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«The light of your love”: between dream and love


In life, there can be nothing more important than the dream come true, and the main character of the series “The light of your love” is very special for ordinary Indian girl’s dream – to become a police officer, and for that it is ready to change the world.

Parents Sandia (Deepika Singh) to encourage childhood curiosity girl and her desire to learn. She grew up surrounded by love and care, she likes to take care of people and help them. Sandia dream is not about marriage and children, as the other girls of her age, and about to become a police officer and break stereotypes, but for this it is necessary to find the money for training and give up all that prevent it to reach a goal.

All of a sudden, fate brings with Sandu Sura (Anas Rashid), the owner of a small shop, managed to attract the attention of such a strong and independent woman. Young people decide to marry, but the Union can put an end to the career of Sandia – business requires dedication and long business brings more expenses than income, and she needs to pay for his studies. In addition, the family of her future husband is characterized by traditional views on the place of women in society, they do not like the freedom-loving nature and her daughter’s ambitions.

social drama

«The light of your love” fits into the framework of traditional Indian show with obligatory pompous wedding, loud music, shouting, emotional characters with or without transfusion from a sieve in each series. The series features a slender plot and restraint directors: Sumit Mittal and Rohit Raj Goyal working on the project in the author duo, create decent serial melodrama without underlined admiring the characters in each frame, without receiving slow motion and with minimal special effects, the accompanying sign of narrative events. Sometimes the frame if accidentally ingested foreign actors that makes shooting look like a documentary, but it is one of the only artistic techniques used in the series, and it does not distract attention from the main action.

The authors of the idea of ​​the series and, concurrently, writers Shashi Mittal, Sima mantra Raghuveer Shekhawat melodrama invested in a social context, covering the issues of education in modern India, women, class stratification of society. These problems, of course, served in the art-distorted, but simplification does not make them any less relevant. The main heroine who fought against injustice in all its forms, side wronged and helpless, often an outsider to their environment because of her as a woman, expect obedience and humility, and not wanting to fight.

Do not like the others

Sandia role for an actress Deepika Singh – a debut on the screen. Despite the lack of experience, she copes better than many experienced actresses, she is not afraid to use their facial expressions to show emotion. Her character can be awkward, choppy, or funny, but all together formed in one-piece and very energetic image of a girl in a skirt this tomboy. Sandia pass a difficult path of maturation and hardening of the nature of the graduate school to a police officer, and this way – this is the real story of a strong woman, self-aware, and his strength, seeking harmony with the world and with their wishes.

Anas Rashid, who plays on-screen partner Deepika, an actor with experience and several television awards. His hero is simple-minded and straightforward, it hardly seems the epitome of a handsome prince, but conquering charm and devotion to the family and the business, it becomes a mainstay for his wife in the difficult moments, the man next to whom it may be weak and feminine. On the Rashid Singh and create a perfect union of actor.

The series also play: Nile Wagha, Gautam Gulati, Ashok Locanda, Varun Khandelval, Sonakshi Sinha, Kanika Maheshwari Arya Sharma, and many others.

In India, the “Light of Your Love” was released in 2011, and in 2013 began leading the ratings melodrama, had won millions of loyal fans in the country and outside its borders. The original version of the show has more than four hundred series, currently shooting continues.

Anas RashidAnas Rashid
Anas RashidAnas Rashid
Anas RashidAnas Rashid

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