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The full name of the famous Hollywood actor Mel Gibson – Mel Gibson Kolumsill Gerard. He was born in 1956, January 3. However, the established opinion about the Australian-born actor is a mistake, as his birthplace is the town Pikskil US state of New York. His father, a railroad worker, and his mother, an opera singer, Irish Catholics had 11 children (Mel was the sixth of them). When his family moved out, he moved to Australia, Mel was 12 years old. The decision to move was made when his father received industrial injury, became unemployed, but sued the company, which employs 145 thousand. Dollars.

After studying, Mel wanted to devote his life to journalism, however, the case has ordered otherwise, when Sister Gibson sent his profile with photos in drama school, which led to a set of actors. She finished her idea invitation Mel to audition. He arrived in Sydney and easily passing the entrance exams, became a student at Sydney’s National Institute of Theatrical Arts. The institute was very quickly seen his acting talent, but because of the violent nature and the temptations of the big city Mel Gibson often fall into different stories unsightly. After one of the fights, he radically changed his life, and finally took up his career.

Mel Gibson – the beginning of a stellar career

Gibson took acting debut in the movie “Hot Summer”(1977). This was followed by a role in the film”Tim”(1979), had resulted in the Australian award for him “Sammy & raquo ;. Due to the role in the film”Mad Max”(1979) Mel finally secured its success and for the film”Gallipoli”(1981), he received a second award” Sammy” Best Actor.

Mel Gibson – gaining popularity

However, to truly become a famous Mel Gibson, when the screens came the second part of the movie “Mad Max.”After this role, he was in Hollywood, where he was invited to film the movie”The Bounty”(1984). Then followed the shooting in several films and returned to Australia, where they filmed the third part of the”Mad Max”, in which his partner was very Tina Turner.

Then the actor took a break for two years, to a triumphant return to the big screen, playing in the film “Lethal Weapon” (1987).

Also, Mel Gibson has been a director, a very successful debut painting “Man Without a Face”(1993), where he also played a major role. His next directorial film”Braveheart,”was a runaway success around the world, and thanks to her Gibson won two”Oscars” – for best film and best director.

Mel Gibson – most notable roles

Of course, one of the best roles of Gibson’s work is considered to be in the film ” Lethal Weapon & raquo ;, in which the center of the plot – two police-mate.

A lot of noise was made of his painting “Passion” (2004), shocked the public explicit scenes of torture of Christ and faithfully reproduced the atmosphere of Palestine at that time. The film received favorable near the Pope John Paul II and the spectators, although many critics responded negatively about him.

In 1990-2002, Gibson took a number of excellent films, including “Bird on a Wire”(1990),”Lethal Weapon”(the third part – 1992, fourth – 1998),”Braveheart”(1995),”Payback”(1999),”The Patriot”(2000) and others.

Another sensational film Gibson – “Apocalypto” (2006). He has not had much success at the box office, but received a great response in the filmic medium.

Mel Gibson – personal life

In 1980, Mel married Robyn Moore, who bore him seven children. However, in 2009, the press reported separation of the spouses within three years. When they filed for divorce a few days Gibson came into the community with Oksana Grigorieva, who later gave birth to his eighth child, daughter Lucia. Dissolve the marriage of Mel and Robyn was in December 2011. According to the court, Gibson not only gave her half his fortune, but will divide it in half all of their future income. However, in 2010, the tabloids began to dapple reports of rupture of relations Mel and Oksana. These reports confirmed the start of litigation between Gibson and Grigorieva of whom will live their daughter. This was followed by the wildest events: the press reported the beating Gibson Grigorieva, locked doctors. As a result, in March 2011, Gibson was sentenced to probation and a fine and 16 hours of community service related to child care, and visiting a special course of psychotherapy for men who are prone to violence in the family.

Mel Gibson – Interesting Facts

  • In the life of Mel same Bezbashenny and desperate as his on-screen characters. He has – a large number of arrests for driving under the influence, accusations of homophobia, etc.
  • Among the hobbies Mel – Brazilian jiu-jitsu fight.
  • Intolerance and temper strangely coexist in it with a deep religiosity and propensity to charity.
  • Mel Gibson repeatedly subjected to public censure for failing to publicly condemn the views of his father, Catholic traditionalists, known for its conservatism and scandalous statements. In response, the actor is adamant that the views of his father – this is a private matter.
  • Mel has his own production company ICON Production.

Mel Gibson – day today

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