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«Give a smile homeless”: The action of young Muslims (VIDEO)

A group of young Muslims in the United States bought the products collected unwanted clothes and went out to a single need of & hellip; smiled! So young Muslims to help the homeless, spreading the message of mercy to their religion.

The team, which called itself the “A True Story ASA & raquo ;, in honor of three of its members: Adam Saleh, Sheikh Abdullah Akbar Guman – posted a video called”Give a smile homeless” last Thursday. Trio distribute food, water, money and clothes to the homeless in return for a smile.

The guys posted a video YouTube, which just a few days attracted over 200,000 views.

“Our goal in this video – make sure that you guys have always had a positive attitude to the other,” says the trio.

A smile, a gift to someone, may be the only sun that will shine to him all day. It will be able to change the world, maybe not all, but their world – reads the message at the end of the video.

This group of Muslims held a rally earlier ” Meet Muslim & raquo ;, inviting passers-by to get acquainted with them to a greater awareness of their religion.

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