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  • Born: November 5, 1959
  • Zodiac: Scorpion
  • Hometown: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Height: 1 ​​meter 73 centimeters
  • Weight: 63,5 kg
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: serogoluboy
  • name Brother: Bruce (Jr.)
  • Countries where Brian lived as a child: Vienna (Austria) – 6 months; Lisbon (Portugal) – 4 years; Tel Aviv (Israel) – 1 year
  • Favorite childhood memory: Life in Portugal
  • Favorite school subjects: , French and English languages, soccer
  • Unloved subjects in school: , those who did not attend
  • The worst advice: Stay in School
  • The most constraining point in life: first kiss
  • Quality favorite in women: a sense of humor, a willingness to research, vegetarianism
  • Who or what in the world you despise the most: greed, arrogance, swindlers, scammers.
  • Favorite animal: My Rottweiler and Bull Terrier
  • If you were an animal, what: Dog
  • leisure activities: boating, off-road driving, gardening
  • Machine: 1965 Land Rover Series II and 1973, Land Rover, Nato Green
  • favorite musician or group: Peter Gabriel, “Ganz End Roses”, Elton John, George Michael
  • Musicians or groups that have had the greatest influence: “The Beatles”
  • Favorite Spice: Filthy Spice!
  • Favorite color: shades of the earth
  • Favorite Food: fruits and vegetables
  • Favorite drink: carrot juice
  • Favorite movies: most movies with Robert De Niro, “Roma”Fellini,”Hope and victory,” “The Godfather”
  • Favorite actors: Tom Hanks, Sigourney Weaver, Robert Downey Jr.
  • Favorite Book: “The years of the last war”
  • The sexiest woman: Uma Thurman – because I said so
  • The most disgusting habit: a lot of it
  • What is the TV program forces you to turn the TV off: nearly all
  • First job: Dishwasher
  • The last time you cried and why: the funeral of Lady Diana
  • The worst buy clothes: boots on the platform, it was in 1976
  • The most expensive purchase: house full of builders
  • What do you have in your wallet right now: I have no wallet
  • Where else except the UK you have to dwell: probably in Jamaica – there is a real paradise
  • Who do you want to invite to dinner: of friends who love to laugh
  • What you sleep: anything
  • What do you raslablyatsya: take a bath and go to bed
  • When you spend time perfectly happy: when I write music

Bryan Guy Adams was born on November 5, 1959 in Kingston (Ontario), and spent his childhood in Portugal, Israel and Austria until, after his parents divorced, and her mother and younger brother Bruce is not settled in Vancouver.

Brian’s father – Konrad: Music has always been in his blood. He began studying classical music, but in five or six years suddenly dropped. Brian became a little tyrant, encouraged by his mother. She was the wife of a bad war – never follow orders. I was strict. I do not hold the guitar at home – mum allowed. I remember once came home and found a basement transformed into a disco with flashing lights and loud music.

In 12 years, he already knew how to play the piano, and 16 dropped out of school to devote all the time music career, and even sang in one of Vancouver Group – Sweeny Todd.

Brian: I always knew that my life would be connected with music. I did not know whether the success will come, but I was sure that I will always have something to do. Maybe I get a job at a music store or even going to play in the group. I never studied music, to become a star. The dream of being famous was not part of my plan. When I was fifteen or sixteen, all I needed was in the store to buy a new music track. The rest did not matter. School was unimportant, music – the only thing that comes to mind when thinking about the future. There have been many years in the buses and wagons, traveling about across America and Canada, until everything started.

At 17, Brian accidentally met Jim Vallance in a Vancouver music store Long & McQuade – they are both looking for a guitar there. So, Brian, and who had a classical music education Vallance, who also was a drummer in davolno successful local rock band “Prism”, discovered that they could work together perfectly.

Thus began a long and very successful partnership. They began to write songs from the first day of the meeting. The first song they recorded together, subsequently became the first single released Brian, “Let Me Take You Dansing”. Other songs of their early repertoire joined other artists such as Joe Cocker, KISS, Bonnie Tyler.

However, Brian needed the help of someone who knew the show business. So he came to prominence Vancouver manager Bruce Allen, saying, I am the one who you want.

Bruce Allen: Brian always in the office. He was always somewhere nearby. He came, spoke with his secretary, came to me in the clubs and stuff like that. I was really impressed by his tenacity and perseverance.

Of course, Bruce, who was then working with LOVERBOY and other well-known Canadian artists and hear nothing about Brian did not want to. So what Adams had to work himself, and in 1978 achieved the copyright contract with the record company A & M – however, for a purely nominal fee of $ 1.

His first single – the song styles in the disco. “Let Me Take You Dansing” achieved a small success in Canada and became a hit, especially in New York, where he got into the disco chart. It sold 250,000 copies of the single, mainly in the United States. But ultimately, in a hundred Billbordskuyu this song has not got. In the chart of the Canadian magazine RPM, which summarizes sales and the time on the radio it was at 62 place. Results of a small, but still success was the signing of a contract with Bruce Allen, who is still the manager of Adams.

