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Biography Jorge Alberto / Jorge Alberti

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Jorge Alberto Martinez (Mayaaguez March 31, 1977), best known by his stage name Jorge Alberti – Puerto Rican actor.

Jorge Alberto Martinez (born in Pueblo Mayaaguez, Puerto Rico) – Puerto Rican actor with great acting career on TV.

Since childhood, Jorge was interested in everything that is connected with the arts, sports, music, dancing and acting. At age 11, he was guitar lessons and piano.

He studied at the School METER Cabrini, as well as visited the Theatre Club, where he showed his talent an actor in several productions. In addition, the actor has been part of the volleyball team and for three years visiting, considered one of the best players.

In 1995, Jorge traveled to Florida, where for two years he studied computer animation at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

In 1999, Jorge decides to return to Puerto Rico to get the bachelor’s degree in graphic arts at the University of St. Corazon.

In his spare time, he worked part time as a model for several popular magazines. As well as take part in the program & # 171; does not fall asleep & # 187 ;, broadcaster Telemundo / NBC Puerto Rico.

In 1999, Jorge took acting lessons at the recognized Puerto Rican actor Teofilo Torres.

Before Jorge opened a lot of doors. He got the opportunity to work in several productions such as “Dialogue Carmelite”and”love of neighbor” in the Art Center Santurke, Puerto Rico.

In 2002, he traveled to Mexico to participate in the competition and models of acting in “Intermodel 2002 Acting and Modeling Competition”. As a result, he received a gold medal in two categories. After this event, his career quickly took off.

Jorge participated in the Mexican novel & # 171; As in the movie & # 187 ;, the television production of Azteca.

The participation of the actor in the program & # 171; La Isla de la Tentación & # 187 ;, the television production of Telemundo / NBC-USA was his triumphal entrance into the artistic world in the United States.

He played a special role in the famous Latin American TV series & # 171; Wild Cat & # 187 ;, where he played the character of José Ignacio. When he was invited to the show & # 171; Rebellious Angel & # 187; Pablo the role of a character.

In 2004, he took part in the miniseries & # 171; Blade law & # 187; (Univisión) and & # 187; America & # 8217; s Most Wanted & # 187; (Fox TV).

In the popular TV series & # 171; Sassy Love & # 187; He got used to the role of Gustavo. And the show & # 171; Anita, do not give up & # 187; Fres has embodied the role.

In addition, he played the role of the priest Father Michael Angel in the film & # 171; from heaven to the earth & # 187; in the one that embodied the so-called priest Father Miguel Ángel.

Jorge taken seriously in his career the actor and therefore continues to take a master acting classes at a variety of professional teachers in the area. Among his teachers were Roberto Moll (outstanding Venezuelan actor) Patrick Malone.

In 2005, Jorge works in Puerto Rican novel titled & # 171; the lord and owner & # 187 ;. According to the script, he plays the role of Willy homosexual.

In addition, he participated in the film & # 171; Argentina & # 187 ;. The main role played by Benicio del Toro, whose character was an Argentine revolutionary Enestam & # 187; & # 187 Che; Guevara. In the film, Jorge brought to life the character soldier Hector. At first he wanted to play the role of a revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos Cuba (1932-1959), but the Chilean Santiago Cabrera was appointed to this role.

Jorge proved that the formula for success is to always strive towards its goal of positively and persistently. If you do not bring these features into a professional career, you can lose hope.

In 2007, she participates in the Chilean TV series & # 171; & # 187 Lola; (Channel 13), starring the character Lalo Padilla.

In XLIX International Song Festival in March Vineyard Chile in 2008 was nominated for the award Rey Feo del Festival and won the second place with 20 votes.

In March 2008, he started working on Chilean TV series & # 171; Don Amor & # 187; (Channel 13), in the person of one of the main characters of Luciano Carvalho.

On the channel Azteca actor plays the role of Ricardo Robles in 2009 in the short story & # 171; Vuelveme a querer & # 187 ;, working with actress Mariana Torres and actor Omar Fierro.

In 2010 participates in the film & # 171; The Elite Movie & # 187; embodying the character of Raoul, with the former Miss Universe Dennis Quinones. Filming took place in Puerto Rico.

In the same year he played three characters in the show & # 171; Serie Extremo & # 187; (Telemundo, Puerto Rico).

In 2012, the actor is involved in a project called the & # 171; Under the Moon & # 187 ;, which aired in late May 2012 by the channel Azteca Trece, which also play Paola Nunez Cristobal Lander, Umberto Surita.

Personal Life

December 26, 2008, he married Katia Parrilla. The ceremony was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

September 15, 2009, Jorge became the father of Mia Isabella.

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Alberto IslaAlberto Isla
Alberto IslaAlberto Isla
Alberto IslaAlberto Isla

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