Bill Maher

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Bill Maher

The most evil atheist in the world

How do people become atheists? – ‘Perhaps they no longer believe in God’ – Bill meets the loud laughter from the audience. If someone joke about God seems blasphemy and sin, the last twenty years of career in television provided the Bill several eternities in hell, but it seems very Mara is not confused. According to him, the religion does not teach people to think, on the contrary, she even takes a person one of the most important of his qualities – the ability to question and rationally criticize this or that doctrine. In his broadcasts, Bill not only laughing at religion and religious politics, but is trying to show the other, non-religious side of life, which the church hid from the people since its founding, and even now, in the 21st century, continues to hide, substituting the reality of biblical stories and expectation life after death. For Bill differences between religions appear to be minor, as zealous advocates of a religious look in his eyes equally crazy and lacking the last drop of common sense people. Repeatedly transmission criticized religious communities, but hardly in the world there are people who will be able to convince Bill and challenge its position. How to find the journalists, Mara activity helped more people than all of the world association of atheists together because the world is no better weapon to defend against someone else’s ideas than their fellowship as a joke.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Bill Maher – American television host, comedian, political commentator, satirist and writer. Today, Bill is one of the most popular presenters of the United States, and is one of the greatest comedians of the world; Bill is also the unofficial title of Chief atheist America.

Bill Maher was born January 20, 1956, the year in New York (New York City) in a family that adheres to strict traditions of the ancestors of his father from Ireland (Ireland) and, accordingly, attended church every Sunday. The rift in the relationship with religion in the family occurred when Bill was 13 years old, his father suddenly found that I do not agree with the position of the Church against contraception and abortion, and therefore decided that neither he nor any of his family crossed the threshold of a religious institution. After graduating from high school in March enrolled at Cornell University (Cornell University), who graduated with a degree in history and English literature. Already in his university years, Bill differed sharp tongue, which later led him to television: so describing his student years, he admitted that in the university helped him pass only marijuana, the sale of which, by the way, and paid training.

In 1979, Bill became the leading comedy club ‘Catch a Rising Star’ in New York, and with the increasing popularity has become a frequent guest on the David Letterman show (David Letterman) and Johnny Carson (Johnny Carson). The big debut on the screens was the position of the leading show ‘Politically Incorrect’, which is a politically oriented transmission in which the monologue connected with the discussions leading to the guests of the program. As you might guess from the title, the show is not a model of tolerance in the air, but under the leadership of Bill in the transfer of more and more began to rise questions of religion and belief, which in March did not climb his words and gave vent to jokes, so that after some time on ‘Politically Incorrect’ began as a joke on the transfer, that religious children watch with the same awe as pornography. Not to mention, of course, that speech and jokes Bill sometimes fascinated teenagers where more adult films.

Soon March got its own transfer ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’, which continued the tradition of ‘Politically Incorrect’ and even enjoyed great popularity. During the following years the leadership ‘Time Warner’ received a huge number of songs with the requirements to close the show and to prohibit the drive appears on the screen, but the ratings say the opposite: even in states where the percentage of religious families was high, the transfer did not lose popularity. Bill likened himself

This transformation of ideas into a fetish if it gets banned by the state or the society.

At least ‘hated’ was the film ‘Religulous’, in which Bill Maher presented all the major religions, and met with their representatives. According to him, in the script of the film was not a fraction of sarcasm or attempting to ridicule any religion – is made believers themselves. To date, the film is one of the most popular films about religion in the world.

Much attention Bill pays US policymakers, many of whom, he said, is as far removed from the ideas of the founding fathers as their education away from the high school level. In particular, it criticized the Bill O’Reilly (Bill O’Reilly), which prove the existence of God on the air, one of the proofs give an exact schedule of the tides, which actually affects not God, but natural factors and location moon and the sun.

Bill MaherBill Maher
Bill MaherBill Maher
Bill MaherBill Maher

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