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Biography Bar Refaeli – personal life, career

Bar Refaeli was born in 1985 into a Jewish family in a suburb of Israel. Her parents, Rafael and Tzipi horse owned estate. Do Bar has three brothers. Her mother was a successful Israeli model in the 70s, best known world under her maiden name, Tzipi Levine. Mother Bar inspired her to a modeling career. Already in the eight-month of age, even when it has not yet started to speak, Refaeli co-starred in commercials.

At the age of 12 years Rafaeli started wearing braces on his teeth, so she had to give up modeling career for three years. But soon after, she took them off, immediately went to the bar a modeling agency and immediately went to work. At age 15, she returned to work and became a favorite model agency Irene Marie.

Career Model

Refaeli began her modeling career in the eight-month of age, when he first appeared in advertising. During her work, she became famous as a model and appeared frequently in fashion catalogs, such as the “Castro”and”Pilpel”. Also, she often was filmed in advertising the company’s products “Milki”. Rafael won the title “Model of the Year” in a beauty contest, which took place in the period from 2000 to 2001. It became the main face of the company «Renuar», and in the summer of 2002 and winter of 2003 appeared in catalogs of the brand.

Rafaeli shot for such well-known magazines like «ELLE» (France), «Maxim», «GQ» (Italy) and «Esquire». In 2007 she made her debut in the magazine «Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue» and becomes the most often shoot for magazines model in Israel. She also took part in photography with the famous rock band Aerosmith. In 2009, Refaeli appears on the cover of «Illustrated Swimsuit Issue». One photo in a photo shoot with her bathing suit was placed on the 737 as a result of an advertising deal with airline «Southwest Airlines». This has led to criticism from the clients, who saw this ad inappropriate, corrupting and insulting the family. In October of the same year, Rafael was once again involved in a scandal when religious group Haredim criticized billboards of Tel Aviv, where the model appeared semi-nude. They insisted that the image bar corrupts the public, so the billboards had to be removed soon.

Bar Refaeli at one time was a representative of the fashion brand Luisa Cerano. She also worked with brands like Subaru, Accessorize, Brazilian clothing line Besni, Italian jewelry line Marco Bicego brand and Rampage. In 2008, he became the face of clothing line Hurley, and Diddy cologne brand line «I Am King». In 2009, the model becomes a representative of cosmetics Garnier International, as well as the face of the advertising campaign watch and jewelry brand Morellato.

5 March 2009 Refaeli received the award from the Women’s International Academy for his “natural elegance, sense of style, and a sense of compassion.” In October of the same year, Refaeli was one of the organizers of the fashion press conference in Istanbul, which acted as the leader, and also appeared in advertising the event.

The work advertising model for individual companies and their affiliates can bring solid income.

Actor and television career

Refaeli appeared in 2005 in the Israeli TV series «Pick Up». In October 2008, it was one of the organizers of the special program Tommy Hilfiger «Ironic Iconic America», based on the eponymous story written by George Lewis. In 2009, the model returns to television and became the leading program «House of Style» on TV channel MTV. She also appeared as a guest judge in the German version of the program «Next Topmodel». waged by Heidi Klum.

In 2010, she received a role in the Israeli film “Session”, directed Heim Buzaglo. Feature film – a psychological thriller that tells the story of a psychologist who becomes obsessed with new young patients.


Once his novels with the actor from the television show “Baywatch” David Charvetom and Uri El-Natan, in November 2005, the Israeli model started dating American actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Their meeting took place in Los Angeles at a party band U2. During his visit to Israel in March 2007, the couple met with Israeli President Shimon Peres; They also visited the hometown Rafaeli Hod Hasharon. Their romance ended in June 2009. However, many media outlets claimed that Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio reunited again in 2010.

In 2007, around Rafaeli scandal that came to light that she was married to a family friend, and soon divorced him only to avoid serving in the Israeli army, which in Israel is compulsory for both men and women . As a result, there were negative reviews by the Israeli Forum’s equality in the exercise of public debt. Representatives of the Forum threatened to boycott the fashion company «Fox», if it hires Rafaeli. But the two sides reached a compromise: the model agreed at each his visit to Israel to visit injured soldiers of the Israeli army, as well as to campaign in the army.

In January 2010, sexy model reappeared in the media headlines when the Israeli army general found the fact that Rafael apply for a waiver from the Israeli citizenship, in order to pay less taxes. More about the revenue model described in the article What makes Bar Refaeli.


Bar Refaeli is a volunteer project «Sunshine» – a nonprofit organization that provides free services and various programs for children suffering from life-threatening diseases. She was also a volunteer organization «Ahava», which provides care for animals caught up in northern Israel as a result of the Lebanese-Israeli war in 2006.

Bar Refaeli and film director Shahar Segal have agreed to hold free propaganda campaign against the use of plastic bags under the slogan “One package less».

Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli
Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli
Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli

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