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Biography Carla Bruni

Name: Carla Bruni (Carla Bruni)

The name given at birth: Carla Gilberta Bruni Tedecshi

Also known as Carla Sarcozy

Born – December 23, 1967

Place of birth: Torino, Italy

Status: First Lady of France

Occupation: Singer, poet, model

Genre performer: folk, pop-rock

She is married to French President Nicolas Sarcozy

Residence: Paris

Age: 41 year

Nationality: French, half Italian.

Carla Bruni Tedeschi was born Dec. 23, 1968 in Turin, Italy. Heiress Turin enterprise specializing in the production of

tires, Carla made a giddy and very successful career as a model, do not constitute money. Close relationships with rock stars

Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton and tycoon Donald Trump made Carla object of attention of the paparazzi, her name has been on the covers of the world’s tabloids and column secular news. According to the magazine Business Age Carla Bruni one of the twenty highest-paid models in 1998, she managed to earn $ 7.5 million. In 1995, she starred in the documentary Catwalk director Robert Leacock.

The film is dedicated to the fashion industry. In 1998, Carla Bruni has become the face of the advertising company dedicated to the release of the new fragrance from the house of Versace.

In Carla French citizenship, and it is now – the First Lady of France, in February 2008, she married the President – Nicolas Sarcozy.

Interesting facts:

Carla Bruni – one of the world’s top models.

She has a sister, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi.

Born in 18.10

She grew up in Paris

She met with French actor Vincent Perez and tycoon Donald Trump.

In 2001, after living together with Jean-Paul Enthoven beginning of a romantic relationship with his son Rapha? l Enthoven, a professor of philosophy.

In 2001, Carla birth to a son Aur? lien, his father – Rapha? l Enthoven.

I wrote a couple of songs in French for Julien Clerc.

In September 2003, they released their first album in the genre of folk and acoustic called “Quelqu’un m’a dit”, the author of the lyrics and music – she Carla Bruni,

was released in November 2002 and was very well received by audiences and critics. Sales amounted to about 1 million copies worldwide.

Its parameters: 34B-23-35 (Source: Journal of Celebrity Sleuth)

In 2004, the model for the heroine of the novel “Rien de Grave” Justin L? vy.

Her father – Alberto Bruni Tedeschi, an industrialist and composer, and his mother Marysa Borini – pianist.

She had a romantic relationship with Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.

Once training at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture seriously pursue a career as a professional model.

The songs from their second album “No Promises”, which was released in January 2007, performed in English.

December 16, 2007 were officially confirmed her relationship with the President of France – Nicolas Sarcozy.

In 2007, her album “No Promises” reached the top mark on the charts in France and Switzerland.

Her brother, Virginio Bruni Tedeschi died July 4, 2006.

She carried the Italian flag in the delegation during the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin (2006)

She attributed novels with Arno Klarsfeld, Charles Berling, Louis Bertignac, Laurent Fabius.

Her biological father – Italian businessman Maurizio Remmert, however Alberto Bruni Tedeschi recognized her his daughter.

6 January 2008 entered into a formal marriage with Nicolas Sarcozy.

In his novel “Rien de grave”(Nothing Serious) Justine Levy gives her the following characteristics -“beautiful and has an incredible force a woman, with a look of a killer”and”Terminator”

Carla Bruni claims that most of its tiring monotony and monogamy.

February 2, 2008 the ceremony of marriage: Carla was married to French President Nicolas Sarcozy. The ceremony took place at the Elysee Palace in Paris, the wedding was attended by close friends and relatives. So Carla Bruni was the First Lady of France. In addition, it is also the title of Princess Consort of the principality of Andorra, where her husband is one of the two co-princes.

I received French citizenship and has dual citizenship, Italian and French.

She has his own show on the French channel, imitation “Guignols de l’info, Les” (published in 1988)

Carla PerezCarla Perez
Carla PerezCarla Perez
Carla PerezCarla Perez

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