and first met Morell. The latter ordered him to hide because it “does not know where she set foot” . Once hidden, she discovered the body of Erica inanimate. At the end of the episode, she comes out of hiding and walks to the old safe of the bank and discovered Derek Hale and Scott in combat against Boyd and Cora in a rowan ash circle. Seeing get beat by Scott Boyd. it breaks the line, allowing Boyd and Cora escape.

Allison Isaac are observed and are becoming closer (when it shows the operation of the bike).

Season 3 B 3D% 3D “/% Change

In the first episode of the season, Allison is haunted by the ghost of her aunt and confuses the dream and reality. In a new hallucination, it lacks an arrow to kill Lydia, thinking it was her aunt. In the following episodes, Isaac and approach, the latter helping to find all his senses. In episode 17, helped her father, she learns more about the oni. what they are and what they really want. It is also in this episode Isaac and share their first real kiss. She tries still remain friends with Scott despite their separation and their reconciliation with other characters.

In episode 23, during the battle in which the Nogitsune. Allison gets killed by oni just shot after another (the Nogitsune in the guise of Stiles took control of onis shortly before the fight, giving it this way a great power).

She then dies in Scott’s arm before telling him have always loved. She died a hero, saving his friends.

3D% 3D Family “/% Change

This family tree is not complete, it lacks other characters from the Silver family. Unfortunately, we know neither their names nor their “seats” in the family. (To replace:.. A cousin Silver French, two brothers Silver French seventeenth century, the killer of the Beast of Gevaudan the wife of the hunter and the 4 children and others unknown)

Crystal ReedCrystal Reed
Crystal ReedCrystal Reed
Crystal ReedCrystal Reed

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