Bruce Allen: Bryan says that he is my biggest success. And so it is.

A year later (1980), he released his self-titled debut album (there is not one song disco!). Since it was released two singles Hidin ‘From Love and Give Me Your Love. which charted in RPM. However, the album was not a success. That is why Brian wanted to call his next album – “Bryan Adams Has not Heard Of You Either”(Bryan Adams, too, for you have not heard). At the insistence of A & M name was changed to You Want It You Got It. and the album was released in early 1981. Like Bryan Adams (also called”Purple Album”), the second album did not hit immediately, but Brian toured constantly, hoping that something will happen.

Finally, in early ’82, a New York radio station spotted him and began to put the songs from the album. Then Brian began to turn to another station of the city, and then all the States, and, in the end, and in Canada. Lonely Nights spent 2 weeks in Billbordovskoy hundred hits in March 1982 and took the 84th place. In the rock chart it reached third place.

The need to consolidate the success of live performances led Adams to think about the regular backing group. Since 1982, it included two native Vancouver – Keith Scott (guitar and vocals), and Dave Taylor (bass). The second, found in New York, half of the group amounted to Tommy Mandel (keyboards) and Mickey Curry (drums). Jim Vellens receded into the background, although until the end of the 80s continued to work on the songs together with Adams and appeared to disk as a percussionist.

Over the next year the group held a multi-week traveling across the United States: they warmed halls LOVERBOY, KINKS and finally, FOREIGNER, which helped Adams, skipping several steps, to break into the big leagues of rock ‘n’ roll.

America discovered Bryan Adams after the album Cuts Like A Knife – the first time he got in the Top-40 US hits with his Stright From The Heart. the title track and This Time.

The album Reckless in 1984, reached the charts in the first place and gave birth to new hits: Run To You. Heaven and the Summer of ’69.

Pop Adams outside the United States (particularly in Britain) largely contributed to a world tour with Tina Turner in March-April 1985; Christmas Eve of the same year he sang a duet with her It’s Only Love. He had a 15-m in the United States and 29th in the British Isles. In July, Adams appeared in the program Live Aid concert in Philadelphia, and later gave the song Tears Are Not Enough for the Canadian edition of the album Live Aid.

In 1986, Adams, in the company of Peter Gabriel and U2 made a world tour under the auspices of the human rights organization Amnesty International. Meanwhile, all the American singer’s hits were re-released in the UK, which gave new impetus to its popularity: in June 1987 all the tickets for the performance in the Adams Hall Marquee sold out in two days. As part of his 1987 tour, the group has strengthened the second keyboardist John Hannah.

In the same year, with platinum (# 7 – US # 10 – UK) album In To The Fire Bryan Adams it was the most successful Canadian musician, and in 1990 was named the Musician Decade Canadian Recording Industry Association .

Finally, in 1991, Walking Up The Neighbours became his most famous and selling album. Mainly because of the single (Everything I Do) I Do It For You. the soundtrack to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ; which won first place in 30 countries, and was held in the UK in the first position for 16 weeks. Besides, thanks to the support of television and lasted two and a half year world tour, the album sold more than ten million copies and confirmed the status of Adams as a multi-platinum artist. It further became hits Can not Stop This Thing I’ve Started and second duet with Tina Turner Thought I’d Died And Gone To Heaven.

In November 1993, there was again produced by Lange album, So Far, So Good with a new super-hit Please Forgive Me. It sold 14 million copies of the album that Brian did not want to release.

Brian: It’s true, I was not ready to let him go. But I am very glad that after all did it because “So Far So Good” is my best album! Silly artists that we understand this!

The success was continued by two other greatest hits from movies: All For Love of The Three Musketeers and Have You Really Love A Woman from Don Juan DeMarco .

In 1998, Bryan released On A Day Like Today. which became a hit, as well as two singles from the album – When You’re Gone. blows from Melanie C of the Spice gerls and Cloud Number 9.

The second collection Greatest Hits – The Best Of Me was released in 1999, and in 2000 Brian began with a six-month world tour.

Brian: I would like to turn the page. It was a great end to a decade, I just wanted to finish his music that I love and that make all the past 10 years.

In addition to his musical career, Bryan Adams lot of time to the movement to fight breast cancer. In 1998, together with supermodel Eva Evangelist, they organized a concert in Canada and gathered more than a million dollars to build a center for the study of breast cancer in the Central Hospital of Saint Catherine. He also published the book “Made In Canada” – a collection of his black-and-white photos of Canadian women, including Celine Dion, Shana Twain and others. All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Canadian Centre for the fight against breast cancer.

Bryan AdamsBryan Adams
Bryan AdamsBryan Adams
Bryan AdamsBryan Adams

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