Genevieve Morton

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A collection of photos of beautiful models (135 Photo)

A collection of photos of beautiful models (135 photos)

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Biography and career development

Esti Ginzburg (Esti Ginzburg) – 20-year-old model from Israel. Esti, at the end of last year, ranked fifth in the ranking of the sexiest women of Israel. She always appears in fashion magazines, starred in the American film director Joel Schumacher (Joel Schumacher) – «The Twelve» (Twelve).

Faial Lawrence (Fajah Lourens) – a Dutch actress and model. She became well-known in 21 years, when she starred in the television series “Good Times Bad Times”. She received the award «Spits talent award». She was a guest in various television perdachi, and in 2008 she released the song “All In”, together with his younger brother. Lawrence has a son and a daughter.

Francesco Fioretti (Francesca Fioretti) – a 23 year old Italian model. She took part in the contest “Miss Italy”in 2005 and was elected”Miss Elegance”. The student, in combination – model.

Genevieve Morton (Genevieve Morton) – a South African model, was born in 1986. For the first time drew attention to themselves by taking part in the last year in an advertising company «Sports Illustrated Swimsuit».

Pelgrums Lynn (Lynn Pelgroms) – beligiyskaya TV presenter, model and simple beauty of Wallonia. Lynn has appeared in the pages of the January issue of the journal «Che». Information about Lynn found not much, but we know that she was born July 24, 1984, and is now the leading channel TMF, VTM and 2BE. In 2004, Lynn participated in the contest “Miss Belgium”, which won the fourth place. June 4, 2009, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter, Emma.

Natalie Charalambous (Natalie Charalambous) – it is a professional model. Natalie person who likes to see himself igrakov team. She was born in South Africa but moved to the Gold Coast in Australia, when she was 6 years old.

Serina Langlands (Serina Langlands) – a 23 year old actress and model from Kvinselda, Australia. She is studying at the university, but her greatest dream is to become a recognized model in the world.

Vudfoll Tasha (Tasha Woodfall) – for 21 years. Mililani, Hawaii (USA). She was born and raised on the beautiful island of Oahu and only recently moved to Las Vegas.

Genevieve MortonGenevieve Morton
Genevieve MortonGenevieve Morton
Genevieve MortonGenevieve Morton

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