Alex Cross

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Alex Cross

Biography Alex Cross ( Alex Cross ) is written out in the novels James Patterson ( James Patterson ) to the smallest detail.

Cross father died of alcoholism, a year after the death of his wife, who died of lung cancer. Alex has just turned 9 years old, and so he went to Washington, where he lived his grandmother Nana, with whom he lived until his majority.

Alex Cross he received his doctorate in psychology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (MD). Even after graduation, he worked for a year as an employee at the farm after graduation for two years had practice as a psychologist, but was disappointed because the purpose and practice of psychological treatment. As a result of the collapse of ideals and aspirations, Cross got a job in the police.

This is the work of the police with criminal elements helps him regain faith in psychology, and since it is perfectly vlaeet procedure, it does not just help him unravel the complex case, which for the rest are dead ends. In the end he just hooked to the disclosure and prosecution of complex cases of maniacs and murderers.

Cross detective working in the south-eastern district of Washington, but eventually grows to a senior agent in the FBI. After completion of service in the FBI, the Cross is a private psychological practice, advising the FBI during complex investigations.

He still lives with his grandmother Nana and her three children because their mother was killed. In his spare time he likes to play the piano or piano, and in their home lives Abyssinian cat named Rosie. Cross together with his friends in the dining room voluntarily helping in the parish of St. Anthony.

He was very nevezet women. We have already mentioned that his wife was killed. Jesse Flanagan from the novel came a spider . Cross love which is implicated in the kidnapping of children, and his bride Christine Johnson has been kidnapped, and was considered Missing almost throughout the year. FBI agent, Betsy Kavalierri. He was killed by a serial killer. And the Cross is already beginning to imagine that his love fatal effect on his loved ones, but the sad statistics violates some simple everyday mishaps. For example, an inspector with the San Francisco Police Jamilla Hughes they just broke up, as with Kayla Koules. a doctor at the local hospital. The sad statistics of marriage violates the Cross with Brianna (Bree) Stone. a detective with a good potential. Their marriage took place in 2010 in the book Cross Fire .

Patterson carefully prescribes antagonists Cross, who sometimes even appear in several series of novels.

The most prominent opponent of the Cross are Wolves. which are represented by different individuals. All except the wolves Clara Loudzh have common characteristics: Russian man, tall and heavily-built, athletic, who work in the Red Mafia . and in the past worked for the KGB and the secret services of the Soviet Union.

Because of the wolves – it Pasha Sorokin. known under different pseudonyms, including Ari Manning ( Ari Manning ), a businessman from Tel Aviv, who lives in Miami (FL), and having regard to the well-known athletes and politicians. Cross Country manages to track down his former crimes, in particular the smuggling of live goods (sex slaves). During transport to the police armored car with Sorokin blow using the rocket launcher to prevent leakage of information.

With the Wolves tied Clara Loudzh. widow of the Czech head of Scotland Yard, which holds hostage the family Cross, demanding that destroy other Wolves. Cross Country manages to unearth the true story Wolf. He is Anton Christyakov. The CIA recruited and brought from Russia to England for a meeting with other agents, but because his family murdered Anton gets out of control. As a result of the confrontation with cross Anton commits suicide by recognizing the victory of the American Psychologist.

Another well-known opponent of the Cross is a Jeffrey Shafer. known by the nickname Fitch. last Colonel of the British Army and a member of MI6. It serves as a British diplomat in Washington, and since it is covered by diplomatic immunity, he committed the murder he went with it. Being recruited by one of the Wolves Weasel tries to kill Cross family, but in a fight with Alex was shot dead last.

Another one of the opponents of the Cross is his closest friend, an FBI agent – Kyle Craig. Initially, Craig worked with Alex on the disclosure of major cases, and even helps to return to his nephew Cross, but in the end it turns out, Craig rapes and kills one of the partners of the Cross. When visiting him in prison Cross reveals a split personality Craig. Because he is familiar with the psychological methods Cross him to evade justice for several novels, but, like other opponents of American psychologist Craig losing battle Craig commits suicide by blowing himself shot in the oxygen tank.

Patterson portrays his character as an island of safety in a sea of ​​crime instability. Cross always very sensitive in dealing with other people and are usually experienced strong emotions and feelings when confronted with pathologies.

Patterson wrote at the moment 18 novels with his hero. At the moment, there were two film adaptation of the novels in the series, in both movies Alex Cross playing Morgan Freeman. In October 2012 is scheduled to release a new film on the story James Patterson (I, Alex Cross) starring Tyler Perry and Edward Burns.

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