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Richrd Davis James

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Ayfeks Room was born in 1971 in the Irish city of Limerick in the family Welsh Lorna and Derek James (Lorna, Derek James), spent his childhood in Cornwell (Cornwall). From an early age young Richard liked to experiment with electronics. Once he won one of the competitions, making sound computer Sinclair ZX-81, the hardware does not support audio output: specially selected sequences of machine code created aiming to channel the sound of the connected TV to your computer as a result, when vykruchennoy to maximum volume, were heard different tonalities.

Later, when he became a disc jockey, his love for the noise not subsided. In one of his speeches he brought sandpaper with the plates. The few who remained in the hall ran outside unable to endure the terrible sounds. “What’s the difference? I paid, and so & hellip; I played sandpaper in New York, by the way, and the people there were dancing & hellip; & raquo ;, – justified then James. Somewhere in those days, and there was his nickname –”Eyfeks Room“.

In 1991, he moved to London and released several singles and albums under the label Warp Records and under several pseudonyms (AFX, Polygon Window, Bradley Strider, Caustic Window, Dice Man, GAK, Power-Pill, Q-Chastic, Soit -PP, Blue Calx (not to be confused with another Blue Calx – Naoto Suzuki). He was one of the participants in the base label Rephlex. In 1996, his music has migrated toward the Electronic Music and drum and bass. In 2001 he released an album & laquo ; drukqs “in the style of Electronic Music / Prepared piano. In 2004, Aphex Twin returns to his early period of acid techno, releasing a series of”Analords”.

In 2005, the album was released “Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound performs Aphex Twin” American group Alarm Will Sound, consisting of acoustic arrangements of electronic music, which is the composer Richard.

Aphex Twin has always been known for his scandalous interview. His statements sometimes so surprising that many believe their lies. For example, his tank, that her first thing in the style of ambient music he wrote at age 13, that all the synthesizers he did do so on. D. More should be noted the passion of Richard to place its horrible grimaces literally everywhere can. In addition to the frequent use in the design of the covers of releases, one of which he placed in the composition of Equation – You can see it on the sonogram track starting position with a time 05:26.

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Aphex TwinAphex Twin
Aphex TwinAphex Twin
Aphex TwinAphex Twin

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